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Hardcore 16-bit style action from the golden era of arcade games, reimagined for today!
Hardcore 16-bit style action from the golden era of arcade games, reimagined for today!
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Video: The Sound and Music of Völgarr the Viking!

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We are proud to present this video of the very talented Kochun Hu who is contracted to compose the fantastic soundtrack and create the sound effects for Völgarr the Viking! While the "Early Backer Soundtrack Specials" are all gone, you can still get the soundtrack via Kickstarter at the $30 Reward level that also includes the digital art book and behind the scenes making of art videos (it is also in other higher reward tiers). If you missed out on the early special and the $30 Reward level isn't for you, don't fret as the OST will also be available for separate purchase close to the game's release via CD and digital download direct from Kochun! We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Check it out!

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    1. saiqlo on

      Really, really looking forward to this!

    2. Crazy Viking Studios Creator on

      Dante Kochun has informed me that if you have specific questions about what he is planning later for the soundtrack that you can ask away over at

    3. Crazy Viking Studios Creator on

      Kochun is considering the release of the sheet music for the soundtrack and retail version of the soundtrack. I'm sure he will chime in on this soon.

    4. Dante Mcafee on

      Is there any way to get the sheet music?

    5. Norghat on

      Great work, and very interesting video !! Congrats!

    6. Steve Lipinski on

      @Brandon Niiiiice!

    7. Brandon Clark on

      not even joking when i say, this may become my new favorite soundtrack of all time, a games soundtrack should make the player feel inspired to continue playing, ive heard this song many times now and it just makes the wait for this game even harder! my friend heard this once and said, "WOW, i didn't know skyrim had such good music", he was kinda shocked when i told him it was for a kickstarter game and u can get the game for 10$! he backed it kinda quick.....

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthias Rolf on

      this update just made me up my backing to $30. What I heard here far exceeded my expectations. Fantastic work!

    9. Matt Auen on

      This is absolutely epic, nice work Kochun!

    10. SuperMooDoo on

      Kochun, you're then man!

    11. not-so-saint on

      Okay. Now I'm pretty hyped for the fact that I pledged $15 instead of just 10.

    12. saiqlo on

      Nice! Always great to see more of the people involved in projects.

    13. Dablue

      Wow.. epic man... =)

    14. Andreas Persson on

      Amazing work, I can't wait to get a piece of the action :D

    15. Jose Luis Callejón on

      Great, I like Basil Poledouris too, and i go to up my pledge for the soundtrack, amazing work by the way.