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$1,513 pledged of $65,000 goal
By Stan Harper
$1,513 pledged of $65,000 goal


Purpose of the Project

I am raising money to produce an initial production run of a family-oriented board game that helps adolescents, teens, parents and grandparents learn safe driving habits and the rules of the road. Drive and Survive uses short anecdotes based on real-world driving habits, mistakes, and dangers that we all face every day. It brings family members together to improve their safety knowledge, remind them of dangers and risks of driving, and share real-life stories that we each experience on the road.

Game Components

The Drive and Survive game is a board game for 4 to 6 players, and includes these components:

  • 1 game board based on the map of the United States
  • 3 sets of safety cards:red, yellow, and green
  • Insurance policy cards
  • Currency in 4 denominations
  • 6 game tokens
  • Dice

Game Board Prototype:

 'Texting While Driving' Prototype Card:

 'Failing to Stop for Crosswalk' Prototype Card:

Sample Green Safety Cards:

Reasons to Play the Game

As we all know, cars are being built safer than ever before; yet the risks to young drivers seem to be growing. These include: drinking and driving, road rage, drug use, and distracted driving. Today, the same gadgets that provide navigation and traffic information to drivers also can contribute to distracted driving via texting, posting, music, and apps. The temptation to use them while driving can be irresistible. Add these to the ever present risks created by poor weather, road hazards, speeding and unsafe vehicles, and the roads seem more dangerous than ever. 

Drivers poor judgment is almost always the cause of automobile accidents. Playing "Drive and Survive" automatically teaches the players better judgement and understanding of the rules of the road.

Keep in mind that the game is not a trivia-based game; it does not ask questions or require players to answer questions. It simply lays out safe, risky, and unsafe driving practices and events in a series of short narratives. Players learn about safety by reading the cards, sharing ideas, and reinforcing how to do "the right thing". At the same time, Drive and Survive is not preachy or overbearing with its message. The scenarios and events identified by the game cards simply describe an instance or situation and specify a penalty or reward associated with the scenarios. Each player takes turns moving a token across the country, reading cards aloud; talking, listening, and sharing; and gaining a deeper understanding of the judgments drivers make on the road. 

Although, the game will be of most value to teenagers between the ages of about 13 and 18—adolescents not yet ready to drive or learning to drive, less experienced drivers, and younger drivers—the game is best when experienced drivers also join in. The game can be played by the whole family learning and sharing about safe driving.

Reasons to Join the Project

Drive and Survive is a unique, family-oriented board game on a subject important to all of us. Whether we have teen drivers in our family or we just share the road with them, we all have an interest in helping young drivers to drive safely. There is no better way to create a safe, fun environment for sharing ideas and stories than playing a board game together, face-to-face, in the same room around a table--with no tablets, phones, or other devices.  

By pledging to the project, you will receive a "first edition" copy of the complete game ready to be played. With Drive and Survive, you and your family will have a unique, easy to use tool for encouraging safe driving, without lecturing and cajoling your teens. 

All you need to do is set up the game, gather friends and family and be ready to learn and share together. 

Your Investment

Over the past several months, I have been working with my family and printers and other vendors to create game components that enrich game play without breaking the bank. Because of the complexity of the game components and the production volume we expect, the only way for me to get the game on the market is to bring in outside funds. I am working with vendors to provide game components and printing that are produced entirely within the United States. 

Kickstarter is an ideal gathering place for generating interest in the project, providing value to the public, while eliminating the risks of a failed venture. Because, even a smaller quantity of the game will cost thousands of dollars, your investment is absolutely critical to getting the game out to the public. 

Beyond pledging, you can also help spread the word on the project by bringing your friends and family to Kickstarter to learn more about what we are doing. 

Your Return

For a pledge of $45, you will receive:

  • A first edition version of the game
  • A certificate acknowledging your unique role in launching the product
  • An optional acknowledgement of your support on a sponsors' website. 

Note: Shipping to U.S. addresses (i.e., excluding overseas territories) is included for the $45 pledge

Obviously, the game itself is the true value in pledging. You will own a unique board game that your family and friends can share together, and you will have helped to bring the game into your home and into the market to help save and change lives. 


After the project reaches its funding goal, I will quickly move forward to complete the game and bring together vendors, family, and friends to print, package, and ship first edition games to all those who pledged.

The roads are rife with twists and turns, and, seemingly, dangers around every one of them. There is something real that you can do to help young drivers in your family to prepare for the road ahead, while sharing your own values and experiences. Join us in the Drive and Survive project to help all of us to learn the rules of the road and to practice good judgment.

Risks and challenges

Launching a board game like Drive and Survive is complex and quite expensive. Kickstarter helps with generating interest and financial backing for the project, but there is still much work to do. Over the past several months, I have been working with vendors and suppliers to identify quality components for the game--at a cost that keeps the game affordable. I have made countless calls and internet inquiries along the way.

The game has numerous different components that quickly add to the production cost--not to mention shipping games across the country to backers.

I have been working with vendors inside and outside of Colorado to identify appropriate raw materials, components, and printing and packaging for the game. Presently, I have a good idea, not only for the components needed to build a fun and engaging game, but of the costs involved in producing, packaging, and shipping the completed game across the United States. I have identified a number of options for components that help me to meet the price target to make the game a compelling buy.

I am working with only three or four vendors for the production of the game components. This effort balances the desire to save costs, while identifying reliable vendors, who can help meet the delivery goals of the project. I used my experience with printing, packaging, and plastic components vendors to help me identify high-quality production partners.

I am confident that I can deliver an excellent value for everyone who pledges to the project. A game that is enriching and fun to play, and that could make a real difference in people's lives.

I have been working with the primary printing vendor over the past few months. He is as excited as I am with the possibility of the successful launch of this project and willing to do whatever he can to help the project be successful.

I have organized a team of friends and family, who genuinely believe in this project to support the development of the Kickstarter video and website as well as helping to package and ship the completed games. The support they have provided has been integral in getting the project to this point.

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