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Help jumpstart the HSS gift shop! I just need a little backer money to finance printing the comics for my up-and-coming web store. ^w^
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Nicole Pacheco

7 backers pledged $290 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Rewards have been sent out!

Finished mailing them out today. I'd appreciate a comment on the project profile to know everyone got theirs.

Thanks everyone! I couldn't have done it without you! 

Please check out the HSS Facebook page for more updates!

Until next time kids~! 


Have been sent out! Please make sure your info is correct when sending them back to me. I'll make sure to post another update when the rewards are done and being shipped out. ^^

Thanks again! 

-Nicole Pacheco 

Thank You.

Wow, folks. We got about 10 days left and I am so stoked that I've been able to meet my goal. Everyone should expect to get their rewards by late May. 

I'm working on volume 4 as we speak, I'm about half way done with penciling so that should up soon~! 

But don't think I'm working on only comics, I've got other great things in the works right now too! 

I've been working on these new canvas bags that were a big hit at this year's Mizuumi-con at OLLU, and with you're great donations I can make more to sell on the website. 


I've been working on animations and I just opened up a Youtube channel!

So long story short, thanks again for the all the help! XD

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Thank You~! Thank YOU! 

We reached our goal of $150!

I'll be asking for information for the books and prints very soon~! 

We still have about a month left but this will be more than enough! 

Thanks everyone~!! I am so stoked right now!!! XDDD

<3 <3 <3 


Nicole Pacheco