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Ring Runner combines all the deep customization and rich storytelling of an RPG with the fast-paced action of a space-shooter.
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Almost there!

Posted by Ring Runner (Creator)

Non-linear Arch Complete

Some of you may've already heard through Twitter, but our non-linear arch is complete! No longer will the game tell you what hulls you need to fly in, where you have to go next, or what abilities to use. You'll be able to purchase hundreds of new pieces of equipment, dozens of new hulls, and explore all new galaxies.

Our goal was to strike a sort of episodic feeling. Going to a new galaxy won't just be a matter of a different background; it'll be like watching a different episode of Star Trek, replete with colorful new characters and fresh new mechanics.

For those of you who're familiar with Final Fantasy III (6 in Japan), the world of ruin was also a big source of inspiration for this immense labor. I remember thinking the game was almost done and the moment I was unleashed on a whole other world. It left a lasting impression on me, and we wanted to give our players some of that emotion. After 10 or so hours in the Litter Glitter galaxy, surviving a battle between two trash moguls, you might feel the game is coming to its climax; that's the moment you realize that your adventure is just beginning! 

An Epic Ending

Questions will be answered. Purposes will be revealed. Anchor rounds will be fired. And threads will be extinguished. 

The final two chapters we're working on will be strongly story-driven and action packed. Upon their completion, we'll be taking about a month or so to polish, balance, and stream-line the game before release. If you're interested in helping us test the later missions and top-end multiplayer balance, please let us know. Our production potential is limited, but we'd like to have around 20 devoted testers or so -- currently we have around 10-12. Contact me via email (, on our forums, or on Twitter (@ECDryere).

Press for Paul!

I'd also like to share this article with you that was recently printed in Houston, TX. It's focus is on our super-talented and devoted programmer, Paul! You'll get to learn a bit more about his past and what set him on the mind-bogglingly ambitious mission to code Ring Runner from scratch as his very first commercial project!

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