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Help us at Slap Miniatures to create a magical collection of hand-crafted miniature ponies for table-top gaming.
136 backers pledged £7,730 to help bring this project to life.

Adventurers unlocked, Muffin Mare for all pledgers, photos and more!

Posted by SLAP Miniatures (Creator)

Adventurers unlocked

Thanks to you all we've now reached the giddy sum of £4000, which have unlocked the adventurers and made them available for Christmas delivery. (the last of the packs we can manage for a Christmas delivery)

If you'd like them for Christmas please update your reward to 'CHRISTMAS DELIVERY 4'

You can view images with multiple angles of the adventurers here:

Muffin Mare!

As a thank you to you all for helping us fund the Kickstarter we've made a very special pony, the 'Muffin Mare' for everyone that has backed this project by selecting a reward. After the Kickstarter is over however she will no longer be available.

You can view images with multiple angles of the Muffin Mare here:

Cornulae update

And finally we've updated the Cornulaes wings. Originally their wings appeared far too bulky so we've made them smaller and neatened them up somewhat. You can have a look here;


I just want to remind you that this is our first Kickstarter, and we're still getting used to how it all works. Regarding unlocks;

The unlocks are meant to represent the work we can achieve for a March delivery as stated in the rewards (apart from the adventurers, which are now complete) if you pledge for something that may not be unlocked by the end of the Kickstarter you can still choose to receive it as we have every intention of producing all of the ponies within the Kickstarter. However we may not be able to achieve a March delivery if the unlocks are not reached as we'll have to take on other work to pay our bills!

You can of course still replace anything that isn't unlocked with packs that are unlocked for a March delivery. But fingers crossed we'll reach all of our goals with your help.


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