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Outside the box indie film; Period+Christian+Action/Thriller. Screenplay by Adventures in Odyssey writer Paul McCusker. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 31, 2011.

Outside the box indie film; Period+Christian+Action/Thriller. Screenplay by Adventures in Odyssey writer Paul McCusker.

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Thanks for stopping by our Kickstarter page.

About the Project
If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ve realized that our feature films are made possible only through the collective efforts of hundreds of volunteers -- people just like you, who enjoy the creativity, the collaboration, and the challenges inherent in the filmmaking adventure. Together, this varied group of individuals becomes a part of our film-making “family,” a close-knit team that has caught the vision to use action-adventure films to reach a generation of young people with the hope of the Gospel.

About the CampaignRight now, we are asking you to consider joining our team by voting for Beyond the Mask with a $20 donation. Through this Kickstarter campaign, we are planning to raise funding to purchase the materials we can’t scavenge for Beyond the Masks’ most important set – a full-scale, live-action 18th century cityscape. But, more importantly, through this campaign we are hoping to find a thousand voices to join with ours as we approach investors (the ‘men in hats’) about making a project like this come to life. By donating $20, you are voting for this project, saying, "Count me in. I’ll help spread the word; I want to see this become a reality."  This is the kind of thing the ‘men in hats’ need to see: there are over a thousand people who are excited about the project and are willing to lend a hand.

Why you should get involvedWe believe that every heart is engraved with a desire and propensity toward stories of costly love, because this is the theme of the greatest story ever told, the Story that God is weaving through history itself. We believe that every great story points back to His Story in some way. But we want to go a step further than just telling great stories, because Hollywood already does that. We want to share stories about real people who have encountered the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ, and we want to do this in the action-adventure genre. We desire to point both believers and non-believers toward Jesus Christ, because He alone is worthy of our heart's deepest affections. He alone can carry the weight of our soul through life in a broken, twisted and hurting world. After the release of our first film, Pendragon: Sword of His Father, we received letters from young people and their families from all corners of the globe, explaining how our film had been an encouragement to them and had made an impact on their lives. We are tremendously excited about the possibility of doing this again, on a much larger scale. We have some great ideas, a fantastic writer, a track record of performance, and a lot of passion... but we need your help.

VolunteerIf all goes well, in early September we will begin pre-production, which is the tremendous and exciting task of creating the world our story will be filmed in. If you would like to be involved in this effort, whether in designing and sewing hundreds of period jackets and dresses, or getting your hands dirty with chainsaws and tractors as we build the sets, please sign up on our website.

If you are a believer, we’d like to ask you not just to support us financially but also pray that the message of finding our identity and justification in Christ would shine through strongly in the film and in the lives of those who are producing it.

Success will be achieving the goal of a thousand donors. If we surpass that goal it, would be fantastic. Please help us spread the word by posting links to this page on Facebook, Twitter, and on your blogs (or on your friends' blogs).

Thanks very much for your consideration, promotion and support.

Because He first loved us,

-The Burns Family Studios Team

P.S. - To our secular friends
We are asking for your support to produce an excellent independent movie which we hope reaches theatres. Our goal is to make films that are artistically and technically excellent. In addition to this we are taking a big risk to pursue a dream.  We would be honored by your support and wish to honor you by respectfully presenting the notion that you were designed for a relationship with your Creator. 
~Dr. Chad Burns,  Director


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    As a backer, you will receive two rewards: (1) Your name in the credits as a sponsor of the film, and (2) an original, "Beyond the Mask" mini-poster, autographed by either the director (Chad Burns), the producer (Aaron Burns), or the screenwriter (Paul McCusker).

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