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Update #49

come! and maybe cry, on thursday!

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everyone always apologizes for making lame jokes about the book title but you know we do it, too.

HOW ARE ALL OF YOU? I hope you all have the book. I personally handed all of the #overdrafters to the mailman this very afternoon. We've mailed everything. Even you #stragglers.

And oh, the overdrafter letters. We got about 30 of them. We want to white out their names and make a zine with them and email it to all of you on our own private internet. These people! Humans! What a great species.

Here's part of just one, to get you excited:

"We're not who we are at our jobs. We're the people at Home having Sex and Embarrassing Ourselves amd Eating Takeout and Talking To Our Pets As If They're Human. We're the people writing things inside of word documents that we'll never show anyone, listening to music on our laptops when we're sad and crying into jars of peanut butter (um, true story), the people who have all of our most profound thoughts late at night right before falling asleep and curse ourselves for forgetting it all in the morning because we were too lazy to grab our pens. Or maybe that's just me. I've got these dreams of writing until my fingers hurt but here I sit. Submit Invoice. Submit Invoice. Submit Invoice."

I read that while I was waiting for my prescription in the basement of some Duane Reade and felt like I needed to sit down, but they were giving flu shots to some old people in the waiting area and I just felt really weird. Duane Reade shouldn't have needles, ya know? So I leaned against a lotion display right when some guy needed to see the lotion. Etc. etc. Point is I read these in cabs and in pharmacies and at my kitchen table and Melissa's living room floor and they're never not wonderful, and they're on their way to these people, in time for the holidays, THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!

Anyway, I am writing to say we have a READING/PANEL/DISCUSSION/ETC at McNally Jackson on Thursday at 7pm. If you are in the area and free Thursday night, PLEASE, PLEASE COME! So many of our writers are going to be there, and there will be wine they say, and I invited the guy my story is about so that should be some good, awkward fun. You can bring your book and all the writers can sign it, if you're into that sort of thing. And you can please come bearing questions, the more awkward the better. I'll be wearing my best cardigan. It will be so fun!

As always, if you have any q's. And our blog!

There's good stuff on there, if we do say so ourselves.

Miss you guys,


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