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Help us celebrate 20 years of PHD Comics
Help us celebrate 20 years of PHD Comics
2,766 backers pledged $234,463 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James M.
      5 days ago

      @Zane: That's how I interpret things, yes. If addresses are locking September 15, I wouldn't expect shipping to start before then, and IMO there's a reasonable chance that it might not start until a noticeable time after that (e.g., in October).

    2. Claudio Shikida on

      Same with me: loop.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lorian Cobra Straker on

      I'm having the same issues as Leônidas Soares Pereira.
      Blackbox link is in a loop, never going to the form. I've sent 2 emails to Blackbox and no answer yet.
      Hope they sort this out, because it's quite frustrating. Best.

    4. Zane

      Should I assume that shipping won't happen until after Sept 15th then? I gave an address based on the original delivery date of August, but I'll be moving around then.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sean Rommel on

      I wanted to follow up on a few other comments and ask about the other unlocked items (PhD movies). How does that work, and will codes/links/etc be supplied? I'm looking forward to them all!

    6. Missing avatar

      Caillin on

      Any chance we can request the cool UK red cover instead of the normal purple cover?

    7. Leônidas Soares Pereira on

      Anyone else having problems with the blackbox survey thing?
      I click the "Enter Adress" at field one and it brings me to a Blackbox page saying "Verify Your Backer Information" which asks me to "Please enter the email address of your Kickstarter account below and we'll send you the link to your reward verification page." I do so but keep getting teh same first e-mail instead of the link for the reward verification page.

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      Within the Blackbox surveys, there was no mention of personalised doodles. How do we give out information on and finally get those? I was planning on gifting the doodle to my wife, who will complete her PhD in microbiology in the very near future :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Simon Donkers on

      Are our books being shipped with EU friendly shipping? It was not listed in the campaign but Blackbox does offer this service.
      I've stayed below the VAT limit for NL but if this is EU friendly shipping then I need to get some of these add-ons.

    10. Aleksander R. Nordgarden Rødner on

      In addition to Haydens questions, I was wondering if we have to do anything to trigger shipment of the unlocked add-ons?

    11. Hayden on

      Woohoo! The surveys are out! ... and apparently, the individual books are available as add-ons. That's probably nice for all of those who were missing one or another of the books.

      Just out of curiosity, how would the shipping work for those? No matter the number of books I add as an add-on, the "Shipping" value remains at 0. (e.g. is it 0 additional shipping within the US? What about the rest of the world?) I'm guessing it is currently an oversight, but mostly I'm asking before people start having any unpleasant surprises later on.

      Other than that, can't wait to get my books!

    12. James M.

      Agreed. I just realized it's been about 6 weeks since the last update. It would be move to have another one soon. I usually like to see updates on a monthly basis. Thanks!

    13. Jakob Papirov on

      How's it going? An update would be very appreciated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Anthony Chang on

      If we're surveying who graduates, I'd vote for the nameless protagonist to graduate, hands down.

    15. Missing avatar

      Fatima Lopez on

      Yay!! All of those goodies coming in around my birthday makes me a happy girl...
      I remember finding out about PhD while starting my Masters and 5 years later I still read them religiously... but haven't even decided if I want to dive into a PhD or not.

      So happy to finally be able to be a tiny part of this. If only this granted some credits towards a literature PhD... :P

      Lastly, how do we decide who graduates? Will we be receiving a survey later on, or is it via comments?

      Greetings from a Spaniard in Ireland!

    16. Aurelio the Bear Knight on

      Hi! First of all congrats on the kickstart and the 20years of greatness ;) I choose the 100$ reward but I wonder how come the shipping to Italy, if they ship from Uk, is 55$. Of course those are a lot of books, its just quite higher compared to some huge boardgames and other stuff. Thanks and keep on rolling ;) a phd from Italy

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Rommel on

      First of all, congrats on achieving all of the stretch goals! I have integrated PhD comics into many of my lectures (especially "How to Write an Email to Your TA and Professor")!

      I was wondering how/when the unlocked items that are electronic in format will be available (i.e., the streaming PhD movies)? Thanks so much for your answer in advance, and congrats again!

    18. James M.

      Agreed, but yet appear to be against any customization at all. I asked a number of times for a way to let level 1 backers get printed booklets and that never happened.

    19. Stephen M. on

      It would be cool if we could add DVD copies of the movies (now unlocked via stretch goals) as add-on items after the campaign. I only backed at level 3 and would like a format that's a little less ephemeral than "streaming".

    20. Missing avatar

      Caillin on

      Will we be able to choose which version of the "we have no idea" book we get?

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      While I am backing this project, I also must say shipping costs are outrageous on this one for the EU. Especially considering that the books could be sent via a container over the Atlantic to EU and then delivered from there individually to save costs compared to air freight, which I presume is the current plan, at least based on the 55$ I am asked to pay. Seems to me that the creators both lack experience and willingness to cater to EU fans. :/
      I backed several kickstarters in the past with far heftier sizes and weights with a fraction of the shipping costs asked here. Ah well... I still am backing, so I guess I am just upset at myself for betraying my mantra to never back EU unfriendly kickstarters...

    22. Scott Mitchell Rosenberg/PlatinumStudios

      Looks good.
      From Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Platinum Studios

    23. BigD on

      @Veronika: For the first $20K, yes. If Jorge had only raised $15K, we would not be able to hold him to 3/4 of a book. The statement about all or nothing only applies to the initial funding. The stretch goals are additional goodies that come with the initially funded project and they don't have to be met. While technically, isn't certain until 24 hours before the project ends, I feel pretty good that this project is going to be a success!

    24. Missing avatar

      Veronika Cencen on

      It says the project is all or nothing??

    25. Missing avatar


      I remember first reading the PhD online comics back in 1998 while in the Cal graduate program. I mentioned the comic and the author's name to a friend, who did his undergrad at GA tech, said that he remember Jorge from GA tech as this "Chinese guy from Panama with funny voice". Can't believe it's been 20 years!

    26. Angelique Krencius

      NVM, I found the spot where you listed them as level numbers. Unfortunately Kickstarter doesn't let you delete comments.

    27. Angelique Krencius

      Is "level 4" the "all books" level, or the "customized drawing" level? It's not totally clear due to the "pledge w/o reward" level -- I'm not sure if that's level 1 or level 0.

    28. Andreas Theodorou on

      Thanks for the response Jorge!

    29. Jorge Cham 2-time creator on

      Hi, Maria! Yes, all levels include the new PHD 20th Anniversary Book, which will have the essays.

      hi, Andreas! 1) EU/GB rewards will be shipped from the UK, so we'll be covering the import tax. 2) We won't use Backer Kit, so please keep an eye out for the survey once the campaign ends.

      Hi, Xeledon! The DVD's will be included in the Level 4 rewards and up.

      Thanks, you guys are awesome!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dr. Maria Finizio on

      Hi, If I upgrade my donation from $30 to $50, will I still receive the essays on how the comic was developed? Thank you.

    31. Andreas Theodorou on


      Two questions:
      1) Will the shipping being EU/GB friendly? I mainly worry for a hefty import tax.
      2) Are you going to use any pledge manager, e.g. backerkit?


    32. Xeledon on

      Is there any chance of getting DVD/BluRay copies of both PhD movies as an add-on during this campaign?

    33. James M.

      As you probably saw in the recent update: "All reward levels will get the e-books, and Level 2 and above will get physical copies." I'm still hoping something can be arranged for Level 1 backers to get physical copies, too, though.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Brake on

      For those who pledged will they be able to get PDFs of all the books in there pledge. I can't wait to get the physical books but would like to read the books on the go on my ipad.

    35. James M.

      I kind of expected backers getting physical booklets to also get PDFs even though I don't think it says that explicitly, because that's frequently how game projects I back work. However, you're right that that may not be true here. It would be nice if there were some way to work things out so that all backers could get PDFs and printed stretch goal booklets. We'll see, I guess.

    36. Missing avatar

      Francesco L. on

      Hello! Congrats on another very successful campaign! I’m a Level 2 backer and my question is quite the opposite of what others have been asking: would it be possible to have an option, by pledging a few more dollars, to get both the physical and the PDF version of the two extra booklets? I like physical books, so I wouldn’t want to downgrade my pledge to Level 1, but I also enjoy carrying books easily around on my iPad wherever I go!

    37. James M.

      Jorge: Thanks for the response. I think you're right about adding individual books and customizing things at that level. It probably would get complicated to account for many types of orders like that. What I was looking for though could be handled with one more level, say for $30 or so, that offers the one new book plus physical copies of stretch goal booklets. Hopefully that wouldn't be too difficult or complicating, and it could get you a handful of dollars more from lots of people at level 1 who would prefer printed booklets over PDF booklets. While increasing our pledge from level 1 to level 2 to get the printed booklets is always an option, it's also one that doubles our cost. I will consider that if no other option is available, but will wait to see what you can do about this for now since there's still plenty of time left in the campaign.

    38. Jorge Cham 2-time creator on

      hi, everyone! Thanks for all your awesome comments, and thanks for supporting PHD! You guys are simply amazing!!
      Re: Shipping costs - Unfortunately, shipping costs these days are high, especially for books and book sets. Hopefully getting 8 (and possibly 9) real books is a treat worth the cost!
      Re: Adding books - Thanks so much for being awesome fans and owning the books! I really appreciate your support! Unfortunately, Kickstarters are not set up for choosing individual items. Adding extra reward tiers is a great idea, but it tends to complicate the logistics. Let me see what I can do! In the meantime, if you get duplicate books maybe you can give them as gifts? Also, please note only the new book and WHNI will be signed.

      Thanks for being awesome fans!!


    39. James M.

      Still no word about whether Level 1 backers can get physical copies of the stretch goal booklets somehow, maybe via add-ons for a little extra money? I can't be the only one who already owns all the books here (except the new one), but would still like printed versions of the stretch goal booklets instead of PDFs. Please consider this.

    40. Missing avatar

      Arques on

      Hello, I am backing for the full collection and I would like to ask if there will be the possibility to lower the shipping cost to Europe. Actually, paying 55% of the pledge just for the shipping is a lot! Is there any possibility to have some EU-friendly shipping?

    41. Missing avatar

      Martin Olivier on

      My question is similar to Zelda's question below (and somewhat related to James M.'s question following update 2). I have books 1 to 4 and this campaign seems like the perfect opportunity to get a signed copy of book 5 included. Is it somehow possible to "add" only those books that we don't yet have to our pledges for the new book?

    42. James M.

      Already successfully funded -- congrats! Now that we're assured of funding, I have to ask: any stretch goals planned? :)

    43. Matthew Fields

      So glad to see this is almost there in less than a day. Been a fan for almost 15 years now and happy to see the solid support.

    44. BigD on

      Back for round 3 on Kickstarter with Jorge!

    45. Zelda on

      Will there be a chance to order the missing books in our collection? I have the first three signed with a caricature of me in one, but I need the next two....

    46. James M.

      I pledged as soon as I saw the e-mail about this in my inbox this morning. I love PhD Comics, so I barely read the campaign page before pledging; I read just enough to figure out the tier I wanted based on what I already own. One thing I'm not too clear on though: will this new book include all of the comics not yet published in books (like past books have done), or is it a different kind of collection this time around (being an anniversary project)? Thanks, and good luck!