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The Black Ibis Project - Gaining the funds to print the first book of my graphic novel & tarot deck for my Black Ibis story.
63 backers pledged $2,860 to help bring this project to life.

The Happy Dance

I'm doing a little jig over here as I juggle felines. The cats are terribly unhappy about this but they're pretty used to such annoyances from me. I am officially half way to my goal with still a little over half way of my time left. Thank you so much!  This is why I'm attempting a two step and throwing cats about.

I've updated my information a little to include the site I've created for the Black Ibis, that can be found here. Evelyn Kriete was kind enough to make me a better video for my project page, which I will be uploading soon. In the mean time you can take a peek at it here.

Now that I have backers for the book option I can't edit it, but I wanted to include that the book will also come with a little grab bag of small prints and things.

I shall put the cats down (bet you couldn't tell I was juggling them this whole time could you?) and get back to work. Below are a few more cards in the deck. Book artwork to come. I hope you each have a wonderful evening.

The Wheel of Fortune card. The character is the Gray Dancer.

The Hierophant card. The model is Clint Catalyst.

The World Card. The model is Audria Larsen. Original photo by Jim Gebben.


    1. Creator Bethalynne Bajema on April 12, 2011

      I'm glad to have had you find it ;) My email is ettadiem at -so you can always get that info to me there. When the project is done I'm supposed to get all the info I need to contact everyone and tell them how we all go about getting everyone's stuff to them or vice versa :)

    2. Creator jingles on April 9, 2011

      I am so glad to have found this lovely project! My picture here on kickstarter represents my 'tag' as I leave it in nightclubs - though not done in microsoft paint. I usually leave the date as well. I could not for the life of me find anywhere else to send you a message about this. Thanks! t wait to buy the book, too.