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Ola: The world’s first keyless and phoneless Bluetooth enabled fingerprint smart lock. The fastest operation. The longest battery life.
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Do the KEYvolution
Do the KEYvolution

About Ola Survey 2

Dear Ola backers,

We are sending the survey early next week so here's the second part to our Ola Survey guide.

In the last update we determined the right handing for your Ola, now you should be able to tell if you need a right handed Ola (RH) or Left handed Ola (LH), if you are not 100 % sure you can always send us a picture of your lock to service@olalocks and we’ll gladly help you clear your doubts.

Now, what about that tricky right hand reverse (RHR) and left hand reverse (LHR) we also mentioned in the last update? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about that when ordering your Ola, but you’ll have to remember it when installing your Ola. Both cylinder and mortise mechanisms are dual, with the cylinder you’ll only have to turn latch bolt upside down when installing it. With the mortise you’ll have to flip the latch to the other side. Not to worry, it will be clear in the usual manual that comes with your Ola.

Cylinder latch-bolt or Mortise? 

The other point to consider besides door handing (discussed in depth in Update 12) is the locking body you want with your Ola. If you are installing Ola on your own we strongly recommend you order a cylinder lock with your Ola, if you are hiring a professional or having it installed in a new door, then the Mortise would make your entrance not only more convenient but also more secure


Choose a cylinder lock if you would like Ola to be in a room at home you access constantly but you would like to have permanently locked. Remember Ola is always locked from the outside but it's so convenient to open it seems like it isn't even locked. From the inside Ola it’s always unlocked for an easy exit.

This type of Ola is great for:

- Your home office, library, or if you would like extra privacy in your bedroom.

- Apartments shared with room-mates found on Craigslist, no need to lock your door, just shut it closed and it’s secured.

- Keeping dangerous items away from children at home, like in a storage room.

- Ola is also your last line of defence in a burglary


• Adjustable backset (60-70 mm) 

• Cylinder material: Copper

• Door thickness: 35-50mm

• Bolt type: oblique tongue

• Opening direction: Universal


Choose a Mortise Lock if you plan to install Ola in a new door, installation of a Mortise lock is not an easy task and should be left to a professional, it’s also unlikely that the perforations on your door will fit the perforations needed for your new Ola unless the Mortise lock currently installed in your door matches the measurements of the Mortise locks supported by Ola as described in the campaign page.


• Model: D5572

• Backset: 57mm

• Door thickness: 35-45 mm

• Hub: 8mm

• Latch type: Double latch

• Opening direction: Universal

• Panel Material: Stainless steel

• Finishes color: Brushed stainless steel

Why won’t Ola fit my with my current Mortise?

The main compatibility problem with most Mortises is the lack of the mounting openings on the sides of the spindle hub. Most likely your mortise lock doesn't have these mounting holes so you cannot use Ola with your current Mortise. Another problem might be that the dimensions of your Mortise won’t match the dimensions of the Mortise we provide with Ola.

Thanks for your support and don't hesitate to send us your current lock' pictures for assistance and questions to

Kind Regards,

Team Ola

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jochem Liemburg on

      When the survey is comming and if the project is on scedule; when do we get our Ola lock?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jochem Liemburg on

      On the 6th of november you stated that you would send a survey next week.
      I did not recieve it yet; is there a delay?
      Please can you give me the current status of the project?