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Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
Creating a font based upon Albert Einstein’s handwriting!
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Uncork the champagne!

Posted by Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse (Creator)

Dear Backers!

This update is the one I have been looking forward to writing for some time: the Albert Einstein Handwriting Font is finished! Please join me and celebrate this monumental step.

By finished, I mean it is ready for you to download. The prototypes that I have circulated thus far are not as good as the final product. Plus I built a web system to let you download the font with ease and to re-download, in case you loose your computer, or something strange like that! (More info on why I chose to invest in this web platform is provided below.)

In the next 48 hours you will receive two emails.

1. An email sent through the Kickstarter mailing system. This one will explain the account system that I am going to set up. This is because not all backers are subscribed to the project updates you are reading right now ;-)

2. An email from my website with your Login-Name and random Password - as well as a link to login to your account. Please check your SPAM folder - sometimes automated emails go there.

This is what the email will look like:

This is what the login looks like:

After you log in, you will find this screen to download your fonts and documentation:

You can also change your password as well as link social media accounts like twitter or Facebook for a more convenient login.

You should receive all these emails by this Sunday evening (16. April). If you haven't please do the following:

1. Please check your SPAM folder - sometimes automated emails go there.

2. Contact me through Kickstarter, leave a comment to this update or send me a message through my website:

Why all the fuss with the server? 

Well, in the past months I have been getting more and more emails from backers that lost their copies of the font, for example because they bought a new computer. Instead of answering these emails individually I decided to set up an account system on my website to allow you to log into and download your font whenever you need to. This also allows me also to send you updates of the font through individual emails rather then posting a link online. So this will make things easier for you and for me. And I can use this system for future font campaigns ;-)

This is a free service from me to you. To set up and maintain such an account system for thousands of people is actually quite expensive. I will keep up this service as long as possible, of course I can not promise that this exists forever. So enjoy it while it lasts!


 PS.: Cant wait 48 hours? Shorten the time by reading the "How was the font made?" PDF right → here.  


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    1. Bruce

      Congratulations on a job very well done.

    2. Chris M


      It works great and the font is amazing. Thank you for all the hard work in putting this together.

    3. Joscha Sauer on

      To say it in Einstein's famous words:

    4. Robert Goldman on

      Will we get double emails if we bought a gift copy of the font, as well?