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$345 pledged of $65,000 goal
By Michael T. Diep
$345 pledged of $65,000 goal

Bag-Ready System is Now Offering FreeBagsForLife Campaign to The Kickstarter's Community

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Hello Backers,

We would like to announce our latest and yet most exciting campaign ever offer on any of the crowd-funding sites on the Internet.  The FreeBagsForLife program is offer exclusively only for backers on Kickstarter's community.

YES.. It is official. Now that the word is out, it is time for us to announce to the world what the heck surrounding the FreeBagsForLife program.  For all of the current backers including future Bag-Ready System supporters, all bags will be delivered to your door for FREE, and all you pay is Shipping & Handling.  We will need your full support by sharing this campaign to all of your Social Network Pages so everyone can benefit.  It is a campaign that is so straight forward even a drunk can walk a straight line if wanted to.  Remember, SHARING is Caring so please take a few minutes to:

Watch it, and if you Enjoy it, then SHARE it... That is it...

Best Regards

The BRS Team

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