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We wish to produce 15mm tabletop soldiers with 60 different poses using figures ranging from basic rifleman to specialist troopers.
We wish to produce 15mm tabletop soldiers with 60 different poses using figures ranging from basic rifleman to specialist troopers.
77 backers pledged £2,910 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. muzfish4 on

      My stuff is here - very nice it is too.

      Thanks for running a very good campaign.

    2. Glenn Wilson on

      Arrived today! Looks very good. Seems a four weapon sprue was outside the bag (extra or AWOL) but the miniatures are exciting to hold in my hand.

      Thanks for this KS.

    3. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Florian - Soon enough!

      ragnarblackmane - I hope that's wow in a good way!

      Glenn - I know packages have started to arrive in the States so keep those fingers crossed!

    4. Glenn Wilson on

      ... Is killing me!

      Hopefully next week to "fly-over" country.

    5. ragnarblackmane

      He arrived in Madrid today. I can only say: WOW

    6. Missing avatar

      Fincas Khalmoril on

      Got my package today. Nice minis! Now Im eagerly waiting for "the Big One"!

    7. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Glad the US packages are alrady arriving. I thought it might take another week or two!

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman on

      Received mine in the US today. 3 extra minis on top of the 60 ordered. Cheers.

    9. Glenn Wilson on

      Shouldn't be much longer but the anticipation...

    10. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Paul - Glad to hear it.

      Ian - Thanks, glad they got through all good. Will have the next kickstarter up soon!

    11. Paul Holden

      Great box of figures waiting when I got home from work today. Thank you

    12. Ian Woodley

      Received my pledge today and what great miniatures they are. Very impressed, thank you very much for a great KS. Looking forward to the next one now.

    13. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Hi Paul, Expect an update tomorrow! (finally!) And the next kickstarter isn't all that far off. A week, maybe two, three at most.

      Where you make your savings is up to you. Just don't buy poor quality bread, eggs or toilet paper. Some things you just can't live without.

    14. Paul Graves on

      Hi Stuart, any new updates? How are the figures looking? When do I need to start saving up for the next kickstarter �

    15. Glenn Wilson on

      Waiting patiently...

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman on

      Full disclosure: I backed this solely to have some Traveller RPG 15 mm miniatures for when my son is old enough to play. The official ones are hard to find and not that great. So I'll be using the civvies for various NPCs / PCs in a Traveller game. Who knows when. To whit, I'd like some Vargr, Aslan, Droyne and Hivers please! Asking for a lot I know...

    17. Paul Graves on

      After messaging Stuart about the civilian minis I thought it might be fun to consider uses of civvies in a scenario. So here's my top 5:

      President's wife has been kidnapped - get her off the table / get her back

      Neutral planet's ambassador is on the table - first one to capture them gets the trade deal.

      Engineering - can repair comms network in a building and summon reenforcements

      Weapons designer - troops with the civilian can fire at extended range

      Journalist - troops with this figure get enhanced moral (look mom I'm on TV) but reduced melee skills

    18. KaPow on

      Well down Stu, great news and great figures, can't wait for my full set!

    19. Paul Graves on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign :)

    20. muzfish4 on

      Congratulations on funding!

    21. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Sorry Doug!

    22. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman on

      Done. But I'm not Paul!

    23. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for joining in. and yes that's right! Just add £7 and we're all good!

    24. Missing avatar

      Doug Newman on

      I pledged the minimum to get the 60 minis (SARGEANT) . But I'd like the civilians aswell. Do I just add 7 pounds to me pledge?

    25. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      Hi Paul,

      So that's £20 for the corporal reward, £4 for Spec Ops and £7 for Civvies which comes to £31 and £3 postage. Seems good to me!

      I'd appreciate it if you could send that all to me in a message though, makes it easier when I come to pack things up. And thanks for the compliment.

    26. Paul Graves on

      I've pledged £34 at Corporal level - what I'm really after is the rifleman platoon, with the 6 figure spec ops and the 10 civilians. Hope I've got that right! Figures look excellent in the pics

    27. SLAP Miniatures 5-time creator on

      A big thanks to all the backers thus far for getting the project funded! I'm afraid I've just got back from an 11 hour overnight shift at the supermarket and am incredibly shattered. However I'll endeavour to update the Kickstarter page on Monday evening after the next shift tonight.

      Thanks again people! Please don't forget to share it with your friends and those you feel would be interested.