ZX Spectrum Next

by Henrique Olifiers

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      Graeme Nattress on

      Looking fantastic. The anticipation is building....

    2. Mat Cooper on

      Amazing stuff guys, the attention to every detail makes this all very much worth the wait! Thanks to all the team for the ongoing hard work and excellence 👌

    3. William Anderson on

      The attention to detail is just ridiculous! Excellent work, team, the anticipation is building nicely! :)

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      Nicola Tini on

      My my!
      I can't wait!!! <3

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      Steve Baines on

      +1 for metal inserts. Very nice touch.

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      Andres M on

      Attention to detail and interesting explanations as always, Can't wait to see it finished!
      Good job, Next Team!

    7. Scott Fleming on

      Super work team, loving the attention to quality control. Keep it up and thanks for another great update. I'm happy!

    8. Steve Bryce on

      Terrific update - very interesting! Could you share with backers your current programme? It sounds like the critical path is now the keyboard, then final assembly, then delivery. How long are these activities now expected to be? Is there anything else which is close to the critical path?

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      Scott Halman on

      Absolutely love it - these updates sharing even the smallest detail are what makes this the best Kickstarter ever!!

      Thank you again to everyone involved :-)

    10. Paul Crabtree on

      Yet again going over and above to keep us all up to date. Just suberb work, most involved I've ever felt as part of a kickstarter.

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      zyser on

      Loving the photo showing the two scientists inspecting the Spectrum Next boards before populating the Skynet grid. Thanks for the update, hope a financier/someone will help make a second run of the Next for those who missed out, this retro computer begs to be the one that lasts

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      Ronan on

      Every update I get, mostly what I hear is

      "ESTIMATED DELIVERY: Jan 2018"

      and the fact that I've moved apartments and nobody has confirmed they're able to ship (eventually, if this does ever ship) to my new address. In fact, I was told my address could not be changed after a certain date (written to ROM?) and nobody has replied to my inquiries.

      Not my favorite Kickstarter. I kind of regret being taken in by my nostalgia.

    13. Stuart Carrier on

      Again many thanks Guys. The next is looking spot-on and again I can’t wait to get it on my sweaty paws. Your updates continue to be enthralling, and it’s really exciting to see all the elements coming together.

    14. Chris Jennings on

      Can't wait THANK YOU so much. Will miss the updates however, loving this ride, it's fantastic. Thank you again!!!!!

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      Normunds on

      When I looked at computer case in the picture I had feeling - something is missing. Yes! It's shielding!
      If you open any notebook made from plastic, what you see? Case inside is coated with copper spray to protect user and environment from EMI/RFI emissions and vice versa - to protect computer from environmental EMI/RFI. How about Next?
      Of course, I can do it myself with "EMI 35" spray and some wiring, but still, will the case be shielded?

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      Michael Cadwallader on

      @Ronan, it should be easy enough and is the same for all Kickstarter projects. Log into Kickstarter, go to Backed Projects, select ZX Spectrum Next, click View Pledge then click on Survey.

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      Ben on

      I'm very impressed with the detail in the updates provided and ability to change address for my rewards was helpful too, since I had moved. Thanks for all your hard work and passion in making this important step in the rebirth of retro computing!

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      Enzo Papiro on

      Any update on progress?

    19. Missing avatar

      Enzo Papiro on

      Any update on progress?