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A roguelike papercraft RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero imaginable. Blends the best of video & board games.
A roguelike papercraft RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero imaginable. Blends the best of video & board games.
A roguelike papercraft RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero imaginable. Blends the best of video & board games.
3,131 backers pledged $100,946 to help bring this project to life.

Calling All Artists!


Have your art featured in Popup Dungeon!

So as you might know, Popup Dungeon allows you to import your own pictures for abilities you create.

This card features our launch cat, Chimi, AKA Chimosine, sporting a medieval-ish belt.
This card features our launch cat, Chimi, AKA Chimosine, sporting a medieval-ish belt.

But we don't want to force people to scour the internet for an image every time they come up with a new idea for an ability. That option is there for maximum flexibility, but for convenience we'd like to include an extensive library of images with the game. We'd like to cover most common Fantasy, Modern, and Sci Fi abilities you can think of. So if you want to shoot a rocket out of a bazooka, we'll have you covered. If you want to fire red-hot cinnamon toaster pastries out of a bazooka, you might have to supply your own image. ;p

Because this is a big undertaking, we've thought of a mutually beneficial way for fans and artists to get involved. So starting now, we're officially accepting submissions from all artists!

Here's what you need to know as an artist

  • You're granting us NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to feature your artwork, which means you can resell or reuse it any way you'd like. You retain all the rights to your own work.
  • You are duly credited for any images we use. Your name will appear right alongside the image in the selection interface.
  • You are listed as a "Contributing Artist" in our main credits.
  • The artwork does NOT have to have been created specifically for Popup Dungeon. As long as you believe it fits a potential ability, we'd love to take a look at it.
  • If this Kickstarter is successful, we will be commissioning some of the artists whose styles best fit our game to create additional artwork. And yes, these will be PAID commissions!
  • Whether you are donating art or working on a commission, this is a great way to build up a resume! :D (We know how hard it can be to get started in this industry!)

For our part, we're gaining potentially loads of quality artwork from our community, which allows us to include a vast library of images at launch and frees us up to improve the quality and quantity of art in other aspect of Popup Dungeon, like more tile sets, more props, enemies, and characters.

Guidelines for images

  • We prefer images in .png format, but .tiff, .bmp, and high quality .jpegs work well too
  • It's best to keep the size of the images between 512x512 to 1024x1024 px
  • Images may not include any copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to. Please don't include any logos or identifiable trademarks in the image, though your signature as the artist is both acceptable and encouraged.
  • Artwork should be iconic, identifiable, and family-friendly. You should be able to suggest a usage for any image you submit, such as "Axe Chop" for an image of an axe being swung, or "Freeze" for an image of a critter frozen in an ice cube.
  • Images can be any dimension you'd like, but be aware that they will be cropped into the image frame of ability cards. This is the size and shape:
This image is 422 x 450 px
This image is 422 x 450 px

Be aware that the bottom third of the image is partially occluded by the name banner.

Ready to submit your work?

  • Send an email to triplebtitles[at]
  • The subject line of your email should read "Art Submission for Popup Dungeon"
  • In the body, please include your name as you'd like to be credited.
  • You can also include the intended use for your image in the body, but this is optional.
  • Don't forget to attach your image to the email! ;)
  • You'll receive a reply from us within a couple of days with a simple, plain-English contract to make things official, and once we get that back, we're all set!


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    1. Scroll's Adventures on

      Ok, cool. That gives me a much better idea of what you're looking for :)

    2. Ring Runner 2-time creator on

      @Scroll: Hehehe, yeah I hear you! It's tough to single out exactly what we're looking for, but I'll say this. We prefer images that are applicable to a wider range of potential abilities. So for instance, if you drew a glowing sword being held aloft, it could be an attack buff, or a rallying cry, or a smite, or a sword beam attack, etc.

      In other words, the more specific an image, the less applications it has. We want to try to cover the widest array of abilities with the least amount of images possible. As we begin to accrue more and more images, it might be better to have a running list of what we DO have rather than what we need. ;p

      But good suggestion, we'll think about how we can coordinate our efforts better. Thanks!

    3. Scroll's Adventures on

      I told my fiance about this, she stared at intently and said one she's finished this week's commissions she's totally going to draw some things for you guys.. I might dust off my tablet and do some myself :)

      Also we were wondering, we know you said "draw whatever" more or less, but is there any chance of you guys putting together a master list of stuff you'd like people to draw. Maybe vague terms or phrases to inspire ideas? like "swords, shields, rockets, guns, foods, dungeony items, magical thingies, alien artifacts, etc." because when you say "draw whatever" to freelance artists we tend to freak out a little in both a good and a bad way :D

    4. Ring Runner 2-time creator on

      @Mark: We'll take a look at pretty much any kind of art, and both serious and humorous tones are cool. But if I had to specify an art style we prefer, it would be a more traditional storybook type. Iconic art is good too. We're looking for art that could be applicable to a decent breadth of abilities, so nothing to specific, please! :)

    5. Rafael Masoni on

      Cool! I'll try to participate!

    6. Mark Brown on

      Is there any particular style or theme you are looking for? Funny, serious, both? How about graphic theme? Comic book, oil, acrylic, pop-art?

    7. Ring Runner 2-time creator on

      ADDENDUM: More than likely, we'll need to edit images we receive to ensure that their brightness/color levels and overall look fits the game's theme. In the event that we edit an image, the artist will have final approval. ;)

    8. Ring Runner 2-time creator on

      Oh yeah, we'll be accepting art throughout the development process, so there's plenty of time! :)

    9. Sal

      Will this be an ongoing thing for a while? I am interested in submitting as time allows and I'm hoping you'll have a forum or a group of some kind set up for contributing artists as they're accepted to the project.

    10. Ring Runner 2-time creator on

      Multiple entries are welcomed and encouraged. ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jobbe Smit on

      How about multiple entries?

    12. Timo Honold

      "Hello" ^-^

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam Stone on

      *toaster or toaster pastries. I would definitely love to have a bazooka that shoots an explosive cookie at the enemy while heal my ally if I shoot them!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sam Stone on

      @orson: a bazooka is a type of rocket launcher, usually you cannot see the ammunition/ rocket exposed from a bazooka but you can see the tip of the rocket in some rocket launchers (most notably. the RPG-7.) In your case, if you want a weapon that shoots out a toaster, a bazooka is the preferable choice.

    15. Gearsoul Dragon

      ... :0c Are Bazookas the same thing as Rocket Launchers...?

    16. Gearsoul Dragon

      :D Awesome idea!

      And we should definitely be able to shoot various toaster pastries out of a rocket launcher!

    17. Missing avatar

      Sam Stone on

      really like the direction you're taking. I'm not an artist myself but I know there are many others (mostly from tumblr) who would love this kind of opportunity!