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Help us at Slap Miniatures to create a magical collection of hand-crafted miniature ponies for table-top gaming.
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Ponies trot off to the casters and Cornulae changes.

Posted by SLAP Miniatures (Creator)

Today all of the models masters of our ponies arrived at the casters in good condition ready to go into moulds.

Now unfortunately we cannot cast the Cornulae wings attached to their bodies. The simple truth is that due to their size and position the mould would not last very long, meaning a new one would need to be made too often making the process of production far too slow and expensive!

So the casters in house sculptor is making slots on the Cornulae bodies and rectangular tabs on the wings so they can be easily glued to the model with as little fuss as possible.

We've also tidied up and made a few improvements to String of Ponies 2 and the adventurers before sending them off for casting. Namely making sure the legs where a little chunkier in places where they appeared too thin. Sadly we didn't have the time to take photos of them but we will take snaps once the finished pewter figures are back from the casters.


And just in-case anyone missed it: if you pledge for something that isn't unlocked, you'll still receive it! We just want to let you know you may have to wait a little while longer to receive them.

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