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Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
2,334 backers pledged $55,577 to help bring this project to life.

Update on Kickstarter Gold

Posted by Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse (Creator)

Dear Backer, 

I wanted to update you on the follow-up project of the Albert Einstein font which is running now on Kickstarter. Yesterday "Pen Pals, Einstein & Freud Handwriting Font" was ♥ Project of the Day on Kickstarter!


Now the project is 72% funded with 269 Backers! 

In a nutshell: The project is about reenacting the letter exchange between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud that happened exactly 85 years ago in 1932. I think their thoughts are well worth to be read today - so I decided to send the letters from the original locations (Vienna and near Berlin) and time of the Year (30. July and September) they were send in 1932 to backers of the project today. 

A couple of backers reached out to me and said that they would love to support the new project at a higher reward tier then the letters at 10€, but complained that I am not offering anything interesting for backers who supported past campaigns like the Albert Einstein font and therefor already own the fonts. 

Wait a minute! 

Posters & Postcards! 

I still have a couple of 100 Einstein Quotes posters, Albert Einstein postcards and Sigmund Freud Typeface Posters. They were originally send out only to backers at $100 (Postcards for 25). Now I added them as rewards to the campaign and will send them out for 33€(cards 25€) together with the Einstein and Freud letters and free worldwide shipping. Sounds like a good deal? 

The 100 Einstein Quotes Poster shows 50 quotes in English on one side and 50 quotes in German on the other side. Of course, all quotes are with reference. Here is what it looks like:


I made also 6 different postcards in different sizes and print methods for the campaign here is one of my favourites: embossed gold foil on very thick matt paper, reading Genius in all 5 versions of the letters included in the Albert Einstein font. They are available as a set together with the letters for 25€


There is a counterpart of the Einstein poster that I made for the Sigmund Freud campaign in 2013. It also is printed on both sides:


Like the Einstein poster it is 50 x 70cm. Both sides show the first chapter of Freud's "Interpretation of dreams" published in 1899. The side with the famous portrait shows the text in English on top, the other side is showing the text of the German version set in the Sigmund Freud "Kurrent" to be accurate.

It looks very beautiful when you hold the print against the light like I did in the image below, then both texts overlap. Of course: the artwork is printed on very heavy paper and when mounted in a frame or on a wall the backside does not shine through:



The Sigmund Freud Typeface poster is also available as a reward for 33€ 


You want both prints? Choose the Pen Pals Plus reward which includes 2x postcard sets, 2x Einstein quote posters, extra letters and much more for 59€. If you already have the font you can also receive Font Gift Cards instead of the personal license. Would that be interesting to you?



If you like to have more copies of the Freud or Einstein Poster you can pick the Super Pen Pals reward which is available as an Early Bird special at 85€, this includes 3 copies of the 100 Einstein Quotes Poster and 3 copies of the Sigmund Freud Typeface Poster and much more:


All rewards ship worldwide free.

Here you can back the campaign, be fast before the rewards are gone: 

I would love to see you on board with this project. 

Have a beautiful ☀Sunday,

PS.: If you have any question about using or downloading the Albert Einstein font or other fonts from me, let me know through a Kickstarter message or use this contact form: 

PS.PS.: In case you already backed the Pen Pals project and like to adjust your pledge to one of the new rewards: Visit the project page and click the blue “Manage your pledge” button that appears next to your pledge amount.



On the next page, select "Change your pledge," and then change your selection. Just a reminder that it's only possible to select one reward tier at a time.


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    1. Jan Taco te Gussinklo on

      Today I received the letter. Excellent!