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Washington is broken. You are not. Help DecodeDC report stories that really matter.
Washington is broken. You are not. Help DecodeDC report stories that really matter.
1,628 backers pledged $100,724 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Deborah Schumacher

      Weirdly enough, she still logs in.

    2. John Tod on

      I never saw a postcard, nor a cd.

    3. Deborah Schumacher

      No postcard here. I think she's forgotten she created this project and we gave her 100k

    4. Randy Owens on

      So did ANYONE ever get a postcard? Or were only some of us left out? #disappointed

    5. Brys on

      I've given up with this project. If by some miracle Andrea deigns to remember us peons and a postcard shows up, it'd go directly into the trash.

      Always fun to get an eye opener about someone you respected.

    6. Randy Owens on

      I wonder if Andrea will have time to do those postcards now that DecodeDC has been acquired by Scripps.....

    7. Randy Owens on

      I just backed another podcasting show (check my profile if you want to know which one). I had explained on their FB page a while back that I was a bit hesitant after my experience here w/ DecodeDC. I still am surprised that 1 YEAR LATER, I have yet to receive a simple postcard as promised. Particularly disappointed that I talked the Kickstarter campaign up to my friends and some of them donated as well. I do enjoy the podcasts from DecodeDC when they release, but the experience with following through on Kickstarter commitments has been very poor. Perhaps Andrea could update us here and 'decode' the reasons for the massive delays.

    8. Brys on

      Getting close to a year and still no post card. Amazing.

    9. Daniel Lieber on

      @Andrea You explained delays 2 months ago and asked if the website link was satisfactory to limit the costs of production. After careful consideration and examining the link, it is not a suitable equivalent as it does not meet the expectations set in the pledge tier. I'm still disappointed and hope you are willing to make this right for all of the backers and fulfill your obligations in a timely manner.

    10. Missing avatar

      Erinn Perry on

      No postcard, no email with website content. :(

    11. Randy Owens on

      July 24th - no postcard. I am guessing that Andrea is working her way down from the top donors to us bottom dwellers, but an update maybe once/month is probably not too unreasonable to request.

      I did see that one person posted a while back that they received one but that it was not 'personalized'. I don't really know what to expect in that arena other than Andrea seems to indicate from her May 29th post that she is putting a lot of effort into it.

      I will try to be patient.

    12. Brys on

      Two months later, no postcard in sight.

    13. Andrea Seabrook Creator on

      Hello, folks -- Andrea here. I want to clear a few things up. But mostly I want to make sure you understand how much I appreciate your support of DecodeDC. Great things are happening and I have YOU to thank for it. Thank you.

      First the CD. We've had a hell of a time with one reward level in particular -- the one that was supposed to be a CD with the first five episodes of the show on it. It turns out we couldn't actually fit those shows on one CD, much less the extra content we promised to include, and we just can't afford to burn and send more than one CD. We looked into sending thumb-drives with the content, but that's expensive too. So for the last 6 weeks or so, we've been setting up a special, exclusive section of our website with all kinds of interesting extra content, including occasional live video-chats with my producers and I. We'll be sending that to you soon, via email. I do hope that satisfies our donors at that level. If you're not happy after you get the link, please do write back and we'll make it right.

      Second, the postcards. This one is all my fault. I have staunchly refused any help from friends and producers, who'd like to help me out by writing a bunch of postcards to you and having me sign them. That's a non-starter for me. I am personally writing every single postcard -- all 850 of them. As you might imagine, it's slow going. But it's going. I do hope you can sustain your patience with me a bit longer.

      Lastly, for those of you who were supposed to get other rewards and haven't -- we sent out a survey at the end of our kickstarter campaign that asked you for your mailing address. If that somehow went into your spam folder or you didn't answer it for some reason, we didn't have your information when we sent rewards. If you think you may be in this category, please send your name, address, and the reward you were expecting to Lina Misitzis -- that's

      It is very important to me that we make this right -- because I value my personal integrity, and because things are going SO WELL for DecodeDC. You deserve your rewards.

      Thank you, Andrea

    14. Eric Gordon on

      Oh, wow. I almost forgot I backed this. Still no updates?

    15. Aaron Rowell on

      Love the show, but I haven't received anything for my pledge. Kinda bummed about it. Hope to see more episodes soon. Awesome work otherwise.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin McKenzie

      I got the postcards (not personalized), t-shirt, and tote bag a few months ago.

    17. William Barnes on

      And I'm not just misisng the postcard, I haven't received anything.

    18. William Barnes on

      Thanks for posting Deborah and that was the same reponse I got from Andrea on March 2. Understand that this is complicated but when you're 6 months late on an estimate the one thing you can do is communicate and that hasn't happened. So maybe someone should do a Decode DecodeDC kickstarter?

    19. Deborah Schumacher

      I actually got an update on this

      This is Lina, Andrea's producer. I am very sorry for the delay in communication. DecodeDC is a two-person show, and we've been totally swamped with the many parts of production.

      Of course, that is not to negate the importance of your donation. I promise you we're working on sending everything out, it's just taking longer than we expected.

    20. Deborah Schumacher

      Is anyone friends with her on Facebook?

    21. Brys on

      I'm genuinely amazed that of all the projects I've backed it's going to be one by someone I really respected that doesn't deliver. On a postcard of all things.

      Really disappointing, to say the least.

    22. Bernard S. on

      I have not received anything yet... What gives?

    23. Daniel Lieber on

      The rewards have not arrived yet to me in Massachusetts. I'm surprised and disappointed in the lack of communication, particularly from someone whom I respect and know has a great understanding of the inherent need for clarity. Hopefully an update will be posted imminently.

    24. Brys on

      So...has anyone received anything yet?

    25. Brys on

      I was just wondering about the postcards from this project, kinda bummed that nothing's turned up.

      The podcast has been great and that's the real reward for backing for me, but...well, it's a little off-putting that we're going on 4 months waiting on post cards, let alone the other tiers.

    26. William Barnes on

      No postcard, no update since December and no responses to emails. This might sound like sour grapes but the reality is that once these projects are funded the communication just goes away. Hmm, just like post-election DC!

    27. Bernard S. on

      Anyone ever get their postcard? I didn't.

    28. Joseph P on

      Any word on when your next podcast episode will be posted? I'm really looking forward to your podcast!

    29. Solo-Man Kleinsmith on

      PLEASE don't waste money sending me the USB thing. Just send me the postcards, or nothing. I'll just throw away the USB thing. I have your episodes by podcast already.

    30. Molly Steenson on

      Andrea! Delighted that you surpassed your goal. Congratulations!

    31. Ann Heppermann on

      Holy Guacamole. This is awesome. This makes me happy for the world of journalism, restoring my faith!

    32. Will Cosmo on

      Hey Andrea. I love your project. You have my support. I got the t-shirt! :) I tried to do something similar, but Kickstarter rejected me ... I ended up posting it on Indiegogo instead. Would you mind taking a look and letting me know what you think?…

    33. Kevin Flanagan on

      Congratulations! Glad BoingBoing brought me here before funding was over.

    34. Patricia Cogley on

      Hooray! Congratulations. Can't wait for the tour to come back to the Bay Area.

    35. Doug Vanisky on

      Hi and congrats! FYI, I think Will Rogers is the source of the 'We have the best Congress money can buy' quote.

    36. Missing avatar

      David on

      Thank for what you're doing. Please continue to do it with the integrity that you've approached your previous work with.

    37. Missing avatar

      Erin! on

      Loved your work on the recent 99% Invisible Podcast, and it inspired me to donate. Looking forward to seeing what topics you tackle next.

    38. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth Sackton on

      Go Andrea!

    39. Helpman Productions on

      WHOA!!!!! Congrats!!!!! Amazing work, great to see the project funded.

    40. Sarah Pokorny on

      Success! Congrats Andrea and Company. This proves again that an Earlhamite can do anything they put their mind to!

    41. Ted Heck on

      Yay! So glad you're past your goal and still have over 24 hours to go.

    42. Will Cosmo on

      Nice work. Congratulations. I'll be rockin' this shirt on my up coming trip to DC.

    43. Missing avatar

      Luke Sawyer on

      Just listened to the collaboration episode you did with 99% Invisible, and was impressed enough that I'm backing the project here. Keep up your good work!

    44. wizpig64 on

      I'd love a mug, but i don't want a tote bag or shirt. Make an option and I'll give you more money :P

    45. Isica Lynn on

      Andrea, I was thoroughly impressed with the content of your presentation about DecodeDC in SF this weekend. Your show deserves to be a major part of the American political discourse. Thank you so much for being so passionately in support of positive change.

    46. Randy Owens on

      Best of luck in the final days Andrea! Reach out to your podcast friends for help and plugs. I am talking your site up on FB and to my friends as well.

    47. Solo-Man Kleinsmith on

      Wish I could afford the $250 level... regardless, if this succeeds and you see this comment, please just send me the four postcards and not the CD, assuming that's cheaper on your end. I'll be listening by podcast, so the CD would be a waste. The podcards, however, would look nice on the wall next to my desk :)

      Good luck... steep climb the last few days, but hopefully it'll go a bit viral in the home stretch.

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Awesome work! I'm impressed, became a backer. Any ideas on releasing transcripts with links to sources and additional reading with each episode?

    49. Missing avatar


      Just heard you on KALW, which inspired me to download and listen to your first two episodes (as well as to throw you a little $). I want to hear more! Thanks for keeping it real.

    50. TS Targos on

      Just heard your interview on WUWM radio here in Milwaukee ( - excellent conversation / nice synopsis of the program. Decided to increase my donation. Wising you all success with the Kickstarter campaign and with the continued great work.

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