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An RTS, Command fleets and fight to save worlds from an unrelenting enemy, the destruction or survival of humanity lies in your hands.

An RTS, Command fleets and fight to save worlds from an unrelenting enemy, the destruction or survival of humanity lies in your hands. Read More
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"Contact Vector, an extraordinarily pretty SpaRTS" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"There aren’t enough good, tactical cap ship combat games out there right now I think, but thankfully, a new contender has come along" - Space Game Junkie

"I myself am pretty excited about Contact Vector" - Death By Beta

"fire as many missiles as you can as fast as you can and watch the excellent carnage unfold" -

"This is what a next gen RTS looks like" - Burke Black, Online Gaming

"Play it and remember to get involved in the kickstarter project! Its well worth it." - chimps at play

What is the game?

Contact Vector is a strategy game set in space, playable as a real time strategy game and as a simultaneous turn based game. We want to create a game focused on strategy and tactics that will be about organising fleets, maneuvering ships and setting up the best formations to out fight your enemy.

Why we want to make this game?

If you want an RTS where how you use your units is more important than how fast you can produce them, then this is the game for you. And it's the game we want to play.

Try our gameplay demo:

Our demo is to give you a rough idea of how the combat and orders will work in Contact Vector. You can place orders on the movement path and also control ships directly. The demo is not optimized from an art standpoint so lots of ships will slow you down unless you have a monster rig! The final game will include loads more orders and options for customizing missile fire and missile types, letting you mix fire and adjust defensive armaments and ranges.

Have a go and let us know what you think.

Combat in Contact Vector - Update!

The combat final version of the game will allow you to tweak and control a lot of options for your ships. Ammo will be a concern so picking the right time at the best ranges will be important. Missile combat will let you mix different kinds of warheads and electronic warfare misses to help you get shots through. 

You can sneak droned into range to help your missiles stay on target, concentrate fire on command ships to break up units and use your position to evade there main defensive fire.

You will have many defensive options as well, ranges for defensive weapons fire rates and electronic warfare.

Damage will be dealt to the components of your ships and the an unlucky or lucky hit will be able to cripple or destroy your enemy or damage his reactor or magazine.

During combat you will want to try and save ships, bring them back and repair them. Saving a crew from a crippled ship can also save all there experience for there next ship. The ships aren't just throw away units, they will have there own skills and experience, you will have to make sure you don't spend them lightly.

Defensive Game Play Update Here!

The initial release of Contact Vector will be a single player game. New games will generate unique procedural universes to play in.

The single player game begins with you in control of a set of planets and with command of a small task force of naval ships in the outer reaches of colonised space.

A signal is detected from a system previously believed to be dead and unnavigable by FTL. The signal is consistent with an FTL re-entry signature. It seems ships of an unknown origin are using undiscovered jump space in the region.

Your task force will first need to use this intelligence to jump into the region and determine the nature of the strange vessels.

As the story unfolds it will become clear, a war is coming.

Random Maps

No two games will have the same star map, so each game will be a strategically different experience. Star system layout of story pieces will change and star systems will be unknown until the start of a given game.

The overall strategic view will be via this map. Battles will be fought in systems in the tactical scale.

System defences and structures will most likely be pre existing although some smaller more mobile temporary defences will also be available to you.

There will be no constructing or producing of units during a battle although it will be possible to rearm and deploy mobile defences during the battle if you can find a safe enough place to do so.

Reinforcements will be sent forward and can also be requested but will depend on the situation to hand and the loses you can incurred.

Real Time Or Turn Based

It seemed to us that players wanting a deeper level of game play and more depth would like more time to think about their moves than is possible in a real time game. To this end we want to allow you to set regular pauses in the game that give you more time to give orders to your fleet.


Resupply of ammunition and other vital war fighting equipment will reply on you keeping your supply train defended and also on how many civilians you manage to save and move backward.

As time progresses and if your losses aren’t to great, your industrial military complex will be giving you ships, munitions, equipment and personnel surplus and you can start taking the fight to the enemy.

Attacking enemy supply lines and raiding into there territory will be an effective way to damage his ability to fight and advance or defend.

Contact Vector in a nutshell

The basic game play in Contact Vector is controlling groups of ships. It’s about how, where and when you choose to fight. You will be able to customize load outs for long and short range weapon systems to accommodate your tactics.

The weapon ranges will overlap, but typically certain ranges will favor missiles or energy weapons.


Missile combat is usually the longest range type of enemy engagement. You will have to choose what type of missiles to use. Your firing position to best exploit your opponent’s blind spots. Long range firing solutions will seem attractive if only because they’re the most likely to keep your fleet concealed and out of harms way. But a longer missile run is more easily intercepted. How bold will you be and how much courage will you expect from your ships’ captains?

Energy weapons will vary, but compared to missiles they’re extremely short range weapons. If a large ship can slog its way through the missile storm and bring energy weapons to bear, there’s a good chance it can tear an enemy ship to pieces in seconds.


Stealth has a core role in Contact Vector tactics. The vastness of space is easy to hide in, but ship drives make anything that moves under power easier to see. Yet a moving signature could be anything, the trick is determining what.


Fleets will contain ships that are organised into Taskgroups. A fleet can contain any number of task groups and ships can transfer task group during combat. They primarily serve as an initial organisation for your fleet. This allows units to be linked to command ships and they gain incremental bonuses to efficiency the longer they have been in the Taskgroup.


Ships will be customizable with components. These will be things like reactors, shield capacitors and armor, magazine size and weapons load outs. You will be able to change all around but must fit within the ship’s maximum tonnage.


Drones are remotely operated vehicles that have no crew aboard. They’re small, fast and highly maneuverable and frequently quite specialised. They can operate as scouts, or serve as platforms for energy weapons, projectile weapons or sophisticated electronic warfare equipment.

In particular they can act as decoys by producing radiation signatures similar to different classes of ship. A battleship detected by your fleet could turn out just to be a drone, tricking you into committing forces leaving a back door open for a clever enemy to exploit.

Drones are cheap enough that they can use this machinery to pose as valuable targets to spoof missiles. Protecting a more valuable fleet asset from fire.

Both ships and drones can possess ECM systems.

Electronic Counter Measures are a means of to prevent missile ordinance finding its target by confusing it’s onboard circuitry.


The basic ship classes within contact vector are:

  • Destroyers
  • Light Cruisers
  • Cruisers
  • Heavy Crusiers
  • Battlecruisers
  • Battleships

All ship classes can be customised to affect their role in your fleet. They will each have inherent roles, for example destroyers will be faster and more maneuverable than battleships and so more suited to certain tasks.


We want to make early builds of the game and invite people to play them. It’s going to be very important to get a feel for the game and get your opinions about it. We really hope that you get excited about the game and also that you have ideas and feedback for us.

We are looking to make the core of the game simple enough that it’s flexible and allows changes and additions making it as fun to play as we can. This is where the community’s ideas and feedback are going to play a vital role.

We have planned to create a great multi-player experience but we have plans to try and add a raft of other features. As such we have a list of stretch goals.


Minor Updates:

I'm putting some extra things here, to give people some new things to look at:

Procedural Solar Systems
Procedural Solar Systems

Risks and challenges

Most of our significant challenges are technical. Some of them have already been solved in the game development literature and our experience in the games industry makes us feel we can meet some of our more novel challenges relatively easily.

Some of our movement planning and AI concepts are new territory so we're really cutting some new turf in our game. We're looking to the motion planning literature of robotics to solve and address some of the problems.

We want what you see on the screen in your plans to be an accurate representation of what the ships will actually do. For this, the physics has to be modeled in the movement plan and so planning must deal with our physics.

Because of this we have planned to create the features of the game in a way where we can adjust it to make sure that we complete the game and make it fun. This does mean that there is the possibility that features will change during development.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Currently we hope to support PC Windows, Linux and Mac.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. In the current demo ships can move between five levels. We want to create a game where the freedom of space is there, but not so much as to make the interface horribly clunky, or the effective search space for the player so large it becomes for want of a better word, ‘lonely’. We think we’ve hit a happy medium between the two extremes.

    Last updated:
  • Homeworld is an excellent game but no. We’re making a game that shares a genre with Homeworld, Eve, Star Citizen and a number of other. We differ from these games in aim and execution in terms of the game play experience we want to create.

    Last updated:
  • We will likely be using steam if they accept our product. But we don’t have any particular drive to use DRM

    Last updated:
  • Different goals. The original kickstarter’s primary goal was different, which was to create a featured multiplayer where we'd be managing servers etc, with single player being a stretch goal. Since more people were showing an interest in the single player, reordering our objectives seemed the right thing to do. Fully featured multiplayer still exists as a stretch goal, and is still budgeted the same way.

    Last updated:
  • No. If I were going to ensure the AI had the same assets as the player yes I would be, but the campaign game can leverage the story line to have many advantages the player will have to overcome. Superior numbers, extreme ruthlessness and advantages in strategic disposition, scripted events and so on. My co-designer pointed this out to me, sometimes when you’re thinking hard about technical problems like these, it’s difficult to see the woods from the trees. The solution is about game design, not the literal creation of Douglas Adam’s ‘Deep thought’.

    Last updated:


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    Pledge £10 or more About $17 USD

    Nah, I'm Just a Cook:

    Early bird offer, copy of the completed game.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 141 backers
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    Pledge £15 or more About $25 USD

    Officer Cadet:

    Early Access to the final game and a copy of the completed game.

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    Officer Cadet First Class:

    To say thanks to backers of our previous kickstarter.
    All Midshipman rewards.

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    Pledge £20 or more About $34 USD


    All Previous Rewards +

    Beta Access , Early Access to future DLC and your name added to the ship list - Have your name appear on the side of a great warship.

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    Pledge £30 or more About $51 USD


    All Previous Rewards +

    Alpha Access, a digital copy of the final soundtrack for the game.
    Digital illustrated fleet technical manual.

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    Pledge £45 or more About $76 USD


    All Previous Rewards +

    Development Builds - Very early builds of the game with in development features, a special Heavy Battlecruiser Class for use in the final game and an extra copy of Contact Vector for a friend.
    Your name in game credits.
    Your name added to ship Captains list, option for your portrait as Captain avatar.

    Estimated delivery
    51 backers
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    Pledge £65 or more About $110 USD

    Marine Major:

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    Special Built Marine Boarding ship. This ship will provide multiple boarding craft in specially designed launching bays. They will also be able to help evacuate ships and civilians.

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    10 backers
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    Pledge £65 or more About $110 USD

    Flight Operations Officer:

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    A special Assault Carrier, heavily armored but with reduced fighter capacity these carriers are perfect for assaults into unknown situations. Strong enough to survive the initial assaults into systems long enough to get there fighters into action.

    Estimated delivery
    17 backers
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    Pledge £200 or more About $338 USD

    Rear Admiral:

    All Previous Rewards +

    Skype Development Chats; be invited to special play sessions and development talks to chat about the game with us directly. This is a way for you to directly affect the development of contact vector You also get access to all future content and games we make for free!

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    1 backer
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    Pledge £500 or more About $844 USD

    Vice Admiral:

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    We will work with you to visually design a missile which will appear in the final game to shoot at your opponents.

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    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge £1,000 or more About $1,688 USD


    All Previous Rewards +

    Name a whole class of ships within the game. Be added to the credits as an Honorary Designer.

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    Pledge £2,500 or more About $4,219 USD

    Admiral of the Fleet:

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    Design visuals for a whole ship set within the game. We will work with you to develop a style and look for all classes of ship within a faction. This will include: Destroyer Light Cruiser Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship. You will also be listed as Honorary Producer in Credits.

    Estimated delivery
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