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Update #1

Your backing of AMP is part of something bigger!


Dear Backers of the Atlanta Music Project,

Thank you for your pledges! Yes, your pledge will help us launch a music for social change program right here in Atlanta. But on an even bigger level, the Atlanta Music Project is part of a growing movement of El Sistema-inspired programs emerging all over the world, especially in the United States.

Today the Boston Globe started a series of articles on this movement. It is a well-written piece by Jeremy Eichler, the Boston Globe music critic, who spent a week with the Abreu Fellows while we were in Venezuela. As you'll see when you read the article, with your pledge, you are not only helping to plant seeds of hope for many youths in Atlanta but also supporting the Atlanta Music Project as part of a world-wide movement. So thank you and welcome to a movement that's gaining momentum everyday with your help!

Please don't forget to help spread the word about our Kickstarter fundraiser by email, Facebook and Twitter. We'll need at least 300 backers to reach our goal of $15,000!

Here's the link to the Boston Globe article:

My very best wishes,

Dantes Rameau
Executive Director, Atlanta Music Project

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    -Your name (or your organization's name) added to the Atlanta Music Project website's Thank You page. If desired we will add the amount of your pledge to your name.

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    -We add you to the The Atlanta Music Project e-mailing list to receive our online newsletter. -Plus receive all the rewards above this one.

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    -You receive the coveted AMP medallion, a symbol of music for social change. The AMP medallion is only given to AMP students to wear for their concerts and is engraved with the AMP slogan. -Plus receive all the rewards above this one.

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    -You receive a DVD of one of the AMP concerts from our inaugural year. -Plus receive all the rewards above this one.

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    -We send Abreu Fellow and Atlanta Music Project Executive Director, Dantes Rameau, to your location to give you or your organization a private presentation on El Sistema, the Atlanta Music Project and how you can start an El Sistema-modeled program in your community. Please note, this reward is limited to the United States and Canada. -Plus receive all the rewards above this one.

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