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Engineered beautiful. The first folding, chainless and beacon-enabled e-bike with servicing at your door free of charge!
Engineered beautiful. The first folding, chainless and beacon-enabled e-bike with servicing at your door free of charge!
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    1. Missing avatar

      robin Plummer about 21 hours ago

      Hi Marcin iam a backer and wondered if you have plans in the future to get the bike to NZ

      We are keen ebikers here and would be interrested in helping you get into our market


      robin plummer

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Catan 1 day ago

      Dear Marcin 2, I enjoyed the update. Will you be shipping to US backers this year too? I recall seeing a comment by Marcin 1 about there being a problem with shipments to the US. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim 1 day ago

      "You can expect me to post updates at least every other week" - Marcin

    4. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      It’s been a month since the last update. Time for another one.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling 4 days ago

      Are we likely to see an update this week?

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on March 14

      @Marcin K
      Any further thoughts on dates for meeting up in London? It might be too late to do something this month but a meeting in early to mid April would be good, especially if you’re able to bring the revamped version of the bike.

      Confirmation of the shipping schedule next quarter for Kickstarter backers would also be good to see in your next update. Is the plan still to be able to collect the bikes in London for those of us that opted for that during the Kickstarter campaign? That remains my preference- and saves on shipping fees.

    7. Grant Bremner on March 13

      Any chance we could get the fortnightly update, last one was few weeks ago. Thanks, GB

    8. Bjørn on March 10

      Having looked at the regulations for air transportation, would you consider making safer batteries an option in an attempt to make it possible to ship by air? Or more relevant, bring as baggage when traveling. Current EU rules prohibits this, because of the LiIon batteries. Making use of LiFe batteries instead of LiIon would make the bike safe, as the LiFe batteries are inherently safe at the expense of usable capacity compared to LiIon/LiPo. Rules might still have to change but making the bike safe would be a start.

    9. Bjørn on March 6

      (To clarify at the time of making the pledge I assumed it would be excl. VAT and still think that would make the most sense as destination only affected shipping costs. On the other hand when dealing with consumer sales its customary to present prices incl. VAT, but there was no mention of VAT for the EU or otherwise, and at the end of the day as the importer it'll be my responsibility that VAT is paid regardless of bike getting shipped DDP or DDU.

      Thing have changed over the years and another £2-300 will take some doing at present, so the sooner you clarify this, one way or the other, the better!)

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on March 6

      Marcin Kasz, I second Bjorn's request below. Please research and advise realistic expectations for shipment across borders and get ahead of the ball on this.

    11. Bjørn on March 6

      Marcin Kasz hit me up too please, I need to have the VAT situation clarified and defer delivery or ask for a refund if I'm looking at a 25% VAT + ridiculous fees invoice from the shipping company.

      I see you're still listing the delivery as incl VAT , excl delivery on your site, but we backers have just paid for bike and shipping, never gotten any clarification on weather or not this includes EU VAT, and how shipments outside the EU will be handled.

    12. Marcin Kasz Collaborator on March 6

      Hi Everyone,

      Sorry to have kept you waiting! I've been out of the office for over a week, but I'm back now.

      I'm very happy to see all of your comments and I hope you had a great time at the meetup. I'll get right into answering your questions.

      Starting with the frequency of the updates. You can expect me to post updates at least every other week - they will be related to the production status, the estimated arrival of your JIVRs and all things JIVR including the business side of things. This Friday I will be traveling to our production site in Mielec, Poland to document the whole manufacturing process with a film crew - You can definitely expect a post on the subject.

      For those of you who have not yet heard from us in regards to the refunds, I will be reaching out to you personally starting today.

      Hope this clarifies things a bit, let me know in the comments if there's anything else that needs explaining.


    13. Andy Baker on March 6

      Hi Marcin - any updates on refunds?

    14. Bjørn on March 2

      I would think monthly would suffice, and if they want to post stuff like "first Jivr off the new assembly line" etc with refrences to facebook or twitter posts then an comment of even an update outside the regular schedule would be perfectly fine imho.

      I.e. I would rather have them focus on business than updates, we already know the broad strokes of the plan, and once we get the full timeline there won't be much else to add.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on March 2

      @Marcin K
      Can you clarify the likely frequency of updates please. Is it reasonable to expect something every two weeks? This would be helpful to rebuild confidence in the product.

    16. Bjørn on March 1

      When would you say it would be "safe" to start talking about the Jivr again? I.e. do you have any idea of when you'll, with confidence, be able to say something about accepting new orders with reasonable delivery times?

    17. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on February 22

      Gentlemen, enjoy yourselves. I wish we could be there. See you in March!

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve Duquemin on February 22

      We are here, where are you?

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve Duquemin on February 22

      I will be there too and am looking forward to catching up, discussing Marcin x 2, how good it feels to be trusted, and of course good ale ;-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Steve Horsham on February 21

      Hi Tim,

      I'll be there tomorrow night. A friend and I are travelling down from Birmingham especially for the drinks. Can only stay for a couple as we are travelling back to Birmingham by train tomorrow night.

      I look forward to seeing your tomorrow. If we continue where we left off last year, I think it is my round.

      Best wishes


    21. Missing avatar

      Tim on February 21

      Just heard the Jivr team are not coming tomorrow night but instead are planning an event in London the last week of March. If anyone does fancy a drink do pop along the latest backers update is something to talk about!

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim on February 20

      Just to be clear we have not heard if the Jivr team are coming to the drinks on Thursday. The purpose of the drinks is to bring Jivr backers together for a drink and a chat. This time last year Marcin join us and brought along a bike to test ride. Hopefully he will surprise us again. If you can not make the pub we will update you with the conversations that are had.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Austin on February 14

      Hi Marcin & Marcin, unfortunately I'm unable to make the London catch up on Feb 22nd. I would love to have been there, and meet the the extended team! In absence of attending next week, can I ask that you update the wider KS backers on here, post meet up, with latest news. As others, I'm keen to hear more detailed plans for shipping schedule and whether the positive news contained within last two updates is in fact reality. I have tried contacting you directly but no response. Regards, James.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on February 8

      I’ll be back in the country that day, will come along assuming flights etc run to time.


    25. Missing avatar

      Tim on February 1

      Looking forward to a pint and a chat on 22nd Feb 2018 at 7pm (ish) at the Horse and Groom which is on 128 Great Portland St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 6PS near Oxford Circus. If you want to plan some other marketing activities in London I know there are KS backers who have offer help in the past.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Catan on January 31

      Marcin - Heed complaints but carry on and know that many out there are cheering for you to succeed. Both with JIVR and your future efforts as an entrepreneur. You have to be very brave to build a business and I think very few of the loudest KS backers truly appreciate how hard it is - how many unknowns every business confronts. To my mind, you're doing your best. The world needs more people to take risks as you have done. Best and cheers.

    27. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on January 31

      I guess, I'll be the 1000th comment :) There's an update coming up today.


    28. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on January 30

      I wanted to be the 1,000 comment! I would love to type something positive but alas this campaign has no where near delivered satisfactory information (so easy its insulting) nor tangible rewards (understandably much harder). I hope to remain positive but I can only say with certainty: I am comment #1,000 and 0 bike have been delivered to Backers in just under 3 years. Here's to HOPE, fingers crossed!! Cheers!

    29. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on January 29

      @SME the update will be up this month.
      @Jon thanks for the honest comment. I'm afraid you're not right, but that's ok. Details will be provided in the mentioned update.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jon Giannini on January 29

      “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.... and Marcin bullshitting us!”
      -Ben Franklin... after rolling over in his grave and changing his famous quote.

    31. Missing avatar

      on January 26

      I’ve heard this before. It’s hard to write a few sentences about what’s happening.

    32. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on January 25

      Hi Andrew,

      Not at all :) New marketing team is taking over from February. The update will be ready by end of month.


    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on January 25

      There have been no updates on Facebook since 10th Jan (vs every few days) and there’s no sign of the “early January “ update on here either. Should we be concerned?

    34. Gary Bracey on January 21

      Marcin's last post, from 24th December:
      "We're preparing a large update, introducing the new management board, successful fundraising among other news for the beginning of January"
      Once again, he hasn't honoured his word, so how are we expected to believe anything he subsequently posts?

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on January 7

      Happy New Year!

      What’s the latest regarding the update for the beginning of January?


    36. Bjørn on January 5

      (In case its not clear, any credit card charge back are between you, the bank and Kickstarter - and it is Kickstarter that will disute your charge back based on Kickstarter terms. Should Kickstarter loose, they do pass the bill on to Jivr, but its Kickstarters people who will take the battle with the bank to prove they delivered according to the agreed upon terms)

    37. Bjørn on January 5

      Few credit card companies will touch transactions older than 6 months, almost none older than 12 months. Sometimes you can calculate from the agreed upon delivery date instead of the transaction time but still won't help.

      Besides, according to the terms of Kickstarter eveyone has received the required deliverables, the updates. The reward at the end has always been a maybe.

      One could of course try it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up, as its both too late, and technically not a breech of the agreement attached to the transaction.

    38. Xoán-Car León on January 5

      I haven't requested a refund, nor do I intend to. Despite the long wait and the obvious frustration, Marcin's most recent comments are very positive. But maybe those wanting a refund should contact their credit card companies and enquire as to where they stand regarding coverage under the Consumer Credit Act (UK)?

    39. Missing avatar

      James Austin on January 4

      Worth a read. I wasn't aware that Marcin's parent company for JIVR is JAM Vehicles, registered in the UK. Quite a bit of info on the company with a simple Google search.

    40. tony simms on January 4

      @ James Austin . I second that, his last few responses have been less than helpful, antagonistic and factually inaccurate, why he feels the need to comment the way he does is beyond me.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Horsham on January 4


      I hope you are well and had a great Christmas. Just a quick post to say that I will be there at our 'Annual Drinks' on the 22nd February. I'm hoping that @Marcin will surprise us again and turn up, we can only but hope :-)

      Best wishes


    42. Missing avatar

      DC on December 31

      Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

    43. Missing avatar

      on December 27

      I’ve celebrated three Christmases since pledging. I would like a refund

    44. Missing avatar

      James Austin on December 26

      @Marcin... you might want to fire Bjorn as your collaborator during your grand mgmt unveiling... honestly he’s really not all that great for your PR ;)

      Also... any news on a reply to all those messages I sent you a couple of weeks back?

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campling on December 24

      An update would be much appreciated, your interim information below sounds most promising.

      In the meantime I hope you and your team, and all my fellow KS backers, have a well-earned break over Christmas, return refreshed in the New Year ready to get that production line surging!

    46. Marcin Piatkowski Creator on December 24


      We're preparing a large update, introducing the new management board, successful fundraising among other news for the beginning of January, but since you asked, I'll post a synopsis here.

      In my previous comment I presented some details of the recent successes, however, I'd like to reinforce that now and say we're on a good way to increase our 2018 production capacity min. 10-15x compared to 2017: a raise from 20 to 200-300 monthly output. We now have the team and financial means to accomplish that in a much shorter time.

      To answer your queries - I've informed the new team about the KS situation and they are aware that shipping these is our priority.

      On a positive note, I'd like to wish you all Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. May the 2018 welcome you in good health and bring a lot of successes to all of you. Stay tuned for the early 2018 update.


    47. Bjørn on December 24

      Are you kidding me?

      You demanding a response on Christmas eve? To a claim you have zero legal basis for? Leaving the other backers to hold the bag?

      Forget this joker, clearly been naughty, put at the end of the list and have a happy holiday to rest of you.

      (On a more serious note, you'll probably get more news on the refunds when the other backers get more news on the delivery schedule. Although Marcin has agreed to offer refunds that you're in no way entitled to, don't expect it to happen any earlier than the delivery of the bike at this time. I certainly don't think making demands on Christmas eve is likely to move you up the list..)

    48. Missing avatar

      Reka Vass on December 24

      Marcin, I have written multiple comments asking for my money to be returned, and I have not received a single response. Can you please respond to me asap, as it is simply irresponsible and unacceptable of you to avoid responding to this.

    49. Bjørn on December 23

      I'm guessing you'll get two "yes" and a pile of angry comments - what do you hope to achieve?

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