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A brand new superhero Live Action Roleplaying Game, set in the world of Champions!

Champions Live is a Live Action Roleplaying Game coming soon from Silverback Press, using a new rules set derived from the well-known and award-winning Hero System rules but modified for speed and ease of use away from the table. It uses a stopwatch, or "PCD" as the randomizer for conflict resolution- any device that keeps time to the hundredths of a second can be used. We use the Champions setting, which will be familiar both to players of the tabletop game and the MMO, Champions Online, by Cryptic Studios.

The Powercheck rules set was devised by Echoes of Empires, a design group consisting of David Christoph, Ben Walker, Jocelyn Fulljames and Steve Tasker, and edited by Darren Watts. The Champions setting material is by Steve Long, Darren Watts, and the many fine writers at Hero Games and Cryptic Studios.

Money pledged during this Kickstarter will be used for finishing the editing on the book, hiring a layout designer and purchasing some art, and printing the hard copies. 

For more information on Champions Live, please check out our website at or Like us on Facebook! Thanks for your support!


  • Definitely softcover, probably 6x9 for ease of carrying around a LARP game site, and right now we guess about 150 pages, certainly less than 200.

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    We'll thank you in the credits of the book and on our website.

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    As above, and we'll send you a PDF of the finished book.

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    As above, and we'll not only send you a physical copy of the book, but your very own Powercheck stopwatch! International customers please add $25 for shipping and handling.

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    Special Retailer Tier! Retailers pledging this amount will receive SIX copies of the book and six Powercheck stopwatches. We'll contact backers at this level to work out shipping details.

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    Per popular demand, we've opened another reward level! As above, but your physical copy will be personally signed by the creators!

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    Not only do you get the book, the PDF, and the Powercheck, but at this level we'll design a character using your name and a BRIEF description and use him or her as an example character in the book!

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    As above, and the Echoes Of Empires gang will come to your location and run a Champions LARP for you, anywhere in North America, at our expense!

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