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Engineered beautiful. The first folding, chainless and beacon-enabled e-bike with servicing at your door free of charge!
Engineered beautiful. The first folding, chainless and beacon-enabled e-bike with servicing at your door free of charge!
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    1. Bjørn 1 day ago

      As much as I would like to keep waiting, between the answers provided and past experience I think I'm better off joining the "immediate refund" queue.

      Please make the necessary arrangements, and best of luck moving forward.

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      Tim 1 day ago

      Q2 2019 sounds more likely. It will be interesting to see if my Tesla 3 is delivered before my Jivr.
      I think 2020 for my Tesla, so still sometime for Marcin to beat Musk!

    3. Mohammed Alsinan 1 day ago

      not sure if the refunds are available immediately either, we have been asking for ages now :S

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Duquemin 1 day ago

      Points arising from the meeting:
      Refunds are available immediately
      First Kickstarter deliveries will start “very very soon”
      Accessories included: “S package”
      VAT payable (by recipient) on bikes delivered outside the EU

      HOWEVER after a rigorous cross examination the “very very soon” was shown to be fairly meaningless. I made the point that if Marcin can commit to making refunds (potentially to multiple backers), he can also make a limited number of Kickstarter deliveries (do the cash flow maths). It was broadly agreed that even one Kickstarter delivery would do a lot to rebuild trust. And if it could be done before the end of the month, it would be the first time Marcin has kept a promise. In broad terms a certain number of sales have to be made before the company can afford to supply a Kickstarter bike and when Marcin asked us what we want to see on the Kickstarter bulletin board it was suggested that if we could see the sales figures and relate them to the Kickstarter deliveries it would help us to appreciate the realities they face and understand how long it was likely to be before we received our bikes.

      PERSONAL CONCLUSION: We could see Kickstarter deliveries starting this year but if they start before the end of Q2, I will eat my hat!

    5. Andrew Campling 1 day ago

      I can’t make it tonight now, anything on the final spec and shipping schedule appreciated. Also, given past performance, a view on confidence levels for any shipping schedule actually being achieved this time would be helpful.

    6. Marcin Piatkowski Creator 1 day ago

      Ok, I'll ask Marcin K to post the link as soon as he lands in London ~midday.

    7. Sam Shields 1 day ago

      Thanks i thought i had registered where can I do that?.

    8. Marcin Piatkowski Creator 1 day ago

      Marcin K has posted in the thread and the eventbrite invite - please subscribe to the event to get up to date info on case anything changes. We're meeting at 6pm at University college London's Chadwick Building, room G07. UCL is at gower Street. But you'll most likely need to enter through the main quad and then head to the room. I hope to see you there!

    9. Sam Shields 1 day ago

      What time is the meeting??????

    10. Sam Shields 1 day ago

      Where is the meeting??????

    11. Bjørn 3 days ago

      VAT collection/sending, and the final specs for the bike please Steve.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Duquemin 3 days ago

      I will be attending and of course the question of delivery will be paramount but if there are other questions from backers who are unable to attend please post them here so that we can put them to Marcin

    13. Grant Bremner 3 days ago

      I’m unable to attend this weeks event due to prior commitment, but Marcin I need one very simple answer.

      When will I receive my bike, there isn’t much of Q2 left!

      If I attended I would certainly be pushing this question and a few other very disgruntled messages around your unprofessional handling of communication. Still see JIVR bike being ridden every day in London, by a non Kickstarter backer which is even more frustrating.

      I sincerely hope for that you actually deliver on your latest promise and bikes start shipping this month.

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Coles 3 days ago

      No refund here either

    15. tony simms 3 days ago

      Number 10 on the list for bike delivery (or at least I was last time they were agreed to be shipped by the board!!). No call about delivery q2, no email, nothing. Q2? I think not!

    16. Bjørn 3 days ago

      I wonder if that means we'll have the chance to help promote Jivr with test rides when we actually get the bikes. I guess the bigger question is how many would still be interested?

      Despite everything I think I would like to help them promote the bike. I think my appreciation for the concept and hard work exceed the dwindling appreciation for the kickstarter campaign. At the end of the day (and years); if the product is good, then its all good as far as I'm concerned.

      Good news on the meet-up Steve! Thanks for sharing. I sure hope the meet-up will result in some light being shed on details around shipping and final specifications for the rewards. (Folding handlebars, mudgards, phone holder and all the other features that have been coming and going as time passed)

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Horsham 4 days ago

      Hello fellow backers,

      I've had an invite by an ambassador to for a test drive. I've also had an EventBrite email from Marcin Kasz confirming Thursday's meet-up. Look forward to seeing some of you there.



    18. Grant Bremner 7 days ago

      So I’ve just received email inviting me for a test ride with an ambassador, I suspect to encourage me to buy one!

      I still see the bike I invested in years ago being ridden every day into work by someone else! Come on guys this is getting boring now, make a plan and stick to it.

      When are you shipping bikes to your oringal backers?

    19. Bjørn on

      Sure there is hope on the horizon; with the investments made its unlikely to mean the end of Jivr in the near term; but the odds of bikes shipping in Q2 when no arrangements have been made ... well, makes me cringe at how they can't see what will happen

    20. Missing avatar

      James Austin on

      Bjorn... I agree with you, although I’m still believing and holding out hope!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jon Giannini on

      PLEASE just let us know when they are shipping! Can I get an answer on US shipping as well?

    22. Bjørn on

      All but one(?) of the updates said "... start shipping in Q2..." so expecting all bikes shipped the next two weeks sounds like a recipe for disappointment.

      However given that likely no backers have been contacted to confirm options like colour and whatnot, I'm sorry to say I'd be surprised if they ship any at all. Maybe the plan is that they have produced enough stock to cover any combination of options from backers; but I think I'll just start digging a hole to avoid the pending torches and pitchforks.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Austin on

      All bikes shipping within next two weeks... am I correct?

    24. Rick Foreman on

      Still no refund here...

    25. Grant Bremner on

      Marcin, what is the latest on delivery date. I was pretty far up the list and still not had phone call or questionare sent!

      Is the meet up still happening?

    26. Mohammed Alsinan on

      +1 haven't received a refund either

    27. Missing avatar

      Mahan Salehi on

      I haven’t received my refund

    28. Bjørn on

      And maybe more importantly; when can we expect to see some clarification to the shipping schedule? Q2 is quickly coming to an end, and as of yet no backers have reported getting a call/message/email to confirm delivery.

      How many of the 100 or so backer bikes should we expect to see shipped during June, and what sort of time frame are we looking at for the rest?

    29. Bjørn on

      Will you bring bikes for the attendees to try like the last time; and if so will it be the same specs as the production model?

    30. Marcin Kasz Collaborator on

      Hi, everybody

      I just wanted to clarify a point that has come up in a few comments. We have never planned on distributing any bikes at our London meet-up. All JIVRs will be sent to your door directly from our manufacturing facility. The purpose of getting together in London is to talk about the product, answer any questions you might have and get some feedback from you.

      Of course, it will also be a great chance for everyone to get to know each other better over a drink.

      As I mentioned in a previous post, you can all expect to be contacted soon regarding product and delivery details.

      Marcin Kasz

    31. Grant Bremner on

      Is it possible to answer question around deliveries and if these will be fulfilled at the new meet up!

    32. Mohammed Alsinan on

      Hi Marcin, I, too, tried messaging you guys but i didn't hear back regarding refund.

    33. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on

      @others if any of you are awaiting a refund and haven't received it yet, please do let us know. Thanks, MP

    34. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on

      @SME - your refund has been issued. Have you received it?

    35. Missing avatar


      Please respond and provide a status update for my refund

    36. Missing avatar


      I submitted my refund request as instructed and have made multiple follow up communications and have not yet received any response not even a simple acknowledgement

    37. Missing avatar


      The holiday weekend has passed and still nothing about my refund

    38. Missing avatar


      And another day

    39. Missing avatar


      Another day has past with no response to my emails, my private messages, or my comments. Still waiting for my refund.

    40. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for my refund - three messages to Marcin in the past week asking for status update - no response.

    41. Bjørn on

      @James The first update of 2018 said "most likely when", a follow comment up to the 2nd update was "start shipping"; so I wouldn't say the wording between updates 62/64 is reason for newfound concern. (Not to say there isn't reason to be "concerned")

    42. Missing avatar

      James Austin on

      I note the change in terminology from update 62...

      “We are still on schedule to ship your JIVR in Q2”

      to update 64...

      “In others news, we are still on track to start shipping in Q2”

      Should this be any cause for concern?

    43. Missing avatar

      Mahan Salehi on

      More empty promises, why write something that you aren't going to do? I don't understand why after so many years you still haven't learnt this? Don't post nonsense until you are 100% sure you are going to do it! I am still waiting for a refund and to be frankly honest, I don't think a face value refund is good enough, you have invested and grown the business with our backing and yet we haven't got anything, the value of the currency 4 years ago has changed and I would like interest on my pledge!
      This is getting ridiculous!

    44. Andrew Campling on

      A couple of final thoughts:

      1. Will the event on the 31st lend itself to being recorded?
      2. How about a separate video surgery for those unable to come to London next Thursday?

      I think both the above points would help some backers feeling like they are second class citizens.

    45. Andrew Campling on

      I agree with Grant’s comment below, especially when shipments should be happening over the next six weeks. It would be great to have confirmation that this is indeed the case, ideally with an indication of the quantity - all of them, one or something in between? If not all, will the remainder ship next quarter, including those for delivery outside Europe?

    46. Grant Bremner on

      Is it possible to answer question around deliveries, at present it appears no one has received a call? Happy to be proved wrong!

    47. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for my refund. I have not been contacted by email

    48. Bjørn on

      Does this mean the boost button previously mentioned is going away, or at least changing functionality to comply with the (EU) regulations?

    49. Andrew Campling on

      Looking forward to seeing a detailed project update today.


    50. Rick Foreman on

      Glad to hear that the refunds are moving forward. To make sure that the email receives prompt attention can you tell us who will be contacting us. I don’t want it been lost due to the my increasingly complex spam filter.


      Rick Foreman

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