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Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
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A visit to the Albert Einstein Archive Jerusalem AND a NEW handwriting project on Kickstarter.

Posted by Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse (Creator)
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Dear Backer,

(if you backed both of my projects, the Sigmund Freud Typeface and the Albert Einstein font you will receive this news twice… sorry for that)

I wanted to share with you that I finally visited the Albert Einstein Archive in Jerusalem, where I had the chance to study original letters from Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud side by side! 


Since 2010, when I first started developing the Albert Einstein font I worked with the Albert Einstein Archive in Jerusalem over the internet. In the last days of September I had the chance to visit the Archive for the first time and actually see the Manuscripts that I studied intensely on computer screens first hand.

Dr. Roni Grosz director of the archive welcomed me very friendly and we talked for a very long time about Freud's handwriting especially discussing the German letter "ß" and that it now has an uppercase counterpart, and of course about the challenges of preserving manuscripts.

Regarding the Einstein Freud relation Chaya Becker the archivist at the Einstein archive pointed me to some books that were found in Einstein's library, which apparently were gifts from Freud to Einstein.

"The Future of an Illusion" gifted by author Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein in 1929
"The Future of an Illusion" gifted by author Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein in 1929


The archive holds a thick folder on the relation between the two:


In the letter above from Einstein, one finds a friendly respectful and joking tone, when he is playing with the idea to get analysed by Freud in 1929.

My personal highlight was to inspect Freud's and Einstein's handwriting next to each other. Here a letter from Einstein to Freud, addressed envelop and a scientific paper by Einstein:


Einstein's paper on the right became a visual reference for me during the development of the font. While working on the font I would constantly test it against this page. You can find this comparison in the documentation I created for the font: Albert Einstein Font - How was the font made?. Which you can download here.


If you have not yet looked at the documentation, I recommend you to so. it contains all an concise but severely detailed overview of my creation process and the inner workings of the font.  


I had a wonderful time at the Albert Einstein archive and I would like to recommend everybody interested in Albert Einstein to go for a visit. You can contact the archive through their website:




Feedback request: new project on Kickstarter

The last months I have preparing a new Handwriting font project.

My next endeavour is going further back in history and is based on a letter written in Latin half a millennia ago:


2017 is the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther's "Thesenanschlag" the publication of the 95 Theses. The discussion around this publication lead to the reformation movement which inspired deep and lasting social, cultural and, political changes and, eventually the foundation of protestantism. To commemorate this historic event I like to create a font based on Martin Luther's handwriting & I need your support to do that.


I have already created a working prototype of the font which you can download right now… but before I tell you all the details here… I rather invite you to have a look at the campaign site before it launches:




Feedback appreciated

If you find something in the project description, either missing a reward that you like to see, some typos, something is wrong, or a thought that comes to your mind. Let me know! Every Feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

What Handwriting projects are planed for the future? How will the series continue?

In 2014 I came upon this radio speech from Martin Luther King jr. which he held 50 years earlier in September 1964. He spoke in West and East Berlin and I found it remarkable and took a note because of what he says about his name in his introduction. This is the recording from East Berlin:


I thought a lot about what influence it has on a person to grew up with a name linked with history. Is it a burden or is it an inspiration to carry a name? As the person whom's name one carries is not closer or further away as to anybody else - but somehow there is a connection. For Martin Luther King jr, I imagine this connection must have been a source of inspiration. 

With the handwriting fonts I am proposing a similar situation. I am asking myself: What does it mean to write with the "hand" of Einstein or Freud? Is the author lurking over your shoulder as you write, are you dictating, is it a writing together? I hope that it is an inspiring situation.

I hope that the same relation that Martin Luther King jr. felt through his given name to Martin Luther, you can feel by formulating your thoughts and ideas in Martin Luther's handwriting or in Freud's or Einstein's. Of course you will not become Luther nor Einstein or Freud, but maybe you will become inspired. 

This year is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation - next year will be the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. Both inspiring historic figures, both to be commemorated. 

It is my wish in 2018 to continue the series and create a font based on Martin Luther King jr.'s handwriting. I think it would be an amazing combination and I love to see the both together. BUT I have not yet cleared the rights to do so. If this project goes well, I will proceed. 

In the past I said the next projects after Einstein and Freud will be a woman, together with my collaborator Elizabeth Waterhouse we selected a person - she is just ideal and I am very excited and happy about finding her. Some of you already suggested her, but I am not going to spoil the surprise. All I can say we are in conversation with the estate and it will happen - just the papers aren't signed yet. 

Spread the word

If you know someone that would be interested in the Martin Luther handwriting font, please forward this message - Thank you.

The project is going to launch Friday 27 Oct 2017

  • Frankfurt 11 pm (CEST) 
  • NYC 5 pm EDT 
  • L.A. 2 pm PDT 

(Saturday 28 Oct)

  • Sydney 8 am 
  • Hong Kong 5 am 

On the preview site you will find a "notify me on launch button"


I would love to see you on board with this campaign too.

Thank you,


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