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A film about exploring remote coastlines while continually confronted with the cast-offs of consumer culture.
A film about exploring remote coastlines while continually confronted with the cast-offs of consumer culture.
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Tide Lines in Victoria Film Festival!


Huge News! Tide Lines has been accepted into the 2014 Victoria Film Festival! We're honored and humbled to be included. This wouldn't have been possible without your support, so once again, thank you! It also wouldn't have been possible without all the talented people who gave them time and professional skills to the film.

More updates to come on tickets and show times.

Thank You!

Andrew, Arwen, Ryan, Bryson, Hugh and the Tide Lines team

Premier at Vancouver Aquarium and what's next


Hello Kickstarter supporters and Tide Lines fans! 

Our apologies for less than frequent updates here. Stay up to date the Tide Lines website and Facebook page

And thank you all for your patience as getting the film done was a massive task that obviously took much longer than we expected.  The end result that Andrew Naysmith and Arwen Hunter put together is fantastic and is a great slice of the Oceangybe story. 

We had two private screenings for producers and funders earlier this summer in Vancouver and Victoria, and a screening at Science World as part of Michael Hall's Entanglement Project 

Our public premier was at the Vancouver Aquarium in September and sold out quickly. We underestimated our fan base in Vancouver so unfortunately there were a few folk who couldn't get tickets. We're in the process of lining up more screenings so stay tuned if you haven't seen the film and want to see it on the big screen.

Digital/DVD release - we're almost there! We are just figuring out a way for the Kickstarter supporters to download the film. Obviously we're hesitant to make DVD (extra plastic) if we can avoid it. We haven't made it publicly available yet because if we do that we risk not being eligible for proper distribution. Please hang tight and we'll send you a link for the film soon.

Thanks again for your support and patience with us through this project. It would have never have happened without the success of the Kickstarter campaign so thanks to you who contributed and those who help us out with it.

Hugh, Ryan, Bryson, Arwen and Andy and the Tide Lines team.

On the home stretch...


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Update - Industry Screening next week

Hello Supporters,

Here is a long overdue update from OceanGybe and the Tidelines production team! Since our wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in the spring, we have made great progress on Tidelines and are extremely excited about the direction Tidelines is heading. Firstly, our sincere apologies for the delay, we’ve been waiting until we had something tangible to share. Now is that time !

After the campaign wrapped up, Andrew Naysmith (Director, Editor) and Arwen Hunter (Producer, Assistant Editor) dove into the footage from the trip in depth. Given the shear amount (200+ hours) of footage and the entire teams' positive, and maybe perhaps overly ambitious timelines, the editing process has taken much longer than we anticipated. As the narrative began to emerge they found that there were certain stories that needed more explanation, so had to organize extra shots, graphics, animations and interviews. All these elements have taken extra time but are invaluable to making the film polished.

We’re really excited now as Andy and Arwen have taken all those hours of footage down to a rough cut. Next week they are holding an Industry Screening in Victoria to get professional feedback. With the advice from all their peers and industry professionals they’ll be making any final edits, then work on the final touches of film in post production (audio mixing, colour correction, titles etc). They are aiming to have the film ready to screen in November.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience as we work to make Tidelines worthy of Oceangybe and all who have helped us.

Ryan, Bryson, Hugh - Oceangybe

Updated from Andrew - fearless editor/director/cameraman

Hello Tide Lines Supporters,

Here's a quick update from Andrew, the brave man tasked w' editing down the hours of footage we shoot during the trip. Andrew also joined us a few times during the voyage to shoot.

We're working to get the rewards out, so hang tight, you'll be hearing more about those soon.

The Oceangybe Team

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