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Wellen is a Carefree, Classic Gentleman's Surf Brand. Help us finally add the Gentleman category to our line up. Made in the USA.
Wellen is a Carefree, Classic Gentleman's Surf Brand. Help us finally add the Gentleman category to our line up. Made in the USA.
166 backers pledged $20,819 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Kim on

      Still no word from you Matthew. I have emailed you a few times since the February and no answer!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Kim on

      Also, the Wellen Dopp Kit in red

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Kim on

      Matt, I have yet to hear about the 3 pants I ordered. Was there a problem of some sort?

    4. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Hey Brian. Check your email. Sent you an email this AM. Your stuff has shipped! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers.

    5. Brian P. Kasso Gaidry on

      Matt, I haven't received anything yet, even an recent explanation of where my gear is. What's the deal?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kyle Sullivan on

      Forgot to leave some feedback until now. The pants are great guys, it's difficult not to wear these things every day because of how comfy they are(even better after a few washes)!

    7. Matt Kozera on

      When should we be getting the bow ties in the mail? Hoping to rock it to a party this weekend

    8. Yannig Bourgeois on

      I just received my T-shirt in Belgium, I have to say awesome looking and the right size! But sadly there was no sign of my bow tie and coozie I pledged for with it.
      Could you please get back to me with the possible options now?
      I have also sent you an email about this at your email address.

    9. Yannig Bourgeois on

      T-shirt arrived today in Belgium, looks great!

    10. Missing avatar

      Graeme Anderson on

      Any update gents? Been a month since your last update, and then it was it will be shipping in a few weeks.

    11. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Hey Kyle. Update coming this week. Production has been bogging us down. everything is currently in production though!! We were waiting on a few people who never responded to the survey. Some did, though a few never did. Sorry for being MIA, but we will get you a full update soon!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyle Sullivan on

      Any updates gents?

    13. Price Murry on

      I've never backed something before, but when do we get an email about sizing and options and such?

    14. John on

      If I included my bowtie preferences in my pledge, do I need to email you again with my choices?

    15. Dude Wellen on

      Dang, super excited about this! "BLAZER + OXFORD + PANT + BOWTIE."

      But I'm rather fashion ignorant, what combination should I do?
      I'm looking for a professional everyday look for work and going out to higher end restaurants. Kinda getting tired of plain button up shirts and polos.

      Any suggestions?

    16. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      hey andy. We definitely have some left. Shoot me a private message.


    17. Missing avatar

      Andy Johnson on

      I would gladly buy more of your customized Field Notes if you have them available after the rewards are shipped out.

    18. Armond Bagdasarian on

      Congratulations on making it - we were pulling for you.

    19. Francis Nguyen on

      Congrats on making it! Looking forward to those bowties. :)

    20. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Also, would love some feedback from people, but if we do not reach our goal. We can toss these items up on our online store and people can order them for shipment directly from us for a mid November ship date. We found out today that a really large store wants to make an order, but not through kickstarter, so everything we have on here will definitely be made. Would people be interested in doing it that way if it doesn't work? If so, we can create the back end on our website tomorrow and send everyone the link. Would love anyones comments on this as we have been getting a lot of messages from people wanting the products.

    21. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      SO SWEET! Spread the word. We have been talking to a few people and stores that want to do big pledges. I hope we make it though.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kyle Sullivan on

      couldnt figure out how to message, but i pledged $290 for 3 oxfords and 3 pants. really hope this project takes kickstarter by storm the next two days. will you guys still produce a small run of stuff if it is not successful?

    23. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      We will be posting a size chart when we request your info for the kickstarter once it is successful. We won't be making a ton of stuff so returns will be limited. But we definitely will be open to it.

      It won't let you choose two reward tiers. I dont really understand why not, we didn't realize this when we researched and created the Kickstarter. What people have been doing is pledging the total amount for all the items they want to one of the items and sending us a private message explaining what items they want. Let me know if this works.

      Thanks for the support. 4 days!! Hopefully we can make our goal!

    24. Missing avatar

      Turner on

      So, I'm in. I backed three of the oxford shirts.

      One question myself and others may be wondering: If we get these in and we picked a bad size can we potentially exchange them? Obviously you'll be posting some sizing chart to try and prevent this, but prepare for the worst eh?

      Also, a question others may not be wonder but I do: I want one of these sweet bow-ties, but I can't select two reward tiers at the same time. Am I going to have to make another KickStarter account to score one, or can I simply add the additional amount to my current pledge (140 + 25) and then guys could make a note of it? This seems overly complicated - I'll probably just make another account to deal with it.

    25. Dude Wellen on

      My last name is Wellen. I need that blazer. Pledge for full set of clothes :)

    26. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Yannig - My younger brother is about 6'2 and wears either a large or XL and they fit him just fine. We sadly do not have the ability to offer XS or XXL shirts. I do believe that you will be able to fit into a XL though. Also, if you want to get multiple items, We never realized that this wasn't allowed on Kickstarter. Yes, your solution of pledging extra works perfect. The only thing we ask, so that we do not screw something up is that you send me a private message stating how much you pledged and what you want so we understand it. We created a master spreadsheet that we are inputing this special information in as we receive it so as not to miss anyone. Thank you for your support!!

    27. Yannig Bourgeois on

      I really like the T-shirt with the print, but I'm really tall (1m 98cm) I'm afraid that xl will be to small. Any chance you will be offering xxl? And is it also possible to custom pledge? e.g. I would like a T-shirt and a bow tie, so I just pledge 55$? 25$+20+10(international shipping, I'm from Belgium btw :)).

    28. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Michael - As we start to get more backers [fingers crossed] we are going to add an update that we will update as we move forward showing the levels of each bow tie that we have left by color. We will get this info by individually sending people a personal message in the order they back, asking what tie they are interested in and adding that to our master production spread sheet. All of the other items will be easier since there are not limited quantities of certain color ways and we will gather that information using the Kickstarter forms to gather information. Hope this helps. We appreciate your support!

    29. Michael Phillips on

      I just got the sail boat shorts at J Crew. I need the sail boat bow tie to rock with them!

      How are you handling the limited quantities of patterns and colors?

    30. Matthew Jung 2-time creator on

      Michael - The pants are a slimmer fit, though definitely not a really skinny pant. Closer to something like the slim fit by J Crew, if that helps at all. The shirts are a little bit more relaxed. We will be posting some pictures soon to show the fit more.

    31. Michael Phillips on

      How do the pants and shirts fit? Are they slim/fitted or more relaxed?