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A feature-length documentary on Europe's migrant crisis, following the mass migration & the unique story of the Alali family.
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Refugee Update: Finalising the Film

Posted by Alexander J Farrell (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We received a few messages from you guys so thank you for following up. We apologise for the radio silence, we've been working hard in the editing room, and are a small team. 

So we're a year on from when we first launched our Kickstarter, and we couldn't be more excited to fill you in the progress we've made. We've listed some detailed highlights below. But most of all we're excited to announce the film is on track to completed for the end of February. We expect to share screeners with our backers in March, and fulfil the last of the outstanding rewards over the next few months.

We hope you'll be happy to hear the progress we've made and the names we've been able to attach to the project. We can't wait to show you the film!

Thank you everyone for backing our project, we simply could not have gotten this far without your support.  

Stay Tuned!
Alex & Francesco

  • Editing: We are doing final touches on the film over the next two weeks and are shipping it for post production color and sound at the end of the month.
  • Audience feedback & Test Screenings - We did two test screenings over the last two months. The film scored very high overall, with the majority of the audience liking the movie and stating that they would recommend it to a friend. Photos attached.
  • Post Production: We have made a deal with Galaxy Studios and the film will be getting a color grade, and sound design at their award winning studio in Belgium in February.
  • Music Composer: We're ecstatic to announce we have added Guy Daygul to our team, composer for Last of the Mohicans. He will be composing an original soundtrack for the film.
  • New Executive Producing Team - We have also added on some new amazing executive producers with decades of experience int he industry and some Oscar nominated films on their resume: Lauren Selig, San Fu Maltha, Tony Pupatello, Adam Edwards, and Morgan Wehner.
  • Festival Submissions: We have started submitting to festivals most notably: Tribeca, Cannes, TIFF, Venice, Hot Docs, and Edinburgh. And will be submitting to a few dozen more documentary film festivals around the world. We'll publish the full list that we get accepted to in case anyone wants to attend.
  • Charity Partnerships: We are now actively exploring partnerships with charity organisations to help raise further awareness for the crisis. 








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