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Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state.
Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state.
Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Arun Wolf on

      Hi, Unfortunately I never received anything after backing the project over a year ago. I suspect that the delivery might have been held up at customs or something. Could you please check the tracking for my reward and let me know what happened?

    2. Patrick Karačić

      Only one of the two packages arrived and currently they are not responding to my messages :(

    3. Gigi Lui on

      Hi there, since we discussed last time via e-mail, I still have not received my Ullo? I tried e-mailing your contact person (Someone called Joe R), who helped update my shipping info back in October... He promised to ship the thing to me, but it never arrived. My additional e-mails were not responded to. Please let me know what's next? I was one of the earliest backers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Twomey on

      No wine for me at the moment so I gave it to a friend. He's very impressed!

    5. Missing avatar

      Frederic Michiels

      Just received it today, very impatient to test it.

    6. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Alan, check out the graph on our website -… it gives you a good picture of how Üllo's filters work.

    7. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Jacques, Sent your tracking number in a direct message.

    8. Alan Buckley on

      Hi there. What's your comment on tannin removal. I'm doing a taste test now and it seems that filtering is taking away from the taste.

    9. Jacques Thilges on

      Hi James I still didn't get any tracking number



    10. Logan C-man on

      Thanks James, you rock!

    11. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Logan, We shipped the remainder of our orders this past week. I apologize that you did not receive an e-mail with a tracking number. I will message you your tracking number to your e-mail address and as a Kickstarter message.

    12. Logan C-man on

      James, what is the status of international shipments? I saw that you mentioned the rest of the international orders would hopefully be shipped by the 17th of August. I still haven't received any type of email confirmation. You stated that since I am at a DPO, AA address I am considered international and shipped after U.S orders but you cant get more American than U.S. military serving overseas haha. Any update of all/my international orders would be appreciated. Thanks!

    13. Chieko Inagaki

      received in Japan too. brought to some trips sharing bottles of wine by this filter. taste greater than without it.

    14. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Toru, Great to hear. We are working on developing our international distribution and retail opportunities as we speak. For right now, additional filters can be purchased through our website, Cheers!

    15. Missing avatar

      Toru Koido on

      Received in Japan. Do you plan to sell consumables in Japan?

    16. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Gigi, it looks like you've never provided us with an address on CrowdOx. I've sent an e-mail to your address on file and I will send you a Kickstarter message with instructions on how to fill out your address form.

    17. Gigi Lui on

      Hi James, I am an early (204) international backer and I haven't received an e-mail yet. is there a way to check? Please let me know thanks a lot!

    18. Zach Morris on

      My Ullo came last week! It works great. Shout out & special thank you to my good buddy James Kornacki, PhD., Founder and Chief Wine Revolutionary of Ullo Wine for all of his hard work!

      For more information about Ullo (that removes sulfites from your wine) please check out
      ‪Twitter: @UlloWine‬

      Way to go Jim, and everyone at Ullo!

      -Zach Morris, Editor in Chief, "LST Scuttlebutt" magazine

    19. Lynsey on

      Received in Australia! Excited to start taste testing.

    20. James Kornacki Creator on

      Great to hear Michael!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Twomey on

      ...a few week or two? Really, I'm not testing it already!

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Twomey on

      Received mine in Ireland. I won't get a chance to test it for a few week or two but I'll let you know how it goes. Well done on delivering!

    23. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Alastair, We haven't sent a recent backer update for a couple of reasons, none of which stem from a desire to hide negative information.

      We've finished shipping domestic orders and have shipped over a third of our international orders. Yes, that means many international backers are still waiting but we've decided to follow up with international backers individually as best we can. The good news is that we anticipate shipping nearly all of the remaining international orders this week. At that point, we will be sending out a backer update with all the news and information about Üllo's transition from a Kickstarter project to a growing business.

      We apologize for not realizing that posting a reply in the "Comments" section doesn't send you an update. For that reason, I will be sure to message you this response as well. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website's ( contact page or our e-mail

      Thanks again for your patience and your understanding.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alastair McCormack on

      James, again you left me to find your reply in the comments rather than posting a clear statement in the Updates section. This would have resulted in an email notification for all. I get the feeling that you don't want negative information shown in your Updates so that it appears that your project was a complete success.

    25. James Kornacki Creator on

      Terrific to hear Robert. Thanks for the feedback.

    26. Robert Paramo on

      Just arrived today in New Zealand. Well packed and all in good condition. Have just given it a go on an average bottle of Pinot noir. Compared one sample of non ullo'd wine against ullo. Definitely a better taste to the ullo wine. Will see on better and worse wines next. Otherwise impressed and a happy customer

    27. Andrew Lynam

      Received mine today. Yet to try it out. Will post and let you know the outcome.

    28. James Kornacki Creator on

      Emily, that's awesome to hear!

    29. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Stéphane, Filters are available for repurchase on our website please note that these are still for PRE-ORDER only. They will not be released until we ship all of our Kickstarter backers first.

    30. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Anthony Lyons and Alastair McCormack, we do recognize that whether we are communicating good news or bad news, our communication with backers could be better. As Angello Floresco mentioned, the best we can do is learn from this mistake and work to make it better in the future.

      With that said, International shipments have started. Yesterday we sent over 200 international shipments with another 450 going out tonight and tomorrow. We hope to have all international shipments out by the middle of next week. Our sincere apologies for the international delay.

    31. Dan Smith

      Also received the shipment confirmation - well done folks, looking forward to trying it, don't take the complaints about going past the estimate too personally, it happens on *all* KS projects / it's ok most of us hopefully appreciate those estimates are only very approximate / this is product development after all not an online shop ;)

    32. Stéphane Richard on

      Hi James, I receveid the shippment confirmation ! Great !
      But, I have a little question, after I have used all my filters, how I can order more ?

      Thanks by advance for your feedback.

      Have a nice day !

    33. Missing avatar

      Emily Green on

      I received my Ullo this summer and it is amazing! We bought a bottle of Pinot Noir on sale at the wine store. When we tried the wine it had a very sweet taste that neither of us enjoyed. We then put the bottle of wine through the Ullo filter and it tasted like a COMPLETELY different bottle of wine. This is amazing! I will be using it with all of my wine bottles going forward! Great job!

    34. Missing avatar

      Angello Floresco on

      I have yet to back a kickstarter that has met it's promised release so at least this is consistent. This delay coupled with the poor communication, however, is very discouraging. I really hope your team learns from this and learns the value of communication and honouring your promises.

    35. Missing avatar

      Claude Schaerer on

      James, i fully support below Alastair Mc Cormack's statement, backers should not have to get to comments sections for grabbing, retrieving and begging about information on a more than half a year delayed shipment. I am slowly feeling uncomfortable with your hard to believe excuses for not shipping. Regards

    36. Missing avatar

      Alastair McCormack on

      James, I shouldn't have to delve into the comments section to find out where my order is. This project has been beset with delays yet updates have remained sparse. It's now been 6 months since the promised initial delivery date and nearly a year since I pledged support. It's time you started acting professionally and started communicating with your backers.

    37. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lyons on

      Seriously guys, this 2016. There are so many ways to ship internationally these days it shouldn't be this hard. Not like you are trying to invent a wine purifier or something. Hope this is the last excuse for not shipping this week.

    38. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Francesco & Hugh Dick (and international backers in general),

      Yes, the past couples of weeks we have hit delays. For that we apologize. There is no excuse but I can say that we are nearly finished working through the details for the international shipments.

      We realize this has been frustrating for all our international backers considering all of our USA backers have been shipped. The good news is that the solution we are working towards should be finalized tomorrow (August 5th) so that we can begin shipping the international orders next week.

      Thanks again for your support, your patience, and your understanding.

    39. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Alan Buckley, because of the change of address the package had to be rerouted mid-transit. From your original tracking number it now shows that it is in Aliso Viejo, CA so it should be delivered soon.

    40. Francesco on

      Yep me too still waiting...

    41. Stéphane Richard on

      Hi James,

      Thanks for all your information.
      I hope it will be solve soon.

      Best regards !


    42. Hugh Dick on

      Backer #877 - Please can you update me on my order

    43. Alan Buckley on

      Hello there following up on my earlier comments please confirm you were resending to new address. 

    44. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Sean, Andrew, & Brett.

      We are still working on getting our international orders out of our distribution facility. If everything goes smoothly, we should have everything in place to begin shipping internationally this week. We understand the frustration of waiting and wish we could provide more details as to when international rewards will ship.

      Again, thanks for your support of Üllo and thank you for your continued patience during this fulfillment process.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sean Cooney on

      Guys you said the product arrived 15 June and it's now 25 July and I have not received a thing nor received any further information. When is my product shipping????!!

    46. Andrew Lynam

      Okay it's been 9 days since you told akiyo that you're waiting on codes. Well?
      I myself am in Japan and waiting on you to pull your finger out!

    47. Brett Greenen on

      I was hoping on an update on when I might expect to receive product.

      Thank you,

    48. James Kornacki Creator on

      Hi Alan, when I responded to you on June 15th I made the address update and also asked our distribution partner to attempt to reroute the product to your new address.

      I'm still awaiting word from our shipper as to whether or not it was rerouted. If it hasn't we will ship out a new package to the address that you provided.
      - Joe

    49. Alan Buckley on

      Guys you sent out my package to an old address. James I sent you a personal mail last week with updated details. Arriving Wednesday July 20. Can you please redirect it as requested. Thx

    50. Virginia Velez on

      We love it! No more stuffy nose in the morning and love the flavor of the wine! It also was very impressively packaged! Great job!

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