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Fight off mutants, monsters and... magnolias(⁉️) as you descend into darkness in this thrilling level 1-5 adventure module for D&D 5e
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Thursday Mega roundup!

Posted by DeepDark Designs Ltd (Creator)

Hello everyone! We've got LOTS of exciting news to share with you today as we creep up on the midway point of Thunder of the Thorn's campaign. So, without further ado, let's get into it. Today, we'd like to cover the following:

  • Interview with Legends of Tabletop [update] 
  • Kickstarter video update!
  • Product accessibility, usability, & versatility discussion
  • Stretch goal discussion

Alright, strap yourselves in folks, here we go!

Interview with Legends of Tabletop [update] 

Some of you may have spotted Thunder of the Thorn's previous update (its first update in fact), where we linked to our live interview with John over at Legends of Tabletop. Well, John has very kindly spent a bit of time going back over that interview and editing/condensing it for clarity and quality. You can check out the final version of the interview here! Tune in as we talk about Thunder of the Thorn, Kickstarter, and the industry in general. Fair warning though: some adult language features throughout. I should apologise for the intermittent audio quality our end though, we ran into a few unforeseen technical problems at the last minute and had to change venue abruptly. John bless him rolled a natural 20 on tidying things up, but alas, there's only so much one man can do in the face of such latency and connectivity issues. Anyway, be sure to check out Legends of Tabletop'sother podcasts, they produce ummm-azing content!

Kickstarter Video Update!

Due to a few (aforementioned) behind-the-scenes issues right around the time we launched Thunder of the Thorn's Kickstarter, we weren't able to prepare a video in time for the campaign. Lots of you have been in touch to recommend that we add one as soon as possible. Well, we've been paying close attention and, hey-presto, we've come up with something. You can find the fruits of our labours below or over on the project's main page. Feel free to throw us any feedback you've got for the video, positive or negative. It's only really our second time developing something like this and, while we're rapidly becoming old hands at game design, this isn't exactly our wheel-house. Special thanks to everyone who helped encourage us to treat sorting out a video as a top priority. It just goes to highlight once more what a phenomenal community this is.

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Product Accessibility, Usability, & Versatility Discussion

Another thing we wanted to touch on a little bit today is what to expect from us when it comes to the formats we provide for digital copies of Thunder of the Thorn and our earlier products. One thing we're huge on here is ensuring that our offerings are as flexible and accommodating as possible. To that end, each of our digital offerings comes in a variety of convenient formats. Which formats are offered varies a little bit product by product, but most of our earlier works come with a Standard, Printer-Friendly, and Super Printer-Friendly version that make reproducing them super cheap and affordable, whether with a home printer setup or at your local print shop. With Of Fey & Fear, Legendary Adventures: Harrowing Heights, and Thunder of the Thorn, we also provide versions of each product that are designed to be more easily read by those who sometimes have difficulties with roleplaying books. These formats use a font called OpenDyslexic which scores highly on legibility, feature larger font sizes, and offer greater line spacing - all of which makes them a lot more approachable to those who might otherwise have a harder time getting the most of out them.

Stretch Goal Discussion

This is just a quickie, but in case you haven't seen already, we just wanted to let you know that we stormed through our first stretch goal last night. That stretch goal will allow us to develop a Player Primer for Thunder of the Thorn and make it available for free to those who might want to check it out. Our next stretch goal, which we're already approaching, will allow us to add this primer into Thunder of the Thorn's appendices directly - enhancing the adventure for those who buy it digitally or in physical print.

We've got a number of additional stretch goals in mind for Thunder of the Thorn that'll bring a whole slew of additional player options to the adventure. We'll unveil those tomorrow and, with any luck, start moving through them with the time we have remaining.

As always, thanks for reading and for your continued support! - Daniel McDonald, DeepDark Designs

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    1. DeepDark Designs Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Wayne Tripp - Aw, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Wayne Tripp on

      Very nice video! Can't wait to see the finished product.