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$4,490 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Bob Amstadt
$4,490 pledged of $30,000 goal

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      Tristan on

      Hi Bob, thank you for your reply.
      Seems like you've still got some interesting options up your sleeves, I'll give you my 2 cents on it.

      If the smaller number of backers impacts the price I'm not sure whether it'll be viable and people will still buy the LP2.
      The two unique selling points on the LP2 for me are the user interface which seems really easy and the quantize replace functions, besides that I'm looking for a looper with bpm sync through MIDI.
      With the latest additions of the analog dry path, multiply features and upgrade ability the LP2 is perfect for me but there's quite a few people who use these more feature rich loopers as A/B or song based loopers instead.

      Which brings me to the second point of going for something bolder.
      I think, if you could maintain all the unique Looperlative / LP2 features while combining it with two separate loop sections (preferably also in stereo) and test the bpm sync through MIDI some more so you can give solidified statements on whether or not it'll work in different situations while keeping the price roughly the same as the other competetors in this specific field you might have a winner.
      For me the LP2 with the latest additions is perfect though, for now.
      I think, if there's a way to sync them, I'd rather even go for two LP2's down the line if I need stereo or dual mono looping.

    2. Bob Amstadt Creator on

      Tristan, I do understand what you are saying. The Kickstarter project was under the assumption that 75 people would be interested in the pedal which would allow me to get better price breaks on the assembly cost. If that doesn't happen, then there are a few options that can be explored:

      1. Allow a smaller number of backers. This may impact the price. It certainly will impact my cost. Whether or not I can absorb that cost myself, I don't know at this moment. I need to do the pricing to see where things land.

      2. Ditch the current design and go for something bolder. This would increase the cost, but would have the flexibility of adding more features such as stereo audio. It would also delay the availability of the unit until probably this summer.

      These are the thoughts that I currently have.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tristan on

      Hi Bob, it seems like the kickstarter isn't going to make it unfortunately.
      If there would be different backing levels with some merchandise or something it would be easier to reach the goal I think (though $30.000 seems a pretty high goal to reach with only one pedal).
      Also, I noticed you upped the price from $390 to $425 (to EU), I caved in but maybe it has put people off a little since it's getting more into the price range of the Boomerang III and $50 for shipping seems quite expensive, I think there should be a cheaper way.
      Just some observations.
      I really hope the LP2 will get out there some way and the new analog dry, MIDI control, upgrade ability and multiply features are definitely welcome additions in my opinion.

    4. VizySearch INC on

      So Cool, Can't wait to get one!