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Vegetable, herb and edible flower seedlings for your garden or farm. Help us finish our greenhouse and get the seedlings to market!

First...THANK YOU for checking out our project!

Swamp Angel Farm is a small family business that brings you good food and good fun.  We are new and we have limited resources.  We are also creative and like to share.  This place, the food it produces, and the gatherings it inspires are only possible because many people have already shown up, partaken, and lent a hand.

It is not fancy here.  It is not blow-your-mind beautiful.  It is instead straightforward, clear, full of potential and inspiring smells, good soil and big sky.  This is where the creative and the practical wrestle it out and make peace.

Now we are ready to launch it to the next level, to really make it thrive, and we need your help.

Swamp Angel Farm is local food.  We produce seedlings from organic seed and organic potting soil so that home gardeners and farmers can grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers from plants that had a good start.   We sold at farmers markets last year, as a test, and we found there is a real demand for healthy plants.  Healthy soils make healthy plants make healthy people.

As you may know, buying and eating locally produced food has moved out of the niche realm and into the mainstream.  People value it, across the spectrum. The "local food movement" is born out of a desire to reconnect... to the land, to our food, to our community, to ourselves.  It truly has the potential to help create a healthier economy, a healthier environment, and a healthier population on our amazing earth.

So what's our plan?  Our plan - part 1 of this year - is to grow seedlings and sell them at farmers markets, special events, and local stores.  We are doubling our production over last year's test.  This is the project we need funded.

We have conservatively estimated that $4,800 will enable us to:

  • complete the greenhouse
  • buy the supplies we need to get everything grown and to the market (more pots, potting soil, tables, banner, display items, pop-up tent)
  • purchase a used van or trailer for transport to markets

Our plan - part 2 of this year - is to take our first stab at integrating Blair's puppet theater with Sheri's farming.  This will take the form of a fall pumpkin u-pick and weekend puppet show (think Edgar Allen Poe meets Martha Stewart).  Although we are not asking for funding for this part of our launch, we certainly need the help, both financially and in terms of labor.  We are compelled to make a go of it in spite of the our limited resources... the vision is clear.  We hope you will join us!

We invite you to make Swamp Angel Farm your farm.  Like a pet, or a get-away, or a source of sustenance.  Something you value. 

We ask for your generous support in funding this project, and we sincerely hope you will visit.  People make the place real and vibrant.

Special thanks to Tom and Carolyn Doyel and Philip and Mary Martha Thomas for their support and love.

AND thank you to Mary Leaf, for logo design, and Gordon Thomas, video editing.


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    A personal, old-fashioned note of thanks with a farm photo and heart-felt gratitude.

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    The note of thanks, plus an invitation to attend our pumpkin u-pick and puppet show (by Blair Thomas) at the farm this fall, free of charge.

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    The note of thanks, the invitation, plus a pumpkin of your choice to take-home.

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    The note of thanks, the invitation, plus a farm gift pack of a pumpkin and fanciful gourds, either picked up when you visit or delivered to your home (within driving distance), OR a seed assortment mailed to your home.

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    The note of thanks, the invitation, the farm gift pack or the seed assortment, AND the naming rights to a chicken of your choice ("adopt a chicken" with photos and updates provided each season... really!).

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    The note of thanks, the invitation, plus an assortment of 20 seedlings for your garden, delivered to your home (for local folks) OR a one-hour vegetable gardening consultation with Sheri via phone (for those far away).

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    The note of thanks, the invitation, plus Blair gives a complimentary performance of his award winning shadow puppet show "The Blackbird," at an event of your choosing (within 100 miles of the farm).

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