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An illustrated history of the tank over the last 100 years told through the paintings and drawings of the artist David Pentland
An illustrated history of the tank over the last 100 years told through the paintings and drawings of the artist David Pentland
An illustrated history of the tank over the last 100 years told through the paintings and drawings of the artist David Pentland
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    1. Jacob

      Just got the book today. What an amazing project and a beautiful, well researched eye candy. can't wait for volume 2...thank you David for your amazing effort into this.

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      Nadir Elfarra on

      All is well now, David - the book, postcards, and print arrived today and look fabulous. I already put the dust jacket in a library grade cover! I expect to enjoy this volume a great long while and look forward to volume II (and beyond!). -Nadir (a happy tank-aholic)

    3. David Pentland Creator on

      Hi Nadir
      I checked with dispatch, it was sent out but there may be a problemin as they don't have a contact telephone number for you. ( Required by FedEx). I thought we had all the numbers. Could you send me a contact number on my email, and we will get it sorted.

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      Nadir Elfarra on

      Haven't received the book here in Los Angeles as yet (13 Sept 2016). Any way to get an update on its shipment?

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Langmaid on

      Hi David
      Murphy's Law, the book turned up just after your email, great book, thanks for your quick reply all the best.

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      Alan Langmaid on

      Hi David
      Thank-you looking forward to receiving this book.

    7. David Pentland Creator on

      Hi Alan
      Checked with the dispatch and they said that there is no set time for Australia by registered mail but probably about a week or so. It does have to be signed for so if your not in for the post it could be at the post office. (Although they would probably leave card.) Give it a few more days and get back to me if it doesn't show up.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan Langmaid on

      Hi David
      I was wondering when we will recieve our book in Australia, getting anxious.

    9. David Pentland Creator on

      excellent, you got it ok! Regards the painting of the Kingtiger in the Ardennes, I put the painting together from accounts of the German attack, including the various units and personalities involved. There are a couple of very similar images out there, namely the boxart for the Tamiya Tiger II, and a the front cover of a Flames of War ruleset, but my painting predates both as can be seen on the signature.

    10. PanzerRanger

      Just received my book and have flipped through it. Such fantastic artwork. Where did the inspiration for the King Tiger come from? It looks very familiar

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      All received and looking great, thanks David.

      Now I just need to find a frame and decide where to put it.

    12. David Pentland Creator on

      Glad you liked it, I couldn't interest you in one for yourself Scott?

    13. Scott Jamieson on

      Many thanks David
      The book is fantastic and it's perfect as part of a wedding gift for my best mate
      Cheers Scott

    14. David Pentland Creator on

      Thanks guys so glad you liked the book.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Ralls on

      Received and read. Great book with excellent paintings. Thank you David.

    16. Mark Taylor on

      Came yesterday but no one home, picked up from local fedex today. Looks really good after quick look though and set postcards nice as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stefan Zadziuk on

      Received yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, many thanks David.
      Looks great at first glance and now started to read it properly. Will there be a volume 2 I wonder ?

    18. David Pentland Creator on

      That's great Mike, I know a few others have got their books as well, let me know what you think.
      Also any US, Canadian or South American backers that haven't sent a contact phone number for Fedex please do so and we can get your rewards in the post.

    19. GerbillusNuclei on

      Received today, thanks David. Love it and can't wait to sit down and go through it properly.

    20. Chris Hall on

      Surveys out - hurrah !

    21. GerbillusNuclei on

      Brilliant news, can't wait.

    22. Chris Hall on

      David -

      Time marches on ....... it would be nice to hear something !

      In hope,


    23. Chris Hall on

      David -

      Hope it's all going well .... time for another update ?

    24. David Pentland Creator on

      Will do Chris, thanks for the reminder, I will post an update tomorrow.

    25. Chris Hall on

      David -

      You published an update for April - any chance of one for May ? Hopefully you're getting close now .......

    26. Chris Hall on

      David -

      Any chance of a progress report ? Still on target for June ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jan Mels on

      I'm glad this one got funded!! looking forward to the book!

    28. Missing avatar

      Nick Broomfield on

      Great news.Looking forward to the book. Are we able to choose post card images as I would like to have the Aussie cent picture included please

    29. GerbillusNuclei on

      So glad the book got funded, was a bit close for comfort though. Can't wait to see the end result.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Ralls on

      Glad this got funded, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished book. Thanks to all the other backers.

    31. David Pentland Creator on


      Hi Eric
      I'll sort out a list of cards in each pack, but I'm afraid Panthers in the Fog has not been produced as a postcard. In fact it hasn't been produced as a print yet either. Sorry about that.

    32. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Hi David, We discussed it briefly at the start of the KS, but have you decided which pictures will be in which postcard packs? If not, is there any chance 'Panther in the Fog' can be in one of them?

    33. David Pentland Creator on

      Thanks Jacob for your kind comments. If you want to see how some images for the book progress feel free to look at my Facebook page for updates

    34. Jacob

      I hope this book gets enough funding. The art is simply spectacular.
      In the unlikely event it fails. the campaign fails, However, I have no doubt that most evey sain publisher (Osprey etc) will gladly publish it.
      Can't wait for the Merkava painting.

    35. Chris Hall on

      David -

      I'm glad it was that simple ! I'll look forward to hearing and seeing more about your work, especially the WW1 section (my particular passion).

      I also belong to a group that build 1/6 scale radio-controlled tanks (Armortek). I've put a link to this KS on their forum, which might hopefully generate some interest.

      All the best,


    36. David Pentland Creator on

      Hi Chris (Hall)
      Yes your right it's a bloody big typo, I've had the book text proof read, but forgot to check the advertising. I don't know where the April came from, because if you look at the sample page on the debut of the tank it gives September. Oh dear sorry about that, and thanks for spotting it.

    37. Chris Hall on

      I'm in, especially for the WW1 pictures. One concern, though - tanks were first used on the Western Front on 15 September 1916, not April. Are you thinking of the Hatfield tests, or is this an error ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Robinson on

      Hi David - is there a table of contents or list of tanks portrayed that may spur on anyone sitting on the fence? Looking forward to the book!