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Ponyfinder, a good way to start gaming with your Pewter Ponies

Posted by SLAP Miniatures (Creator)

Some people have been asking what sort of games they can use to play with their Pewter Ponies.

Whilst a few malleable and very playable systems pop into my mind, the most obvious is Pathfinder and the additional book Ponyfinder. Here's a short description by the creators from their Kickstarter page:

Ponies for Pathfinder began as a racial sourcebook. It provided a simple and balanced approach to adding ponies to existing content with minimal headache or balance concerns. With this goal, it performed well. But what if you don't want to have a pony in a human, elf, dwarf, and halfling dominated world? Don't ponies deserve a world of their own?  

We think they do.

And we want you to help us make this happen. The Ponies for Pathfinder Setting Handbook would expand greatly on all the details left vague in the racial book.

Their Kickstarter was very successful, and right now they're working hard on getting their book finished. We look forward to seeing it!


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    1. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      The book will be available after it's finished as far as I know, if you go their forums I'm sure they'll answer any of your questions!

      Here's a link:

    2. Sarah on

      Is there anyway to get hold of this now the kickstarter is finished? Or anyone know if it will be available afterwards ? Looks slot of fun!