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The first topographically accurate lunar globe, displaying the current lunar phases at any given time.
The first topographically accurate lunar globe, displaying the current lunar phases at any given time.
541 backers pledged £145,393 to help bring this project to life.

THANK YOU!!! A real team work


Hi everyone! 

Fantastic!! WOOHOO!! Thank you all for joining the MOON team. The campaign is now over and we are stoked to see so many of you contributing to it! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!

Some of you have had their bank refusing the Kickstarter payment or have their card that expired. You can rectify this by going in your account and changing the payment method. Kickstarter has sent you an email with all the necessary info. You have 7 days to rectify this. If this does not work, feel free to contact us directly. 

What's next?

We will spend the next few weeks setting up the logistical plan for the coming months. We have to produce more than 200 MOONS with Sun, so we will be getting a bigger space for the production and assembly. We will also let all our suppliers know about the order quantity that we will be placing so they can get ready. We will spend the month of June to work on the MOON map as well so that all the "small" rewards will be shipped in September as planned. We will keep you in the loop by sending updates. If you have any questions, simply email us on Kickstarter or at

Shipping address: We will send you all a survey asking for the shipping addresses once we will start production and will be ready to ship. So no need to worry about this now. 

Working with friends, working with the bests

 This project would not have been as successful without the input of some awesome friends. We really value the importance of credit, so here is a big thank you to them:

Sidekick Creatives

Thank you to the Sidekick Creatives gang for all the stuff we have done together (Philipp, Arne, Molly, Tommaso, Yoav and Anisha), the video and the strategy for the campaign. 

Special thanks to Philipp Figueroa and Arne Zacher for the video and Anisha Peplinski for the community reach out.

Check out the other campaigns Sidekick has worked on here.

Stina Gromark

Thanks Stina for all the graphic design done on the MOON project! Check out here work here.

Flavien Berger

Thank you Flavien for the fantastic soundtrack! Listen to Flavien's music here.

And thank you: Frank Scholten, Justas Medeisis, Hal Watts, Nicolas Jullien, Jonathan Rowley, Arthur Lhermitte, Phil Brown and everyone at Other People’s Sculpture.

And of course, thank you Kickstarter for being such a great platform!

Have a great day and speak soon!

With love,

Oscar, Alex and Peter


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