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The ZX Spectrum reborn: a new machine, fully compatible with the original computer, and packed with improvements and expansions.
The ZX Spectrum reborn: a new machine, fully compatible with the original computer, and packed with improvements and expansions.
3,113 backers pledged £723,390 to help bring this project to life.

Sneaky update: The keyboard is here

Posted by Henrique Olifiers (Creator)

A very short and sweet unscheduled update as the testing keyboard is now done! Behold it in all its laser-etched glory:

My preeeecious...
My preeeecious...

We're now waiting for it to arrive so we can proceed testing the fit with the case and move ahead towards full production and shipping!

Nice way to wrap a hard week of work on the project, no?

See you in the next update, stay tuned!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pete B on

      Any update on how the keyboard testing went? Things are oddly quiet again.

    2. Fulvio Fabiani on

      I like a lot follow all mini news of this fantastic project :)


    3. Cesare Falco on

      Great news and amazing layout! To infinity and beyond!

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Seed on

      @ Marc M. Kloosterman the Restr has been like that since the speccy+ and so has the tilda ~ and (c) Which is a bit strange as the speccy+ has MGNTA . Yet the original rubber keyboard has them correct.

    5. Gábor Lénárt on

      Nice work! The regular updates and the professional work (not just ship some questionable quality) makes me think again and again, that it's OK to wait :)

    6. Jamie Howard on

      Guys its a work of art! Any plans to produce more than the Kickstarter run? I'm hoping you'll keep selling the Next as it looks like a fantastic little machine now with its uber sleek keyboard. That was always going to be the hardest part and its looking sweet! Congrats all round, cant wait to get my hands on it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shred on

      No German layout?

      Just kidding... I'm so looking forward to holding my Next in my hands soon. Thank you for taking care even for the tiny details, even if it takes more time!

    8. Iian Neill on

      I feel like I've looked into the workshop of a master craftsman. When was the last time someone redesigned the keys of a keyboard so beautifully?

    9. Stuart Carrier on

      Well done boys. Great work. Were the shift values on the keys meant ever to be in red ? Just asking. (Ducks !) seriously, well done guys.

    10. Peter Ped Helcmanovsky on

      Barry Salter: as the "composite" keys are composed directly by membrane (the input into board is still classic ZX48 40 inputs), the cursor keys will send caps+5/6/7/8 key signal into board. There are some NextRegs to remap some keys on firmware level, but I'm not sure if those are for classic membrane or for PS/2 keyboards, I would guess PS/2 only, but I may be wrong. So basically expect "no" (unless I'm wrong).

    11. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      *stupid auto correct 😉

    12. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      It's both a faithful replica of the Plus keyboard, and not! The cursor keys have been done a little better; break and delete are in a more logical spot–this are the changes.
      On the other hand, © is still (c), the tilda ~ still looks weird, the backslash \ is still very slanted and 'restore' is still written as 'restr', while the is still plenty of space to write it in full. Are these missed opportunities or sold out remain like that?

    13. Missing avatar

      Antonis Slicher on

      Great job, looks fantastic!

    14. Missing avatar

      Barry Salter on

      Looking good, but I can't help noticing that the layout is a bit different to that on the Speccy + and 128K. Presumably this is a deliberate design decision, but are there any plans to permit remapping to the "classic" layout?

      Obviously it won't change what's printed on the actual keycaps, but it'll help mitigate against incorrect keypresses when switching between a classic Speccy and the Next.

    15. Missing avatar

      uridium on

      I love it. Worth the wait :)
      Question: Will we be able to buy a couple of extra keyboard membranes to put away for safe keeping? These things do wear out easily and anyone that's repaired a Speccy knows what a P.I.T.A. it can be to find a decent replacement membrane. I'd be dead keen for a couple extra, that's for certain. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Miget stephane on

      Great news, sound really good !!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Damian Webber on

      That keyboard is a thing of beauty Henrique! Absolutely gorgeous! I won't know whether to use the Next when it arrives or frame it as a work of art! Many thanks to you and your team for your continuing dedication and hard work. It's greatly appreciated :-)

    18. John Cook on

      Great way to kick off the weekend, thanks for the update!

    19. Missing avatar

      John Ioannou

      Fantastic progress in the last 3 months.
      Well done guys.

    20. LessaWorld Company on

      Holy Guacamole, alright! It's a beauty!

    21. Franck Moutarlier on

      No photo from the azerty one ;-) ?
      Great work !

    22. Missing avatar

      Rob Houghton on

      Well done guys. Keep going!

    23. Missing avatar

      jatmundua on

      Let no one think to say "it looks like ... it's unique! It's worth waiting for!

    24. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      That looks honestly beautiful!

      This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve backed.

    25. Missing avatar

      Johan Smolinski on

      That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

    26. Res In Aere


    27. Missing avatar

      zaxoniec on

      Nice, so can i finally get my Next in this year , i mean 2019 before Christmas ? What i preorder 2 years ago? Or you do more tests?

    28. Peter on

      Ou yeah, congrat and have a great weekend