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50/50: A Dating Documentary's video poster

Cute single girl, 50 first dates, and an epic road trip Read more

Oakland, CA Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 15, 2012.

Cute single girl, 50 first dates, and an epic road trip

Oakland, CA Documentary
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Megan Pratt
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Megan Pratt

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About this project

What’s the Story? So Glad You Asked…

Two girls – Alicia, a writer, on a quest for a life-changing experience via dating, and Megan, a cinematographer, on a quest to capture what happens when strangers collide.

Fifty first dates – yes, 50.

Fifty states – and Washington DC, of course. And if we can swing it, Canada.

So the Film...What's Going to Happen?

Alicia got her heart a little broken. Fine, it was more than a little – more like dissolved into tiny crumbles of sand. And admittedly, more than once in the last five years. But it happened again in early 2012 (after the guy gave her a pony no less). So she came up with a plan to find herself, and try to understand the country from the eyes of a bachelor while being a bachelorette.

And Megan heard about it and wanted to come along and share the story.

There’s an amazing monkey-wrench in the plot already, which we aren’t spilling here. But suffice it to say, Alicia might be wondering if giving the pony to the thrift store was the best move. And Megan definitely wishes she had footage of said pony who seems oddly important.

As for what unfolds…Alicia will hit the hot-seat and meet a gaggle of guys, and decide if her dating-tactics work across the country (and thus her dating advice is universal), or if it really is possible to simply have a terrible first date (she doesn’t believe it).

And Megan will find out what America is like through the lens of first dates for reals. Not in the confines of reality television or sensational fiction, but what really happens when girl meets boy. Or hey, even girl meets girl. Wouldn’t want to rule anything out.

Plus, Megan is fairly certain you won’t want to miss the thoughts pondered by Alicia, watching her awkwardly interact with dates, and give people surreal moments of their day.

Where Will Your Money Go?

In a word? Gas. Not sure if ya’ll have seen the size of America lately, but it is big. Like really, really, Manifest Destiny, big. And Megan and Alicia need to get it across it. By capitalizing on every favor we can, and being good sports when it comes to accommodations, production itself should be a relatively cheap affair but there are some costs we just can’t escape (placemats from Mt. Rushmore!).

After the costs of physically moving two people around, it takes a lot to pay for an editor and post-production. Documentaries either live or die in the editing room – and everyone would prefer 50/50 lives.

Finally, despite common convention, we are not asking the men to pick up the tab on any dates – we won’t be going to fancy meals, but would love to get to the state fairs or do something more than walk around the local watering hole peering in jealously. We are on a journey of self-discovery here, not out to raid the wallet’s of this nation’s bachelors.

What Is Our Timeline?

The gals want to leave immediately…tomorrow would be great! Alas, that is not be, but there is honest to goodness hope for an early-August departure. Once on the road there will be two months of blogging, Instagraming, Tweeting and Facebooking for you to enjoy. Yes, there will be shenanigans.

Thanks to modern tech-stuff, they’ll be editing concurrently, allowing a speedy delivery of the finished film sometime early next year.

Follow our progress on the 50/50 Twitter account @50Dates_States or on the production page at Facebook

Meet The Team

Alicia Ostarello - Author 

 A self-proclaimed logophile, Alicia particularly enjoys words when accompanied by coffee and cinnamon toast. Her enthusiasm of the textual medium spans from flighty conversation in the grocery store to strings of witty emails for good friends to delight in. 

Being enchanted by word-smithery comes in handy on her recent past-time of dating. Having moved up the ranks of entry-level dater to a solid JV contender, she’s hoping to earn her varsity letter in first-dates before the end of the year. 

Alicia’s ability to be savvy, sexy, persnickety, glamorous and intelligent all at once is not to be taken lightly. When mixed with her insatiable curiosity, it’s an ever common hardship to find people willing to keep up with her. But we’ll tell you a little secret: maybe she just wants you to be you, keeping up or not. 

Noah Veneklasen- Producer 

Noah Veneklasen is the owner of Muse Media Center, a high-end commercial and corporate video production company and post-production facility in San Francisco and is an established independent film producer. Noah has over 10 film credits to his name, most recently having produced the "My Eleventh", Directed and written By Edmund and Gary Entin, Executive produced by Bryan Singer and staring John Benjamin Hickey, Marin Hinkle, and Sandy Martin. 

Additionally, Noah recently produced the first installment of 4 films in the new anthology "Tales of Every Day Magic". The films star Dale Dickey, Xander Berkeley, Patrick Fabian, and Ron Marasco. In 2009 he produced "The Shift, starring Portia DeRossi and Michael DeLuise and in 2006, he produced "You Can Heal Your Life", starring Louise L. Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. To date, these 3 film projects have grossed over $7M worldwide through non-traditional marketing and viral campaigns.

His film, "The Comedy Club", a documentary about the rise and fall of Cobbs Comedy club and it's owner, Tom Sawyer is being released in Spring 2012 and stars Dana Carvey, Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams, Bob Sagat, Bobcat Golthwait, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Pollack, and Will Durst.

Megan Pratt- Line Producer

An avid traveler, Megan is looking forward to the opportunity to sing in the car for thousands of miles, and, more importantly, telling a story of dating in modern America.

Megan has produced 8 short films, with a wide range of topics of topics, from an office’s “Take your son to work day”, to the experience of being gay in small town Arkansas. Her work has been in Special Selection at UCLA, and has been seen at the Newport Film Festival, the BelAir Film Festival, among others. Additionally, a reality show Megan pitched to Zodiak Media is currently in development and is tentatively scheduled to be on air in January. And unfortunately, that is about all her NDA will let her say about that.

Thanks A Billion!!!

If you made it this far, kudos already! We know how short time (and attention spans) can be these days. 

The team knows it’ll be nearly impossible to make this documentary hit the silver screen without support. Which means, they cannot make this movie without you. You are such a sweetheart for coming this far, and you be helping make the world a more wondrous place if you donated, sent words of encouragement, or asked Alicia out.

Seriously though, our appreciation knows no bounds. We’ll be dancing wherever we stand or sit every time we think of the possibilities thanks to your generosity and belief in this project. So thank you.

And more importantly, thank you for being you. We like you already!



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