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Ananda Leeke, an author & Internet geek, raised part 1 of her Digital Sisterhood book funding in 2010. Now she's back to raise part 2. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 28, 2011.

Ananda Leeke, an author & Internet geek, raised part 1 of her Digital Sisterhood book funding in 2010. Now she's back to raise part 2.

About this project

Who is behind Digital Sisterhood and what's it all about? 

Lawyer-turned Internet geek and author Ananda Leeke launched her first Kickstarter campaign to raise money for her book, Digital Sisterhood, a memoir that discusses her Internet adventures, digital sisterhood experiences, and reflections about women and the Internet during the period of 1986 to 2011. Leeke's short-term goal was to raise $500 by December 23, 2010. Her long-term goal was to raise $1,600.  Guess what happened?  With the support of 39 backers, she successfully raised $1,159 online and an additional $70 offline. The grand total was $1,229. 

To date, Leeke has $371 to raise in order to meet her long-term goal of $1,600. That's why she has come back to Kickstarter with Digital Sisterhood - Part 2. Her Digital Sisterhood Part 2 book fundraising goal is $500. This amount will cover the balance of her self-publishing expenses and help offset the cost of mailing and photography expenses.  

4/18/11 Update: Any additional amount raised beyond the $500 goal will be used to fund graphic artist and photography expenses.

Learn More About Digital Sisterhood online

Visit the Digital Sisterhood Network's web site and Twitter page to learn more about the programs and activities.

Check out Ananda's creative adventures on her blog, web site, and Twitter page too.

10 Blessings of Digital Sisterhood Expansion

During Leeke's first Kickstarter campaign, she was inspired to expand her book concept into several projects and initiatives that serve women in social media. See below.

1) Digital Sisterhood Wednesdays give women in social media a weekly opportunity to build and strengthen their communities. Each week women are encouraged to celebrate and promote their digital sisters by using the #FF (Friday Follow) format. They are also encouraged to tweet about their digital sisters’ businesses, wisdom, creativity, blogs, Facebook pages, causes, videos, and web sites. In addition, monthly tweetchats are held. 

2) Digital Sisterhood Monthly Tweetchats give women in social media an opportunity to chat about issues, interests, and causes they support.

3) Digital Sisterhood Month, an annual month-long celebration held in December, gives women in social media an opportunity to celebrate their connections, conversations, communities, collaborative partnerships, and commerce.

4) Digital Sisterhood Network is a web site that houses Digital Sisterhood's projects and initiatives.

5) Digital Sisterhood Blogger-in-Residence Program serves a woman living with health opportunities (transformed the word challenges into opportunities) in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.The Blogger-in-Residence for 2011-2012 is lifestyle blogger Kamaria T. Richmond.

6) Digital Sisterhood Radio features interviews with women in social media and people who self-identify as feminists and womanists. The Stroke Diva Fabulous Show hosted by Blogger-in-Residence Kamaria T Richmond also airs on Digital Sisterhood Radio.

7) Digital Sisterhood Legacy Campaign invites women in social media and technology to help one woman or girl in their life or community who needs assistance in understanding, accessing, and using social media, the Internet, and/or technology.   By sharing what they know, women in social media and technology will create an individual and collective digital sisterhood legacy that increases the number of social media, Internet, and technology savvy women and girls.

8) Digital Sisterhood Unplugged! is a self-care initiative that encourages women in social media to step away from their technology and social media tools and unplug for an hour, half-day, full day, weekend, week, month or longer so they can take a break and recharge themselves. This year the Digital Sisterhood Network is observing Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sundays on the third Sunday of each month beginning in April.

9) Feminism Online Project celebrates the rainbow chorus of feminist voices in the digital world through the Digital Sisterhood Network web site, Talkshoe radio show, Twitter page, and Tweetchats.  Through these efforts, a diverse group of feminist voices are profiled and a range of feminist issues are discussed.  The Project runs from March to May.

10) Digital Sisterhood@DC She Writers Meet Up is a community building initiative that sponsors quarterly meet ups for Washington, DC area women writers at Teaism (Penn Quarter location), a woman-owned cafe. is an online community for women writers with more than 35 She Writers Meet Up communities in the USA and beyond.  

More Digital Sisterhood Blessings

In addition, she was invited to speak about digital sisterhood at the Social Justice Camp DC Ignite event in January, DC WOMANIFESTING in Action event in March, and Howard University's New Media Symposium, YWCA USA's annual conference, and the Women in Film & Television Atlanta/Spelman College's Digital Doyenne panel discussion in April. These projects, initiatives, and experiences along with her recent travel to Haiti as a Heart of Haiti blogger ambassador and BlogHer speaking engagement in August will be included in her book.

When will Digital Sisterhood, a memoir be completed?

She will conclude her book research efforts in May, finalize her book manuscript in August, create the book cover and logo artwork in September, and publish the book with iUniverse, Inc. in December 2011.

Greatest Lesson Learned from Digital Sisterhood Journey

The one thing Leeke has learned throughout her writing journey and fundraising efforts is that Digital Sisterhood is bigger than a book and herself. It has become a movement of self-care, self-discovery, and social justice for women in social media that she is committed to nurture and support for the long haul. 


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