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Washington is broken. You are not. Help DecodeDC report stories that really matter.
1,628 backers pledged $100,724 to help bring this project to life.

We cannot thank you enough

Posted by Andrea Seabrook (Creator)
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To everyone:

I am in love. With you. All of you who have supported DecodeDC -- with money, with posts and shares, with good wishes, prayers and Light. With your gifts I will build a fresh new journalism -- one that truly strives to serve the people. Thank You.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Raja Thiagarajan on

      Glad you made it and I look forward to getting my swag ;-)

      Regarding the swag: You had a survey about CDs versus thumb drives. I don't remember which I picked, but my *correct* answer is, they're equally good for me. I wish that had been an option.

    2. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      I heard you on the Bob Edwards show and I appreciate that he leads me to people like you. I'm am glad to support your effort to keep information "real" and "truthful." I applaud your courage! Susan Amon

    3. Missing avatar

      martin e neltner on

      Good luck, and do America proud. What has been lost in America is the We can attitude.
      Just look back at WW II period and post WW II up until 1980. That generation was a generation of sacriface and caring about others. it was the collective team that made the difference. Today it is all about the money, its about me, and not about the purpose of goals. its ok to make money but those very smart people and or very rich have a responsiblity like our forefathers to be responsible and accountable. The Oz Principle. Make the news media accountable to search for the truth and not what will sell. People are looking for the truth. That is what will bring them to you. Good luck. i will be on the side lines observing. God Bless our USA.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jill McGuire on

      Hooooray, Andrea. Glad I could help in my small ways. Looking forward to the tote bag :)

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Sharon Tyson on

      Bravo Andrea! I wish you great success in this project.

    7. David Hollis on

      Not the least bit surprised you crushed your goal! Congrats. Loved you on NPR and can't wait to hear more here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kara McGuirk on

      Andrea!!! Congratulations! You crushed that fundraising goal and without interrupting regularly scheduled programming. =)

    9. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I was worried we'd only just squeak by the minimum goal, but instead got a nice extra cushion in the last few days. Looking forward to the series. It is desperately needed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Shanahan on

      Have always admired your work - and your acute sense of the absurd, Andrea. Look forward to following you along your new path. Give 'em hell - make us all proud.

    11. Tim O'Neill on

      Congratulations, Andrea!!!!!

    12. Tide Creative on

      Awesome! So looking forward to your content!

    13. Abraham Bonowitz on

      Congratulations Andrea! 100K!!!

    14. Josh Lewis! on

      Awww, shucks. ;) Thank YOU!

    15. Todd Patrick on

      So proud to back this project. Congratulations, Andrea! Go get 'em!