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Newsstream's Smart TV News will provide a platform for independent and local journalists to be seen locally and nationally.

Newsstream's Smart TV News will provide a platform for independent and local journalists to be seen locally and nationally. Read More
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Thomas Davis

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About this project

Newsstream hopes to become the way news is watched on "smart" devices. 

The bulk of your funds will be used to obtain professional developers experienced at streaming video on various platforms.

Your funds will also be used to ensure our system and servers will be able to handle the bandwidth and storage needed. 

The funds will also be used to have changes made to our video player which will make our player perform in way's which have never been done before.

All the rest of the available funds will go towards marketing while we build our contributor and listener base.

Our short clips and limited repeats will keep viewers from getting tired or bored. 

Once we get to the point where we will have a healthy contributor base viewers will rarely see the same content twice unless we are receiving revenue from the contributor.

When we get a healthy viewer base we will attract news organizations, politicians, and others who are willing to pay for promoting events.

The business plan also allows actual news makers to freely post about their activities. This will include service organizations whose true aims are likely to be fundraising.

The final hope is to provide a method for local and independent reporters to get their reports out to those effected with Newsstream providing them with monetary rewards for their reporting.

There are at least a dozen content delivery systems and I am not familiar with their unique requirements and programming languages needed to expand to those delivery systems. I will bring in team members or hire existing firms which are versed in those delivery systems and will direct them in creating an entirely new method of delivering content to the viewers.

I have almost $1000 invested and have worked for three months creating the website at and I hope you see the potential Smart TV News has and will back my efforts to make potential a reality.

Risks and challenges

I am developing an innovative method for presenting content to viewers. The content engine will present viewers a continuous mix of local, state, national and international content.

Every few minutes the content engine will select one video from each of those categories, if new content is available, and present one item from each grouping of paid priority, unpaid news maker or service organization, a second paid spot, and an independent or local journalist or bloviator.

This system is a total innovation. The backbone is in place which will categorize the videos from contributors. The video selector engine is in development but there are no issues with developing or implementing the system. It only needs to be written and tested.

The biggest challenge will be to get the changes made to the video players at all of the various outlets (ROKU, Smart TV, Google TV, etc) to implement our innovative system. There are no technical hurdles except for the "that's not the way we set it up" claim. I know exactly how these changes need to made, I just need to pay for the player customization.

The first major challenge is to show content contributors that they will have a better chance of getting their message out on Smart TV News, once it is fully functional and builds a viewer base on various platforms, then they will with currently available outlets.

The second challenge will be to build a viewer pool to prove the potential of Smart TV News. When we have enough content to show what viewers will see and get on the various outlets the viewers numbers should increase to a point which will entice the contributors which will pay for placement.

The final challenge is to prove to those who will pay for placement, broadcasters, politicians, and others that Smart TV News can get their videos to their target audience more effectively than the platforms they currently use.

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    Thank you on Smart TV News' platforms.

    We will create a "thank you" video which will list those who helped get Smart TV News off the ground.

    This will be a scrolling list of backers and won't be an individual "thank you" video available at the $500 level, but it will be added to the viewers queue once a month for 6 months.

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    Founders' club members are able to comment on the policy posts and will help shape policy changes and future policies.

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    The Newsstream team will produce an individualized thank you video which will be viewed at least once a week by everyone watching the stream during the proceeding month. These will be limited to 8 sets each month beginning in July 2014 and continuing until each donor who kicks in $500 or more gets an acknowledgment video.

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