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Slingers: A Fantasy Western's video poster

A short film about two Bounty Hunters in the Fantasy Old West getting in over their heads on a rescue mission gone way south. Read more

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A short film about two Bounty Hunters in the Fantasy Old West getting in over their heads on a rescue mission gone way south.

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UPDATE: Our $50 reward now includes a digital BTS photobook!

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 The Story


Welcome to the Wild West---except it's not the one you're used to. Gunslingers fend off packs of ravaging orcs from frontier settlements, dragons hunt cattle herds from the mountains, and mages from the eastern territories walk the land, hated by everyone.

Enter Alma and Topher, two bounty hunters thrown together in an unlikely alliance to rescue a little girl named Lucy. Alma's the fastest gun in the west, and Topher's one of the most powerful mages around---which would be a lot more useful if he wasn't an insecure coward.

Set against the sun-blasted wastes of the fantasy frontier, Alma and Topher must storm the camp of Golag the Orc and his fearsome Skullbourne gang. Our heroes find themselves on the wrong end of a horde of vicious bandits, and must fight desperately to outwit, outsmart, and outgun every gunslinger between them and Lucy.

The Goal

To make a kickass short fantasy film that pays tribute to the works of Peter Jackson and Sergio Leone, with heroes that bring fresh life to the world of the Wild West.

The Process

Slingers is headed up by a production team with experience on everything from Robocop to Hulu's The Morning After, and has been cast with some of the finest actors from the Los Angeles area. We've shot fight scenes, battled blizzards, and dedicated every waking moment to perfecting the art of cinematic storytelling. 

Once funded, we want to move into production in mid-March in a 3-Day shoot outside Los Angeles---we'll be bringing on an 8 person stunt team, housing our entire cast and crew, and be ready to move into post-production in May. 

With your help, we can take the world of Topher and Alma from the page to the silver screen!

Concept Art!
Concept Art!

The Team

Here's who's running this crazy show!

R. Bryant Francis (Writer/Producer)

Bryant kicked off his film career after abandoning his dreams of being an engineer and realized he liked making up robots a lot more than he liked making them. A graduate of Ithaca College’s Cinema and Photography program, Bryant has dedicated his life to crafting otherworldly places and the people who live in them, with a fierce passion for entertaining and high quality science fiction and fantasy. Currently working in both Film and New Media, Bryant has seen success both as a gaming and screenplay writer with his work for The Jace Hall Show and several festival screenings for his award-winning Thesis film “Wintersmith,” directed by Anthony Tocchio. Inspired by his love of Tolkien and Sergio Leone, Bryant reunited the “Wintersmith” team for the express purpose of making a kickass Fantasy Western.

Anthony Tocchio (Director)

A native of Mansfield, Massachusetts, Anthony is a fellow graduate of Ithaca College’s Cinema and Photography program. As an aspiring director, Anthony spent his years at Ithaca developing small, dialogue-minimal films with an emphasis on unique imagery and clever ideas. His short film “CandyMan” has earned international acclaim, screened at over a dozen festivals across the globe and winning several awards. His postgraduate work includes visual effects on the upcoming remake of “RoboCop”, and he currently resides in Los Angeles hoping to continue his work in film. This is Anthony’s second time working with Bryant, having directed “Wintersmith” and winning an award for Best First-Time Director at the 2012 Oregon Film Awards for the project.

Tyler Begg (VFX Supervisor)

Tyler Begg was born with creation pumping in his veins and the glint of success in his eye. Since then he has set his sights on the world of film where he works as a concept artist, creative consultant, motion graphics artist and a freelance lighting technician. He has worked on a number of award winning short films and is always anticipating his next project. A fellow graduate of Ithaca College, Tyler works most easily in the worlds of Fantasy and Science Fiction as they offer the greatest freedom of exploration into the possibilities offered by pure imagination and the richness of the mortal human condition. Having worked on the film "Wintersmith" he joins the Slingers team with much enthusiasm.

Jackie Brodeur (Post Production Supervisor)

Jackie Brodeur was born and raised in the state of Connecticut (it’s that one between Boston and New York City). She became friends with the above fellows as a film major at Ithaca College, where she only heard Bryant pitch his previous project “Wintersmith” an estimated 158 times. She fell in love with editing when she mastered Final Cut Pro at the age 15, and has since been editing all sorts of projects. Jackie currently works as a casting editor for reality television (Under the Gunn, Face Off, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, among others).

Elijah Kagan (Producer)

Elijah Kagan is a freelancer in the film business who hails from Buffalo, NY. He met the Slingers team while he was attending Ithaca College to study filmmaking. “Slingers” is his second professional producing project. Last year he completed the short film “Blue Jay”, which is being submitted to festivals around North America. When he isn’t producing, he works in the camera department on feature films. Elijah is excited to be reunited with the “Slingers” team and hungry to get this film off the ground.

Risks and challenges

The good news is, once we're funded, we can enter proper pre-production IMMEDIATELY, and we've planned things out that we can be shooting inside of a couple of weeks, meaning all the challenges and risks are associated with production and post production.

Film production isn't a venture without various risks---the biggest challenges center around taking a 25 person crew into the California Desert for 3 days, making sure we complete shooting within the allotted time, and then accomplishing all our post-production goals to make sure the final product looks as good as we want. There's also safety risks, weather delays, and the inevitable left-turn surprises that can accompany these ventures.

Fortunately, everyone on the Slingers Team has spent 3+ years of their lives dealing with these problems in their everyday work. We've dealt with everything from unexpected blizzards to sound equipment failing to locations dropping out on us at the last minute. So while we may find ourselves scrambling to deal with some random catastrophe, one of the number one things our team brings to the table is the ability to deal with.

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