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Ring Runner combines all the deep customization and rich storytelling of an RPG with the fast-paced action of a space-shooter.
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Ring Runner

610 backers pledged $27,193 to help bring this project to life.

1st Stretch Goal Reached!

- Space City Unlocked -

Hello, Sages!

We're very pleased to announce that we've reached our first Stretch Goal tonight thanks to your very generous donations!  This means that we'll be featuring a fully developed version of this exciting new environment.

We'd love to hear more of your ideas for funny, Sci Fi themed signs!  Thanks to Uri Heller for suggesting the "Thoracic Renovations" ad, a sign for a medical service that renovates your chest if you should happen to sternum-birth unwanted alien parasites.  Expect an image of this sign in the near future!

If you've got an idea, please direct it to our Twitter feed or to our Facebook page.

What's next?

Expect another demo patch this weekend, which will introduce random Plex (money) power ups as well as making several UI enhancements.  We'll try to keep updating as often as possible, but this might be the last one for a while as our programmer, Paul Dryere, shifts all of his focus to getting a multiplayer version of the demo working ASAP!

Thanks again for your support, everyone!

Very Gratefully,

- Enrique