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A roguelike papercraft RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero imaginable. Blends the best of video & board games.
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Ring Runner

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What lurks in the dark?


The procedural nature of Roguelike games yield lots of possibilities, but pure randomness can lead to blandness. 

If in one run, some rats spawn next to a pot and in the next they spawn two tiles over next to a box... it doesn't make for thrilling variety. So what are we doing to combat this?

New Enemies Every Run

One of the many ways we're going to make sure every run is exciting and full of the unexpected is to allow players the option to automatically download user-generated enemies that will appear throughout the dungeon (even bosses!)

Option to automatically download random new user-generated enemies.
Option to automatically download random new user-generated enemies.

If you like the enemy, you can choose to permanently add them to your library, otherwise, they're cleared and a new set is brought in the following run. If our community thrives, this could mean a nearly infinite supply of new opponents for you to face.

So you really won't know what lurks in the dark...

Much more to come!

There are many more of these kinds of surprises yet to come, so stayed tune. In the meantime, we'd like to turn you on to a few other Kickstarter projects that we think look pretty cool:

First off, check out this Lovecraftian Metroidvania adventure: Mark of the Old Ones

Its developers say: "It's a 2.5D Metroidvania physics platformer. Inspired by some of our favorite games such as Metroid and Zelda, as well as by the mythos of HP Lovecraft. We modernize the classics by adding dynamic inverse kinematic animation to the mix; giving you the ability to explore and interact with the game world in ways that you never have before, in ways that will quickly become natural to your fingers, brain, and gamer soul."

And we think it looks like seven loads of fun!


And if you act quickly (only 16 hours to go), you can get in on this SNES like RPG fairy tale about a charming, yet raging alcoholic heroine: Dragon Fin Soup

Thanks for your support everyone! Please help us keep our campaign going strong and stay tuned for exciting new updates!

- Enrique

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    1. Creator Fave La on April 11, 2014

      One of my favourite games of all time was possibly the best Roguelike: Angband. I played a wonderfully updated graphic version of the game: AngbandTK and also played the Roger Zelazny-themed zAndbandTK, with his characters from the Amber universe.

      Have you guys played this? You must have?!! Really excited about your project, Guys - well done!

    2. Creator Sleet on April 10, 2014

      Okay, that's an awesome idea! Thanks for the update, guys, I can't wait to run into everyone's wacky creations, and make weird ones of my own!