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On August 4th the adventure begins. I will be Stand Up Paddle Boarding from Miami to New York. And you are invited to participate.

Hello friends, fellow paddlers, and ocean enthusiasts,

This August I am launching on the trip of a lifetime. I am stand up paddling from Miami to New York. And I want you to join me.

On August 4th I depart from Miami. Equipment includes a stand up paddle board, a paddle, a couple neat gadgets to communicate with you throughout the trip, and a wide-open ocean and intracoastal waterway. And last, but hopefully not least an RV (driven by someone else) transporting supplies, food, water, and providing our sleeping quarters.

The purpose of the "expedition" is to experience and share it with those I love and care about. You!

I will be filming a documentary, blogging at, sharing photography, and really cool stories from the great outdoors. An all-around adventure you are invited to be a part of!

Here's how this works:

I am aiming to raise $7500. Your pledge will go directly to help offset the costs of the following:

*Film a documentary. Here's a trailer from a similar journey (Paddle to Seattle):
*Technology to provide you with daily updates. Including satellite tracking, blog, photos, and video streams
*RV (for carrying food, water, supplies, and back up accessories)

We've got less than 30 days to reach the pledge target of $7500. If we don't reach $7500, no funding will occur, and in all likelihood I will still go on the trip. It will just be that much more difficult to share, due to not being able to carry the equipment on the back of my board.

300 supporters makes the trip possible. That's $25 per person (less than $0.83 per day for the next 30 days). Feel free to pledge more or less. The rewards (off to the right side of the screen) are very cool. 300 people. Will you choose to be one of the 300?

Your backing is deeply appreciated and goes directly to making this trip a reality. Thank you for your support.

And if you want to come out and paddle, let me know. I'd be glad for you to join me.

With gratitude,

Josh (Ramu)


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    THE PAIA— Receive a personalized handwritten postcard from three different states (one sent to you at the time of launch, one at the halfway point, and one upon completion of the journey).

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    THE HAIKU—Receive a personalized handwritten postcard from three states (as mentioned above) and a 5x7 photo of the arrival into New York.

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    THE KULA—Receive all of the above and a handsome memorable collection of photos from the trip.

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    THE LAHAINA—Receive all of the above and a Wowing, full-length, DVD of the journey.

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    THE WAILEA— Receive all of the above and a little surprise.

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