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The North Coast Regional covers an immense amount of geography in California, and includes six adjacent coastal counties North of SF.

The Twisted Upright House is one of 35 Structures that will grace Burningman's Circle of Regional Effigies this year.  An exciting project, it combines the efforts of the Northern California Regional network-a living matrix of creative burners that spans the coast from Marin County all the way up to Del Norte County-and Pyroglyphics, a Fire Arts team based in Humboldt County.  

The Twisted Up Righthouse will stand 20 feet tall, with a base diameter of six feet, and will sit off-center on an island 63  feet in circumference.  Tall, slender, and eight-sided, it will stand 1/3 the scale of  its real-world inspiration, but will turn 125 degrees from the base to its apex, giving the lighthouse a strong and fluid twist to its architecture. This twisting will be visually reinforced by an equal shift in its doorway, windows and railings, and punctuated further by the island itself:

 the island will be made of driftwood that is laid out in concentric swirls emanating from the lighthouse base and will radiate out to the coast, tracing the layout of the golden ratio, so that the arching lines on its surface will connect with and visually reinforce the twisting corners of the lighthouse.

 The island’s elevation will be two feet at the base of the lighthouse, and will slope down  to ground level at its coastline.  Off to one side of the island will stand a small, weathered pier, extending out beyond the coast’s perimeter.  The playa floor surrounding the island will be washed in low-lit blue light to simulate the sea.   We hope that the overall effect will be one of an elegant and gracefully illuminated coastal-scene benevolently manipulated by a greater and mischievous power.  In the lens’ chamber atop the lighthouse, a slow spinning light will rotate and shine through eight, stunningly detailed stained-glass panels seated 16’ above the playa floor.  The nautical world created by this piece will draw in the viewer, creating a watery respite in the desert, while the light from the tower will act as a beacon for the viewers below to find their way.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our proposal.  We look forward to celebrating 2012 out on the playa with you!


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    We will raise our beer glasses in the eves, after our tools are put away, and literally toast a cheers to you (we will even honor you by announcing your name in the cheer!), out loud.

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    We will toast you with a yummy beer on the playa, and you will receive a Twisted Upright House 2012 commemorative sticker and postcard celebrating your participation in the Circle of Regional Effigies.

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    In addition to all of the above, you will also receive one of the eight Stained Glass panels, designed and made by local artist, David Long, that will adorn the Twisted Upright House. They will have provided a well lit and decorative beacon for burners for the week leading to its burn, and rather than destroy them, we want to remove and save them...for you.

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