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Bringing you authentic Mexican flavors lovingly crafted with the finest of ingredients. Mexican sweetness and spice delivered!

What is Muñeca Mexicana Handcrafted Food?

Hi, I'm Minerva Orduno, the owner and sole operator and cook of Muñeca Mexicana Handcrafted Food. At it's heart, Muñeca Mexicana is about authentic, handmade food and family. Muñeca Mexicana means "Mexican doll", and is a nickname my father calls my sister and me. It's a nod to my cultural roots, my family, and the strong tradition of home-cooked food of my childhood.

I am committed to the handmade production of everything I create and sell, which can sometimes take three hours of active cooking time (like when I’m making a batch of creamy Cajeta). I don't compromise in the ingredients I use or the cooking methods, which means you will see lard as an ingredient in my Coyotas below because that is what creates the best, most satisfying texture. I research generations-old, authentic Mexican recipes and test them many times in my home kitchen to make sure they are suitable to today's needs and tastes, while still maintaining that authentic Mexican flavor you won't find in the grocery store.

What mouth-watering foods do you make?

Coyotas are a specialty of my hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora, and rarely found outside of it. These piloncillo-suffed pastries are delicious room temperature and even better when gently warmed. For an over-the-top treat, pair with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of cajeta.

Cajeta de Celaya is slowly-evaporated goat milk caramel that is rich and sweet. Use it on ice cream, over french toast, or dive right in with a spoon (like I did as a child). 

Polvorones are crumbly almond cookies. Coated with chocolate or powdered sugar and a hint of orange, these nutty cookies are an old traditional Spanish import that is beloved throughout Mexico. They are a sweet pairing with a cup of coffee, and a perfectly indulgent-yet-not-overwhelming finish to a delicious dinner.

Chorizo seasoning to make a better breakfast burrito! Marinate ground pork, beef or chicken to spicy-fresh chorizo perfection. This is made the traditional Mexican way using dried whole chiles, never chile powders.

Mole Poblano is not your grocery store Doña Maria mole! 25+ ingredients in every jar of delicious chile (not chocolate!) sauce to simmer chicken or the more traditional turkey (or as they say in southern Mexico, guajolote!).

Horchata drink mix is gritty, sweet, and delightfully refreshing. Another Spanish import adopted to the agriculture and tastes of Mexico, and added to the colorful variety of aguas frescas popular throughout the country.

Escabeche is made from pickled jalapeños or habaneros, carrots and onions with seasonal vegetables thrown in. What else would you add to your torta?

And so many more seasonal and baked goodies to come!

Local love!

I've been lucky enough receive a huge amount of local support, and also fortunate enough to have shelf space in two wonderful stores. I hope to extend my products to more local stores using Kickstarter funding.

To give a special thanks to anyone in the Phoenix area that donates their financial support, I will give an extra-special freebie of a pint of ice cream or half a dozen polvorones (sadly these tasty little morsels are too fragile to travel well).

What about allergens and dietary concerns?

I'm lucky to be mostly free of dietary restrictions, but I know not everyone is. Unfortunately I am not able to make every product gluten-free, nut-free, or vegan.  This doesn't mean I don't embrace those with dietary restrictions (really, I hug them all the time!), but changing key ingredients changes the end result.  However some products are gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free, so there is something for everyone!  If you have any questions regarding ingredients please feel free to contact me at

How will you use my money?

Pledges made towards the first campaign goal will go towards ingredients and equipment needed to increase Muñeca Mexicana's product volume enough to carry it beyond the two stores currently stocking my product.  

But don't stop there! If you continue to pledge after the first goal is met, additional money will go towards a catering license, insurance, and towards a physical location in the Phoenix market.


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    You will receive a 4 oz. jar of handcrafted Goat Milk Cajeta (caramel). 4 oz. may not sound like much, but a teaspoon of this milky sweetness will send you straight to caramel heaven.

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    You will receive a 4 oz. jar of Cajeta and a 16 oz. jar of Chorizo seasoning. Turn any ground meat into delicious, authentic & fresh Mexican chorizo. Make your breakfast burritos better, make your whole day better.

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    4 oz. jar of Cajeta, 16 oz. jar of Chorizo seasoning, and a 8 oz. jar of Mole Poblano sauce. 25+ ingredients in one jar. This ain't your mama's mole. This ain't even my mama's mole!

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    4 oz. jar of Cajeta, 16 oz. jar of Chorizo seasoning, 8 oz. jar of Mole Poblano sauce, and a 16 oz. jar of Escabeche. Escabeche is a spicy pickled mix of hot peppers, onions, carrots and seasonal vegetables. All local all organic. Choose between Hot (jalapeño) and Burning Hot (habanero).

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    All of the above plus a sweet finish with a horchata drink mix. Refreshing rice-y, cinnamon-y, sweet, with just a bit of ground rice grit. Soak it overnight, enjoy in the morning!

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    All of the above plus a half dozen delicious coyotas, piloncillo stuffed pastries made delicious by their lard-y essence.

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    Dinner package for four! Mole, tamales, sopes, ceviche, tostadas, oh my! See all the products in action. Cooked and served by me, enjoyed by you and three friends or family members. Phoenix area ONLY reward, as much as I would love to be able to do it elsewhere I can't ship myself.

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