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Fight off mutants, monsters and... magnolias(⁉️) as you descend into darkness in this thrilling level 1-5 adventure module for D&D 5e
Fight off mutants, monsters and... magnolias(⁉️) as you descend into darkness in this thrilling level 1-5 adventure module for D&D 5e
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Big Announcements & Preview!

Posted by DeepDark Designs Ltd (Creator)

Greetings folks, we hope you're all having a restful and relaxing weekend! It's full steam ahead here as things continue to advance apace. We've got some pretty epic news to share tonight, as well as another small preview of Thunder of the Thorn. Firstly though, let's get the big news out of the way and talk stretch goals . . .

Stretch Goals

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the fact that we've not only now funded Thunder of the Thorn, but we've also unlocked our first two stretch goals. These unlocks will allow us to (1) develop a stand-alone Player Primer that'll be available free digitally, and also (2) allow us to fold the materials from the primer into the adventure's appendices as well. That's huge! We really wanted to be able to include those extra materials in the book and its really awesome to know that we'll now be able to. Thanks to everyone who's helped make that possible. You all know who you are, and you all rock!

Next up, it's time to talk about the rest of our stretch goals, all of which have been unveiled now. These additional unlocks will allow us to; add as many as 4 brand new subclasses to the game to augment existing class options, provide 2 original backgrounds, create adventure-inspired trinket tables; offer charts that present ideas for personality traits, bonds, flaws, and ideals; add 8 new feats, offer 4 bespoke campaign traits, and, best of all, if we're able to unlock our ultimate stretch goal, we'll upgrade all print copies of Thunder of the Thorn from softback to hardback (at no extra charge).

If we're able to unlock all stretch goals, we're anticipating Thunder of the Thorn's page count will increase from 128-pages, to around 160-pages. We think that'd be absolutely epic and we really want to be able to offer the best possible version of the adventure, so we'd like to ask for your help in making that possible. How can you do that? Well, simply by doing what you've all been doing already; talking to people about the project, sharing it, following our updates, asking whatever questions you might have of us, commenting on the Kickstarter, and basically supporting the project in whatever way that you can - whether that means backing or contributing in other ways. It all counts, it's all valuable, and we appreciate every gesture. Thank you, sincerely, for your efforts so far. Let's keep the energy high as we move into the project's last week next week!

The Ragweed Tumble - Forest Faction, Threadweed Spiders

Tonight, we'd also like to examine one faction or force within the adventure's Ragweed Tumble locale, the threadweed spiders. This unusual breed of giant arachnids is unique to the tumble and can often be found lurking in the leafy canopy far above the forest's floor. These spiders have not only developed the ability to think and reason, but have also learned how to communicate in common. Though they’re not above feeding on humanoids, attacks by threadweed spiders are rare as they prefer the blood of animals to people, and also appreciate that feasting on mindless beasts creates less hassle in the medium-to-long term. Despite not targeting humanoids, the giant spider’s habit of toying with their food has lingered, leaving them with an innate desire to converse with humanoids, tell them jokes, and share riddles. Threadweed spiders live in a handful of small communities that are scattered across the tumble, called broods.

Of course, the events surrounding Thunder of the Thorn are causing the threadweed spiders to behave strangely and, for the most part, more ferociously and hungrily. Now, their ravenous appetites are nothing short of voracious. There's four major factions, or broods, of threadweed spiders that reside within the tumble. These are:

  •  The “Ssslowsssips”. Mocked even by others of their kind for their meandering conversational style and playing endlessly with their food, these threadweed spiders enjoy the Chase far more than they do the Kill or the Feast. They’re lovers of puzzles, riddles, and jokes–though their dark humor isn’t for everyone.
  •  The “Deathwattle Brood”. These crafty arachnids are deft builders and ambitious architects whose ingenuity brooks jealousy from others of their kind. They construct incredibly intricate and dense layered webs that cause over-burdened treetops to sag. The brood keeps to itself mostly, but its territory is expanding.
  •  The “Ssstinkysssilk Ssspidersss”. Boorish and vulgar, these crass brutes are scavengers as much as they are hunters–consuming anything fresh enough not to sicken them. Their name comes from the distinct, almost sulfuric, odor that wafts off their silk. Though this moniker was initially used as a slur by the tumble’s other broods, they’ve adopted it wholeheartedly and now brag about the voracity of their stench.
  •  The “Daughtersss of Ankronixia”. Arguably a cult-like sect, these mindful arachnids have deified the original progenitor of their brood with an almost religious reverence. To them every hunt is a solemn ritual, every kill a sacrifice, and every feast a blessing from their ancestor.

Right, I think that just about covers it for tonight. I really hope you enjoyed learning more about our plans for the Thunder of the Thorn and its stretch goals, and our deep dive into one of the forest's factions. Whatever you're up to, have a great Saturday, farewell for now! - Daniel McDonald, DeepDark Designs

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