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Fight off mutants, monsters and... magnolias(⁉️) as you descend into darkness in this thrilling level 1-5 adventure module for D&D 5e
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Monday Roundup!

Posted by DeepDark Designs Ltd (Creator)

Greetings one and all, today we'd like to dive into the following:

  • Interview with The Guilded Dragons 
  •  Through the Thicket - Linora's Plea preview
  •  Stretch goal discussion

So, without further ado, let's get down to it!

Interview with The Guilded Dragons 

I recently had the honour of sitting down and answering a dozen questions posed by a couple of pesky guilded (yes, that's right guilded not gilded!) dragons over on Fortunately, I had the good sense to answer them and not lunge for my sword or else I expect I'd have been burnt to a crisp! Now, I should mention, it's an extra special privilege to have spent some time with the dragons themselves since their blog has literally only just launched. Like, literally, literally. They're also friends of ours so please go show them some love over on their brand new website. You can find the interview itself right here!

 Through the Thicket - Linora's Plea preview

The first chapter of Thunder of the Thorn, entitled Through the Thicket, follows immediately after the book's front matter and serves to convey a lot of its preliminary materials. Here you'll find the adventure's background and synopsis, as well as a section on how to use and interpret the various materials presented throughout the book. This section also presents two of the most integral components of Thunder of the Thorn and, perhaps, the two components that most set it apart from other adventures; its mental manifestation and physical corruption systems. We'll talk about each of those a little bit over the coming days. Beyond that, this section of the book also introduces the default way to start the adventure, with the PCs chasing up Linora Luddington in Raggers Hollow in the Ragweed Tumble after seeing her plea for aid (lovingly recreated below) elsewhere.

Stretch Goal Discussion

If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that Thunder of the Thorn funded yesterday (woo!). Thanks to everyone who's supported the project so far. Now that the project is funded, we're casting our eyes ahead to the small matter of stretch goals.

  •  Stretch Goal 1 | Player Primer. The purpose of Thunder of the Thorn's first stretch goal is to allow us to develop a short primer that serves to introduce potential players to the adventure's locale and hub, as well as touching on many of the character and factions who reside within the borders of the Ragweed Tumble. This primer will be written from the perspective of Madame Esme Bijou, Raggers Hollow's former self-professed spirit medium, clairvoyant, and oracle, and is entitled, "Eight Reasons Not To Visit Raggers Hollow". This primer will be made available for purchase in physical print and also free digitally. 
  •  Stretch Goal 2 | Adventure Upgrade. With our second stretch goal, we want to take the aforementioned player primer and include it in Thunder of the Thorn's appendices, so that anyone who buys the book physically or digitally will always have access to it.

We've attached a preview/mock-up of what the player primer could look like just below. Right, I think that just about covers it for today folks. I hope you're as excited by the primer as we are! Thanks for reading! - Daniel McDonald, DeepDark Designs

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