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A roguelike papercraft RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero imaginable. Blends the best of video & board games.
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Portals of Fate


Portals of Fate are optional, high-risk, high-reward, passages that can make or break a run. You never know what lies beyond the portal. It could be a horde of treasure, a vending machine room, an extra-tough boss battle, a whole other dungeon level, or a room of wall-to-wall minotaurs!


One of the biggest concerns we hear from fans of roguelikes is that sometimes too much randomization can create a vague sameness. This is usually caused by the fact that there are countless micro-variations present in a run, but not enough big differences.

Portals of Fate are designed to drastically affect the course of a run. You may be presented with a difficult boss, for instance, but the pay off will be great. You might get a shield that basically renders you immune to physical damage for the next few levels or a pair of boots that let you move an extra five spaces each combat round or a magic book that lets you reuse your previous ability at half cost, and so on...

The treasure and XP gained through Portals of Fate can alter your fortune. They can potentially turn things around for you when you're struggling, but only if you survive their challenge!

Today's shout-out: Armello

If you like Popup Dungeon -- and hopefully you do if you're reading this! -- you should definitely check out Armello, another awesome-looking digital card and board game of heroes and high-adventure now on Kickstarter.

Armello is set in a fairytale animal kingdom and combines the adventure of role-playing games with the strategy of card and board games. Its dynamically changing board and quest system keeps every game unique. And come on, it's a board game with a day / night cycle! How cool is that?

It's already been Greenlit for Steam, and you can play it alone or through online and local coop. Like us, they've got an Android version as a stretch goal, so let's help them get there!

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