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Joseph SchaljoBy Joseph Schaljo
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The DREAMCATCHER Lucid Dream Induction Device

An electronic device to assist attaining Lucid Dreaming.
How it works 

A high resolution proximity swich positioned directly over your sleeping eye feeds a stream of data to a microcontroller. which recognizes eye motions indicating the onset of a dream, triggering a series of LED flashes. With practice, one can use the LED signals to be an alert that one is dreaming. and experience a Lucid Dream.

What is Lucid Dreaming

What would you do if you suddenly realized that you are in a dream, and everything you see, hear, touch, taste, feel and experience is a figment of your imagination ? This is a phenomena called Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is a rarely occurring state of consciousness that few people are lucky enough to get to experience, yet can be achieved by nearly anyone who is willing to invest a little time and patience. Lucid Dreaming is best described as a state of consciousness that occurs when you are in a dream and know it, an odd blend of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Now imagine you are dreaming and you see flashing red lights coming through your closed eyes. These flashing lights have the potential of being a very effective DreamSign, or “Clue”, a gentle poke telling you that you are dreaming. The DREAMCATCHER offers this.

Some lucky souls have the ability to have lucid dreams regularly. There are a multitude of exercises that can help you achieve lucidity (looking at your hands, or an LED clock). Now, modern science and technology offers devices that can help a dreamer achieve a Lucid Dream with the assistance of an deliberate and “In Your Face” Dreamsign. For many, he DREAMCATCHER will make it a little easier to achieve Lucidity. Like most lucid dream techniques and devices, a little practice is required.

My First Lucid Dream

At the age of 16. I had a dream that I was standing in front of the desk in my bedroom looking at my reading lamp. In this dream, it had a red shade, but then it occurred to me “My lamp has a green shade, not a red one !” I instantly realized I had gone to be a few hours earlier, and was in a dream ! Like a lightning bolt. I suddenly realized that I could do anything I wanted, fly (or teleport) anywhere I wanted to go. I realized that there was no law, no gravity, but I could not bring anything back except experience ! My life had been changed !

35 Years of Lucid Dream Study

For years, upon explaining my strange ”conscious” dreams to others, it seemed no one could relate with my amazing dreaming experiences. Then I read the cover article from OMNI magazine in the spring of 1987. The headline read “Dr. Stephen LaBerge scientifically proves the Existence of Lucid Dreams”. I yelled out loud “This is what I have been talking about for years! “ I corresponded with my new found friends in California for several years, and was involved with early experimentation and research. I was fortunate enough to attend Lucid Dream workshops in Maui Hawaii in 2001 and in Shambhala Buddhist Retreat in Colorado in 2015. These workshops offered me knowledge and friendships that have enriched my life.

The Science behind Eyes Lucid  

Advances in the scientific study of Lucid Dreaming has been spearheaded by Dr. Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University. After discovering that the dreamer's eyes do not disconnect like the other voluntary muscles, Dr. Laberges's publications, which include documented evidence of messages being transmitted out of a dream with eye signals, gave Lucid Dreaming scientific credibility. It is Dr. LaBerge's breakthrough research that is the basis of the technology used in the DREAMCATCHER, and to to whom I have the utmost respect.

Researchers have discovered that you can see light flashes through your closed eyelids. Allowing an avenue to alert the dreamer that they are dreaming.

Development of the DREAMCATCHER  

As a patent holding electro-mechanical engineer, I have been able to integrate an inexpensive yet powerful processor with a high resolution proximity switch and write the code that monitors your eye during sleep, recognizes that you are in a dream, and flashes red LEDs in the mask. I have made a dozen DREAMCATCHERs recently. I am making new units daily, and tweeking the code to work ever more effectively.

Below is the instruction manual that accompanies the DREAMCATCHER. I will be willing to receive suggestions as to improvements to the DREAMCATCHER from the lucky 50 people who pledge to my project.

Potential Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is gaining popularity quickly being realized as a powerful tool to enhance performance. Around the world, Athletes, Musicians, and other professionals are using Lucid Dreams to practice their craft and hone their skills. Lucid Dreaming offers the chance to grow spiritually, and encounter amazing experiences not capable in waking life. Once you become Lucid, you can do most anything you can imagine, such as flying. ! It is an amazing thing to experience. It has the potential for changing your life for the better !  

The investment I seek will allow me to invest in tooling and materials which will make it easier to manufacture and assemble these cool devices !



Risks and challenges

Several minor improvements will be incorporated into the algorithm (software/code) that runs the DREAMCATCHER. Every user has minor physical differences (i.e. the shape of closed eye) that affect the functionality. Those code changes that will universally be beneficial will be included in software updates. I will will offer free code updates, sans postage. Suble changes in the timing and brightness aew being tweeked regularly.

The leading cost factor of the DREAMCATCHER is the time required for assembly. Funding this project will allow me to invest in a couple new tooling devices that will make the Manufacturing and Assembly more uniform and expedient.

Having a device with a cord attached to your face does pose a minimal health risk. Included with each DREAMCATHER is a disclaimer indicating this risk, ans exonerating the manufacturer.

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