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By Nicole
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The video was back in January of this year. It was the third episode of this with no warning, waking up like this. It would last for weeks.

New California Artist, Indie Author, Poet, Turns Lyme into LymeAide and Publishes Book (Preview Book At Amazon. Link At End)

Woman weaves magic, out of a sour spell of Neurological Lyme Disease. Nicolenya Caltman once had an IQ of 186. After Lyme Disease hit, she lost a lot of cognitive function: her ability to do math past fractions, some spelling issues, reading, memory, as well as impulse control, speech, and motor functions. However, the brain being the amazing thing it is made up for it with the right side of her brain.

Not writing much before, or doing art, such as drawing, painting, and clay; her brain began to write and art almost to the point of madness. She however found a part of herself she didn't know existed. All because of falling in love during one of the most terrible seasons of her life. This book was originally for one man.  

It however, has grabbed quite a bit of attention including but not limited to apply for "The Pulitzer". Her writing is raw, fresh, yet seasoned and sensual. Filled with poems, that sing out; the taste of soul, the food of unconditional love, zest for life, and her battle of Lyme Disease. It is easy to read, no wondering what the meaning of them are, and is very romance worthy. 

Perfect for curling up next to a fire, with wine, chocolates, in bed or even toilet reading. LOL  

10% of all sales she is donating to Lyme related venue to help others that are also suffering. The book is available in trade paperback and kindle on,,  

The books title is "Imperfect Beautiful Love" and it is a delight to read. Do yourself a favor and pick up this treasure trove, filled with delights.

 A preview may be looked at in the Kindle version on Amazon. 

Paperback: 286 pages • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 9, 2017) • Language: English • ISBN-10: 197564803X • ISBN-13: 978-1975648039 • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches

Risks and challenges

I am still struggling after the Lyme mess. I have PTSD, chronic brain inflammation which I am treating naturally, and many other issues as well.

My project is completed. I have it available on the internet. I am just asking help to buy copies and travel expenses and book signings which I am already in the process of lining up with some Barnes and Nobles, local book stores, and possibly now even my local Costco...still waiting on this, but I am hopeful!

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