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$765 pledged of $7,500 goal

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      C. Sven Johnson Creator on September 23, 2009

      Actually, another backer and I have an interest in Kid Robot's approach and the urban vinyl market in general, so there's definitely a tie to what they're doing. There's also examples on my blog of guys molding their own toys, so that aspect is very much on my mind as well. Note that I have distinct phases for the 3D CAD and for conversion to CNC. Most makers are using sheet stock, so I'll almost certainly be slicing the 3D CAD into separate part-layers. However, once I have the 3D, I can also prep it for other things. The more I thought about this project the more opportunities came to mind.

      As to the CPSIA, I originally had a flippant remark about it in my long description - something along the lines of "assuming the CPSIA hasn't put every mom & pop wooden toy shop out of business" - but it deserves a separate discussion. In fact, just last week I was posting links on Facebook to YouTube videos explaining the impact on some Tulsa-area residents. So yes, I have some thoughts. Some of them best not repeated in polite company. Some of them along the lines of "What would happen if small businesses could inexpensively fabricate something clearly benign (like a wooden toy) which they could then send to their congressman along with an attached note saying "I made this here in America, but I can't sell it here because the CPSIA is more an over-reaction to media frenzy than it is good policy for an economy." If companies like Lowes would donate material, and carriers like UPS would donate packing & shipping, then maybe enough congressman would receive a tangible example of what they've outlawed.

    2. Josh Mings on September 23, 2009

      I love the idea and how you've laid it out. I can also see this has a handmade resin. Maybe even going down the same path as Kid Robot type products. It definitely has the same aura about it. I do prefer it as a wooden toy though. There are just not ANY like this around that I've been able to find.

      The biggest concern I have is dealing with the CPSC and all their regs. What a pain. Any thoughts on that?